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Advent Day 6: Love Mythos

Writing Challenges

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Thursdays are for World Mythos. For today's challenge, tell us about a god in your world (or the myth of one) that relates to love in some way. Alternatively, you may invent a god to go with the picture below!

Try to get this complete December 6th, but if you can't, feel free to submit it early or late as needed! Post your response here, unless you feel inspired to write a flash fic piece and post it in the Library; in that case, tag it with "advent day 6" so I can find it.

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Well I already talked about my goddesses of platonic and romantic love... I'll talk about Atira, Goddess of Healing instead. She loves her followers. She loves all mortals really, even those who live outside of her city. She is desperate to protect them from the gods who abuse their powers, and those that revel in pain and war like her enemy, the God of Blood. She loves mortals so much that she would even betray her own purpose of preserving all life in order to save them. She would start a war, just to have reason to destroy her enemies before they destroy her mortals. She sees no conflict in this. Starting violence to prevent violence is more like amputating a diseased limb to save the whole body. She's the kind of person who can justify ANYTHING in the name of love.

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2 hours ago, Penguinball said:

Starting violence to prevent violence is more like amputating a diseased limb to save the whole body.

This is actually super fitting, a deeper read on healing.

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I'm picturing that the guy in the image, if he were a god, would be sort of a trickster; perhaps he was scorned by love once before and wants to disillusion others as well, but I picture him showing up in the dreams of people who have been seeking romance but haven't quite found their "other"... Especially if they're due to meet someone soon who will be a great love for them, if they let themselves take the chance. He finds people like those, and he appears in their dreams and romances them, making them become enamored with him to the point that they stop seeking romance in their waking lives because they feel fulfilled by the dream romance. And then, once the opportunity to meet their great love has passed, he just disappears from their dreams, leaving them wanting.

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