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    What is Worldsmyths?

    Worldsmyths is an online community for writers of original fantasy of all kinds. We discuss writing, share our work, help each other brainstorm, and provide each other feedback wherever members are comfortable with it.

    Are there any requirements to being a member?

    All members must be at least 13 years old, and enjoy fantasy stories. Members must show respect for one another and for the site staff.

    Are all forums public? Are there any members only forums?

    No, all forums are not public. We have specific sections of the forum that are dedicated to sharing information about stories members are working on that they may not want in public view (details about plot, world building, etc). Members can also create clubs for things like small, private critique groups, book clubs, etc.

    What do I do if someone is harassing me or I see inappropriate behavior on the site?

    Immediately contact a staff member via private message and the staff members will take care of it. You can find the staff list under Browse > Staff (or by clicking here).

    Is this a role playing site?

    No. While we may add a section on the forum in the future for those who may want to participate in role playing, the main focus of the site is on things such as short story/novel writing and not on role playing.

    Are we allowed to necropost? What is necroposting?

    Necroposting is responding to a post that has been inactive for a long period of time and may be considered "dead."

    Yes, you're allowed to necropost - we have nothing against people reviving old threads, and we encourage it! If you shouldn't post in a topic, it should be locked, so if you are able to post a reply then it should be okay to do so. But don't feel obligated to do so! If a thread hasn't been active in a while, you can always create a new one of the same topic.

    What fantasy genres do you allow? What genres do you not allow?

    Genres we allow:
    -Science fantasy
    -Sword and sorcery
    -High fantasy
    -Dark fantasy
    -Urban fantasy
    -Light fantasy
    -Historical (steampunk, elfpunk, etc)
    -Contemporary/modern fantasy
    -Heroic fantasy
    -Low fantasy
    -Mythic fiction
    -Comic fantasy
    -Punk fantasy (atom, diesel, cyber, etc)
    -Romantic fantasy

    Genres not allowed:
    -Fan fiction
    -General fiction
    -Science fiction
    -Non-fantasy teen fiction

    We reserve the right to add onto both of these lists as necessary.

    Who do I contact if I think someone is plagiarizing my writing?

    Contact a staff member, and they will take it from there with investigating the plagiarism. For the sake of avoiding drama, please do not take it upon yourself to accuse the person of said plagiarism.

    We, the staff and members of Worldsmyths, do not lay any claim on any of the writing or ideas posted here on Worldsmyths that do not belong to us individually. Any who try to claim or plagiarize the writing of others on this site will be warned and possibly banned if the situation warrants it. We do not hold any first rights to any writing that is posted on this site. Those wanting to traditionally publish should not submit their writing.

    Mission Statement
    *To provide a community where fantasy writers of varying ages and experiences in the writing world over the age of thirteen can come together and discuss their writing.
    *To help other members grow as writers.
    *To provide helpful, constructive feedback to those who seek it.
    * To have fun!

    Site Designers/Administrators- Ally ( @Jedi Knight Muse) and Jess ( @kherezae )
    Moderators-@Sheepy-Pie, @Silver
    Logo/graphics- @Jedi Knight Muse, @JayLee

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