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Advent Day 11: Joy Tradition

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For Traditional Tuesday, tell us about a tradition or celebration that is considered a joyful time for a group of people in your world. If you write fic, share it in the library and tag it with 'advent day 11' so I can find it. Otherwise, feel free to leave it as a comment here!

Like the other advent events, there's no hard deadline on this. Try to get it done December 11th, but if you need to do it early or late -- well, better to participate than not!

Keep track of all the Advent challenges here!

Here is your image prompt today. If you can't think of anything from your own world to share, imagine this kid is at a celebration of some kind, and tell us about it! 


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Most countries celebrate the day the gods signed their own peace treaty, promising to end the wars that have torn the world apart and killed so, so many people. Its a day of feasting and giving thanks at not just the temple of your own patron god, but to all gods. The peace treaty has allowed mortals to really flourish, and they enjoy an unprecedented level of prosperity. It is also a day of remembering stories of the old times, and what happens when the gods are angry, and as a reminder to treat the gods well.

Lym, where the moon goddess rules supreme, allows this as the only day in the year to acknowledge the powers of other gods, and to pray for their favour. Any other time of year such prayers would lead to jealousy and retribution if you are caught, but on this day the doors to temples with shrines to the other gods are opened from sunrise to sunset.

The (as of yet unnamed) country where Atira, Goddess of Healing rules, has always been friendly to other gods. This leads to her cities being very diverse, with many temples to other gods within her city walls, which isn't really a common practice. This leads to huge parties and revelry in her city, going on for the whole week preceeding the day of the treaty. She also declares this a day where healing from her priests is free, so many sick and injured people travel to her city for the festival, leading the city to be packed to the brim.

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In Solis, the various villages around Atlia all celebrate harvest in different but equally important ways. Some of them get the entire village into the field to help with the last part, some have days where they pray to and sacrifice some crops to deities they believe in. Some of them light up Sleeping Rock with lanterns that burn for days until all the food is gone. It's not always a fun time, with the bandits and such, but most years people manage to have at least a peaceful day.

In Deepmore, the 'capital' of Atlia, the celebrations are even better. Brightly coloured banners are strung up from buildings, tables are laid out in the streets, and everyone cooks something to share with everyone they can. The dinner begins when the lamps light. Some people play music as well, but everyone joins in to share with their neighbours and eat some good food. It lasts a long time, well past midnight. At the end, everyone helps to clean up and life continues as normal the next day. 

The time for the harvest celebrations can change. Some celebrate when the harvest is complete, but for bigger towns and cities like Deepmore with lots of farms that they work or trade with, the celebrations normally take place on the full moon of the harvest month.

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