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    We are a community for fantasy writers at all stages in their writing journey. Our community centers primarily around the forums for discussion of the fantasy writing we all enjoy, our Library for members to share their fiction, member-generated writing resources, and our Discord server for faster paced discussion of writing (and of life in general). If you enjoy writing fantasy, please consider making us an online home!  

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    Worldsmyths isn't a costly endeavor, really, but it's not free, and if you're interested in helping the site keep going or in adding new and improved features, we'd certainly appreciate donations! Here's a breakdown of the costs of running the site, keeping it up to date, and some new features that could be added. If you do choose to donate, please tell us what you want your money to go toward so we can use it appropriately! Minimum Operating Costs Hosting (Hawkhost): $3/month


    August Word Count Challenge Reminder

    The August check-in post for the word count challenge has been posted a little early. Once it hits August 1st in your time zone, please use this check-in post to give us your word counts.   If you haven't yet, please make sure to get your final word counts for July in as soon as possible. To do so, go here.   If you are not signed up for August and want to participate, go here. Sign ups end on August 3rd by 11:59 PM EST. Remember, August

    Jedi Knight Muse
    Jedi Knight Muse

    Guides to Worldsmyths Suggestions Needed

    Something I have been slowly working on is creating a new set of guides for the Worldsmyths forum, since we've been on it since December and there are some things I know that people don't know how to do - these guides would be for finding certain things on the forum, pointing out specific features (like the clubs), and figuring out how to do certain things, like using a spoiler code in a post or quoting a specific piece of text from someone's response. But, I want your help! I want to make sure

    Jedi Knight Muse
    Jedi Knight Muse

    IMPORTANT: Planned Forum Software Update 7/9/19

    We have another software update for the Worldsmyths forum due. We're going to plan on starting the update on Tuesday, July 9th, at around 2:30 central time and 3:30 EST time. This means that the forum will be down for an unknown amount of time while it's being updated. We will be updating the Facebook page, group and Twitter as the update progresses, so make sure to follow them if you haven't already done so. In addition, we'll give updates in the Discord server, which we invite you to join if y

    Jedi Knight Muse
    Jedi Knight Muse

    Writing Challenge Reminders!

    The sign ups for July in our Community Writing Challenge have begun! You have until Saturday, July 6th by 11:59 PM EST GMT-5 to sign up if you wish to participate in July. Remember, the word count challenge ends on August 31st so we have the rest of June, all of July and all of August left before the challenge is over! If you'd like to participate, you need to do three simple things: 1. Make sure you have a registered account on the forum 2. Join the Club for the Community Challenge

    Jedi Knight Muse
    Jedi Knight Muse

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Worldsmyths!

    Today, June 1st, is the third birthday of Worldsmyths! Happy birthday, Worldsmyths! New artwork by @JayLee!

    Jedi Knight Muse
    Jedi Knight Muse
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