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    We are a community for fantasy writers at all stages in their writing journey. Our community centers primarily around the forums for discussion of the fantasy writing we all enjoy, our Library for members to share their fiction, member-generated writing resources, and our Discord server for faster paced discussion of writing (and of life in general). If you enjoy writing fantasy, please consider making us an online home! 

  • Happy 3rd Birthday, Worldsmyths!

    Today, June 1st, is the third birthday of Worldsmyths! Happy birthday, Worldsmyths! New artwork by @JayLee!

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    Jedi Knight Muse
    News 1

    IMPORTANT: Feedback Request Forum

    It was recently suggested that we add a forum for requesting feedback for our submissions to the library! You can find the new forum, which should be members only, here, in addition to the rules which you can find here. We are looking for some feedback regarding this section. @Penguinball and I were discussing it and thought that this would be a good discussion and opportunity to get feedback about this. We seemed to agree that there are two schools of thoughts when it comes to feedback -

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    Jedi Knight Muse
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    Club Showcase: 2019 Novel Writing Club

    **NEW CLUB!** 2019 Novel Writing Club The 2019 Novel Writing Club is a club on Worldsmyths for those who are starting or continuing novels as of June 1st to come together and motivate each other so that we can write and suffer together! This group is informal, there are no word or check in requirements. It's a space to support each other, brainstorm ideas, and to generally be a community of novel writers. Have you checked out the Worldsmyths clubs yet? You can find a whole list of them here

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    Jedi Knight Muse

    April/May Writing Challenge: Myths and Legends Reminder

    Just a reminder that our myths and legends writing challenge has been extended to the end of May, so you have plenty of time to get your submissions written and submitted! Here is the prompt information. Reply to this post with the link to your submission to the library!  Myths and legends are the foundations for many stories, influencing cultures from ancient times to the shows on tv today. For this prompt tell us about a myth or legend of your world. It could be a creation myth, about a

    Jedi Knight Muse
    Jedi Knight Muse

    May Check in and May Sign Ups

    The post for checking in with your word count for May for the word count challenge can now be found here! Remember, you have to have signed up for May in order to participate and check in with your word counts. To sign up, reply to this post with your pledge. For those who are new and don't yet know about the word count challenge, please visit this link for details. You have to: 1. Have a registered account 2. Join the Club for the word count challenge 3. Pledge a word

    Jedi Knight Muse
    Jedi Knight Muse

    Reminder: April Check In and May Sign Ups

    Don't forget that the last day to submit your word counts for the month of April for the word count challenge is tomorrow night, April 30th, by 11:59 PM GMT-5. The check in thread is here. The last day to sign up for May for the challenge is Saturday, May 4th, by 11:59 PM EST GMT-5. The sign up post is here.

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    Jedi Knight Muse
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