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Advent Day 9: Joy Magic

Writing Challenges

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Time for another Magic Sunday! Give us a bit of worldbuilding -- specifically revolving around magic of some kind -- relating to the prompt(s). If you write fic, share it in the library and tag it with 'advent day 9' so I can find it. Otherwise, feel free to leave it as a comment here!

Like the other advent events, there's no hard deadline on this. Try to get it done December 9th, but if you need to do it early or late -- well, better to participate than not!

Keep track of all the Advent challenges here!

Here are your prompts today:


“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life




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Okay continuing with my never ending gods, I've got Irhal, God of Laughter. He's what I classify as a 'wild god', one that doesn't have a dedicated following or temple, and that doesn't care for mortals the same way as the more grounded gods do. He still listens to prayers though, and may choose to respond at random. His realm of influence is laughter and joy. You can pray to him when you are sad or upset and he will fill you with joy and lift your mood. But he is a capricious god, and it is not unknown for him to trick a mortal, fill them with too MUCH joy. Such victims wander the street laughing until they sob, clutching bruised ribs and tears streak down a face twisted into a rictus of a smile. It may take hours or even days for Irhal's influence to fade. Sometimes he is kind and will fill your heart with a gentle, warm glow. This can be troublesome though too, it becomes difficult to find joy without the gods influence, and you might become addicted to praying to him. This amuses him, and he takes no steps to avoid trapping you.

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