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    Guides to Worldsmyths Suggestions Needed

    Something I have been slowly working on is creating a new set of guides for the Worldsmyths forum, since we've been on it since December and there are some things I know that people don't know how to do - these guides would be for finding certain things on the forum, pointing out specific features (like the clubs), and figuring out how to do certain things, like using a spoiler code in a post or quoting a specific piece of text from someone's response. But, I want your help! I want to make sure I cover every thing that I/we can think of in these guides, so that (hopefully) nothing is missed.

    So, what are the things that, upon your first time on the forum, you couldn't figure out how to do? It could be anything, whether it was uploading an avatar to your profile or figuring out how to use the library. What are the things that you think someone who's brand new to the forum would need to know how to do or what something is for? Are there things that you STILL do not know how to do and want to know how/if there's a way to do them? Are there things you'd like to post on the forum that you're not sure where to post them? List them!

    These are meant to be total newbie guides for anyone who is visiting the forum, so even if you think it's painfully obvious how to do it, feel free to list it.

    Please respond to this post with your suggestions, and list as many things as you can think of!

    i.e. the things I have so far are:

    1. How to create spoiler text
    2. How to quote a specific part of someone's post without quoting the entire thing

    and I am providing screenshots.

    I'd like to get the guides written up as soon as possible, so anything you can think of as soon as possible would be much appreciated!

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