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    Embedding Google Docs

    You can embed a google document straight into a post or resource/library submission here at Worldsmyths! It's often not super ideal with our darker site theme, but it can work, such as in the instance of our Mega Resource Dump.

    On our software side, it's actually really simple. You just need to paste a link -- however, you need the correct link. To get the link, you have to use Google Docs' "Publish to Web" feature, like so:


    When you click "Publish to the web..." you should get this menu:


    Make sure it stays on Link (which is the default) and then press the blue Publish button. It'll ask if you're sure; click OK and you'll get a link, such as the one below:


    Just paste that link into a post or submission and it should automatically turn into a google doc embed.

    Also, if you ever want to take the document off the web again, it's simple. Click the little "> Published content & settings" bit and it will give you the option to "Stop publishing."

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