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    Donating to Worldsmyths

    Worldsmyths isn't a costly endeavor, really, but it's not free, and if you're interested in helping the site keep going or in adding new and improved features, we'd certainly appreciate donations!

    Here's a breakdown of the costs of running the site, keeping it up to date, and some new features that could be added. If you do choose to donate, please tell us what you want your money to go toward so we can use it appropriately!

    Minimum Operating Costs

    • Hosting (Hawkhost): $3/month
    • Domain renewal cost (namecheap): ~$10/year

    That's all it takes to keep us running, and we don't depend on donations for these minimum costs, but if you want to help out we appreciate it! You're also welcome to help us recoup the costs of the site upgrade if you like, but we upgraded without expecting anything like that.

    Software Support Renewals (per 6 months)

    We don't need to renew the software to use it, just to get updates when they come out and support if we run into issues.

    Potential Modifications to Add

    • iAwards: $25, $7/6 months, members can earn awards and achievements that show up on posts
    • Member Away: $15, if you're going to be on hiatus you can put an Away message
    • Threadstarter: $14.95, $4.95/6 months renewal; pull Goodreads info about a book into a thread
    • Moods: $10, allows you to show a mood (with a mood icon by your avatar)
    • Add Items to Mobile Navbar: $9, if you want to change the main nav buttons on mobile

    You're also welcome to browse through modifications yourself and see if there's something you want to see added to the site, but we ask that you discuss it with us before donating if you choose something that isn't already on this list so we can make sure it'll work out. This is the main site for modifications and themes.

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