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    A History of Worldsmyths: 2016 - Present

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    The site was founded in spring 2016, when I decided to make a forum specifically geared towards fantasy writers. I knew that keeping it restricted to the fantasy genre would make it harder to draw people in, but I was okay with that, since there aren't many forums specifically geared towards fantasy these days. I had made many forums for writers in the past, all of which never panned out for various reasons (usually due to members becoming inactive). When I decided that I wanted to make what ended up being Worldsmyths, I wanted it to be different. I wanted it to have more features, and I wanted it to really be successful and grow. I had realized that, due to being the admin of some Star Wars role plays for roughly five years, my novel writing had been suffering, and I was spending less time working on it and more time being a role play admin. I wanted to change that. I missed having a writing community I could truly call home!

    So I decided that I was basically done role playing, and I wanted to focus on this new site. @kherezae, a long time online friend of mine, offered to basically help co-admin it until she had to go on leave for the Air Force. It took about two months for the site to be ready, and in the meantime we gathered potential members and staff members, including @Sheepy-Pieand @Silver . We worked on buying hosting, creating and setting up the forum, and setting up our library site, which was originally hosted on a software called eFiction. The site was officially open to the public on June 1st, 2016.

    Unfortunately, the original library software from eFiction had not been kept up-to-date by its creator, and we had a lot of members struggling to use it. We needed to look for something better, and more stable, without breaking the bank. @Sheepy-Pie's real life partner does web design as a hobby, and offered to help us out by creating, from the ground up, a library site, which we've named the Librarium. We ended up getting rid of the library that was on eFiction, and have been using the forum for story submissions, until the Librarium is ready.

    In November 2018, we decided to upgrade our forum software from SMF to IPS!

    Worldsmyths has been open for two years, since June 1st, 2016! Despite the ups and downs in activity, we are extremely proud of how far it's come over the last two years, and hope that it continues to grow into a more established community, full of writers and friends!

    Written by Ally/ @Jedi Knight Muse

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