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December Writing Challenge


Writing Challenges

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NaNoWriMo is over, and it's back to monthly writing challenges! This month you have a choice of two challenges:

1. Write a story that ends in a cliffhanger. Torture us. Leave us wanting more. But in a good way!


2. Pick 3 or more ideas you played with for the daily Advent Calendar challenges and combine them to write a new story.

Word Limit: No minimum; max of 5000 words
Deadline: Monday, December 31st, 5:00pm GMT-5 (the event may show 5pm in your home timezone, but it closes at 5pm Eastern Standard Time!)

If you're planning on entering, we'd really appreciate you RSVPing so we get an idea of what turnout will be! There's a maybe option if you aren't sure 🙂

How do I submit? Easy! Just add it as a story to the Library and tag it with "dec 18 challenge." You can comment here or on the associated topic if you want to make sure we don't miss your submission, but as long as you tag it correctly and submit on time we should see it!

Voting will go up sometime the evening of the 31st.

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