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Advent Day 5: Love Plot

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It's a Plot Wednesday during our Advent Calendar Challenge! Plot is a trickier one, so we'll make it a bit more open-ended with two choices, each involving conflict in a loving relationship. 

Complete this December 5th if you can, but if you can't do it on time, don't let that stop you if you still want to try! Comment here with your responses, or if you feel inspired to write a flash fic piece, post it in the library with the tag "advent day 5" so I can find it.

Keep track of all the Advent challenges here!

Here are your two prompts.

Tell us about the hardest conflict faced by two of your characters who love each other.
(Doesn't have to be romantic love.)


Invent a conflict these two will have to face:

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My first NaNo novel had a twisted kind of love between mother and daughter. Bahara followed the Blood God, and wanted her daughter Thalassa to follow him as well. Thalassa resisted and Bahara resorted to manipulation and lies and magics to get her daughter to obey. But she thought it was for Thalassa's benefit, after all, the Blood God had promised power and wealth if they obeyed, and she didn't want her beloved daughter to get left behind. But Thalassa didn't want that life for herself, and as her mother became more and more desperate she had to choose. Follow her mother's teachings and finally earn her love and respect, or learn to love herself and leave the life she had been raised in.

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I'm not sure anymore if I'll write this story, but something that's been rattling around in my head for years is this idea of star-crossed lovers:

Aerlun and Damien meet in slavery and fall in love, and end up organizing a successful slave revolt. Aerlun becomes the leader of the newly formed government, but doesn't handle the power well and goes a bit mad in his quest for vengeance. Damien ends up feeling that he can't allow Aerlun to continue on this path, even if it means he has to kill him, which he eventually does -- but not before Aerlun makes a deal with a god to control his reincarnation in such a way that he'll come back with memories and power fully intact so that he can continue his mission.

When Damien eventually discovers this, he makes a deal with a spirit wraith to welcome the spirit wraith into his body if the spirit wraith will help him follow Aerlun once he reincarnates. We end up following the star-crossed lovers through three incarnations before Damien is finally successful at essentially talking Aerlun down.

So... after the initial honeymoon period, pretty much their entire relationship is excruciating conflict.

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