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    New Features & Changes

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    It seems I got a little over excited last night and gave the go ahead to put the forum online without making sure all the permissions were good to go! My mistake, and sorry about that. Thank you to all the members who have been keeping us updated on what's working, what's glitchy, and what can be improved! Here are some highlights of some changes and features we have going on after the software switch.

    The Library

    Some of you have already begun exploring the Library! It was the main reason for our switch. You're able to copy and paste formatted text (which seems to work best from Word and only sketchily from Google Docs at the moment), and you can divide your work into chapters with the pagination feature. There are fields for author's notes, content warnings, genre, and more.

    And members can react to, comment on, and review your work! You can react and respond to their reviews, as well. There are a ton of great features.


    We have a new feature called Clubs on this software, and I'm giving it a trial run as the Restricted Section instead of having it be a forum. That way members can apply for membership in the club, and if they're 18 or older, we can accept them. I sent invites out to a couple people I noticed who were participating in the Restricted Chatter board before, but I know I didn't catch everyone.

    Additionally, members can apply to start their own clubs, and they come in a variety of access levels. You can allow all members to view club content, or members can see that the club exists but must join to read content, or even make the club completely invite only. This could be great for a book club or for a small critique circle.


    We have an opportunity to build our own catalogue of writing resources here on Worldsmyths! We're looking for members to create their own guides, resource lists, and references, as well as reviewing various writing resources and sharing reflections on writing craft. For some information on what to submit, check out our Contribution Guide.

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