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    Using the Library

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    To submit to the Library, follow these steps:

    • Go to the +Create drop down menu on the right hand side of the forum and select story in library.
      • Alternatively, you may go to the Library itself or the category in the library you want to submit to, and near the top you should find a link that allows you to add a story.
    • A pop up will appear telling you to choose a category. Choose from one of the following:
      • Public (This is the only category guests can read. You may post any sort of fantasy you're comfortable sharing with the public, regardless of length.)
      • Flash Plus (A home for flash fiction and other short bits of fantasy writing; anything up to 3,000 words. Often a good place for challenge entries. The difference between this and short stories? If it feels more like a glimpse of something bigger than a complete story, it probably belongs here.)
      • Short Stories (This category houses short fantasy stories that stand alone, usually between 1,000 and 10,000 words. The difference between this and longer flash fiction? If it feels like a complete, stand-alone story, it goes here.)
      • Chaptered Work (Whether it's a novella or novel, complete or incomplete, excerpt, etc, if it's part of a longer fantasy work, you can share it here. Note that you can post excerpts in short stories or flash fiction, but if it's meant to be more a hook to interest someone in your longer work, it probably belongs here.)
    • Click continue. It will bring you to the form where you can fill in the information about your story as well as copy and paste a chapter (for example).
      • If you paste from Word, the editor should keep your formatting. You may need to select all and choose the paint brush icon (font color) and then hit Automatic to make sure the text will be visible.
      • Sometimes formatting is maintained pasting from Google Docs, and sometimes it isn't. Sorry!
    • Selecting a genre or genres is required; you may select multiple by pressing Control as you click. Please contact us if you think a genre should be added to the list.
    • Most of the fields are optional (Author's Note, Feedback Request, Content Warnings) and can be left blank if you don't need them.
    • Please make sure to use the tags when you submit your story(ies)/chapter(s)!
    • When you scroll down to the bottom of the form, you will see the text area for copying and pasting and formatting your submission. You will also see that you can choose to be notified of replies (i.e. reviews), and you can upload a cover photo to use for your submission.
      • A cover photo is highly recommended. Please try to use a free stock photo or another photo you have permission from the artist to use.
    • If you want to divide your work into pages (useful for division into chapters or parts), go to the part of the text where you would like to insert the first division and click the page icon on the right side of the second row of editor icons. Be sure to insert pages in order from top to bottom or you could confuse the editor.
      • Alternatively, if you would like your own dedicated category to post a work chapter by chapter, please request it from the staff. (This is useful for getting individual reviews by chapter.)
    • Click save when you are done.
    • Please note: if you are copy and pasting your submission from Google docs, the default text color for Google docs is black, and the default text color for the forum is grey, so you will have to make sure to change the text color of your submission to grey before submitting to the library so that the text is readable.
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