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A bunch of us are starting or continuing novels as of June 1st, and we want to open up participation so we can all write, and suffer, together! This group is informal, there are no word or check in requirements, this is a space to support each other, brainstorm ideas, and to generally be a community of novel writers.

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  2. 🤣 Of course it is. I think I'm gonna flex my google-fu skills and see if any pre-built stuff is out there. But, man, kudos on a great job. Excel is a bitch of a program. I truly expect it's no easier in the Google format, and is probably harder.
  3. Its excel >_< via Google Sheets, I don't have my own copy of Microsoft stuff. Technically, a screenshot of a google sheets chart. Revel in its glory. I made it to motivate myself, I keep meaning to print it out and post it someone visible on my workspace.
  4. What POV are you using for your current project? How many POV characters do you have? I'm doing third limited, mainly from my MC's POV, but with pinches of other secondary characters as the story needs. I like it best for being both personal and flexible, so you aren't forced to peer over one character's shoulder the whole story. Bonus question - If you have to change POVs, what would you change to? How would it change your story? It could swing wildly from omniscient to first person from multiple different people The latter might actually work better for the needs of this story.
  5. I usually start a story with a couple of conceived-of characters (if I'm lucky), a few situations I want to explore, and some key scenes I want to write (that often have little to do with the main danged plotline). So I worldbuild. A lot. I consider a world the spine of the story, and often the blanks I can't fill in can be filled by the world. More than once this has gotten me through a rough spot. Overall I'm a pantser, but I do try to pants to "landmarks," that is have some major goalposts in the story to aim towards. It helps when I get lost in that murky, swampy middle of doom. Which I have done far too much. I laughed at this so hard my cat fled the room. At least that's one cat down. 🤣
  6. Did you make that chart or find it somewhere? Is it a program anyone can use or just a graphic? Please tell me it's not excel. I just learned how to do stuff like that in Excel and I loathed every second of it. I'll just stare at your graphic if that's the alternative. *looks leerily at the world's most evil program* 😛
  7. My first three lines: What do you think of them? Overall I like them, though I'm not adverse to some future tweaking. What are you trying to evoke with these lines? I want to draw readers so far into this dream/memory the reader lives it with the characters and I want to catch them there with sensory input. I want it to echo their own memories of childhood, even if they grew up in another area. Are they likely to stay your first lines, or are they place holders? So far the plan is to keep these, though there's a distinct possibility this scene might be moved farther into the novel in the future and something else will take it's place. I won't know until I manage to get more written. I may have missed it, but I don't think I saw a reply to this one? I actually quite like this as a beginning. It's the third line that really pulls the other two together; without it the first two just don't work. I will say the first line is the weakest, and I'm not sure I'd be much interested in it if I hadn't already read excerpts of your story and had some idea what it was about, but I'm also not sure how it could be improved. I'd say let this rest as-is and come back to it later, with a clearer head and more written, but I'm betting you knew that. 🙂 I don't feel like this would never work as a hook--the third line does because we've all been there, either as the barista or the customer. In some cases both. That's what draws me to it. The first two, however, are pretty awkward, which makes sense considering what you told us about how and why they were written. You could keep these in mind for a spiffier rewrite in the future to see if they could become hooks, or just plunge them a few paragraphs in. I'm with Mynoris; I quite like them overall. I don't think I saw a reply to this one either? The first one made me snicker, the third line functioning as a sort of punchline. I love it! Less enamored with the start of the inner story, however. It actually is a concept I've seen done before, and the three sentences don't bring anything new or intriguing to the table. Then again, it may not have to do so in the first three lines. I assume the inner story comes a bit later in the novel? Heh. Mynoris already covered Jedi Knight's pretty well. 🙂
  8. Welp, I could use a fire lit to my as--buttocks or at least some accountability, so here goes. Project: *sobs uncontrollably* No, no, wait, let me try this again. Project 1: I have no freakin clue. Recently I have been leaning more towards my hopefully urban fantasy, A Scar of Moonlight, so probably that one. Goals: Money. Any, which is why I'm having so much trouble. I need to supplement unemployment, or even make up for it with some form of income stream when it runs out. I don't need a full-time-work paycheck, just enough to supplement what I'm getting or potentially a future part time or gig job or (horrors) loans so I can keep going to school uninterrupted. But I suck at writing with the idea of a future paycheck in mind, so we'll see how this goes. I'm somewhat hooked on 500 words a day just to keep the writing rolling even on tough days. Summary: The moon scars have been a worldwide phenomena since the dawn of history. taking up great swatches of land and sky, they seem like nothing more than hardened light that's spread for endless miles. No one knows what's inside them, or even if there is an inside. But some say they're the source of all magic, and that brings the power-hungry, the desperate, and the curious to try to find a way inside. One person has managed the feat, though; Poe's best friend Maya. And now she's trapped in there and in desperate danger. Searching for help, Poe finds Raven, a professor at the local college, a mage, and a man that Poe's been having dreams about. Worse, erotic dreams, dreams that seem more like memories, but memories that aren't hers. Oh, and he hates her. With everything turned against her, Poe must find a way to do the impossible in order to bring her friend back alive and, hopefully, unchanged. Project 2: Starlight Cove, a fantasy/romance cross-genre series that, yes, was conceived as a quick way to grab money and get a fan base that can be rabidly loyal if wooed right. However, the more I create it the more I see some very fun possibilities. I'm enjoying creating the world more than I ever expected to, and I already have some fantastic ideas for stories. Goals: Secondary project I can leap to if stalled on my main project or just work on the worldbuilding on days where I truly don't have any time to write (hello finals projects!). Summary: A magical town that is also a little bit alive, sentient enough to hide itself from the world. Magical creatures of all types coexist there, sometimes uneasily. I want an overarcing plot to wind through all the smaller stories, like a hunt for treasure or averting some disaster, or one leading to the other, or some weirdness. I haven't worldbuilt far enough to figure that out. Aside from worldbuilding, any projects associated with this are on the back burner. Project 3: Erotica, any. No I won't post anything about it here more than to say if I've advanced on a piece or finished it. Goals: My forays into this started as a cynical money grab. It stands that way, despite the fact I truly do enjoy writing naughty fantasies. The problem is I seem genetically incapable of writing the sort of quick-and-dirty terrible-fic I often see in erotica, so I'm trying to find what works for me that'll still sell. This is supid-hard. Some days this may be my 500 words instead of my main project. Summary: Yeah no. You reeeeally want to know, you can ask privately. Just expect to maybe get some strange details. Money is mentioned a lot. Money is an issue. I'm at a point in my life where I'm not playing around anymore. I can't afford too, broke was a few miles back and around the block. I'm drifting on the edge of desperate, and writing is one of the few marketable talents I have. I liked it better when this was a fun hobby.
  9. Finished the first draft of "The Second Shuttle Boat". Now revising my debut novel for a second edition.
  10. I finally started making good headway around the middle of the month on my main project. I've got the first five chapters done. I also worked on a scene that I was going to submit for June's writing challenge, but didn't get it done in time. It's a scene that takes place near the end of the book and I'm pretty happy with it. It's given me a solid point to write towards, so I may take another day and work on the scenes leading up to it to get the monster reveal and get clues seeded in. I also took a couple breaks to work on something new. It's a skewed kind of fairy tale that will be broken up into short reads when I get them finished. The premise is a witch whose job is to help people find their path realizes that not everyone fits into their tale (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.,), and not every fairy tale is suited for that particular person. The first story centers on a Cinderella, only she's already in her mid-twenties, had an evil step-father, was the lone survivor of a wildfire that wiped out the estate and evil step-family, and the princes in the surrounding kingdoms are too young. So the witch creates a new path, one that leads to a strange valley full of lemon trees where these people have the opportunity to create their own stories and endings.
  11. I've been taking a break from writing for exams, but now that those are over I'm easing myself back in with a bunch of short stories and plotting other things. I'm hoping to get started on my bigger projects next month.
  12. Absolutely! You're free to make pretty much whatever topics you want (unless they're controversial. If they're potentially controversial, ask us first before posting it and we'll at least keep an eye on the topic XD) anywhere on the forum. Anyway, um...I'm in the editing phase of Court of Shadows right now. I have some alpha reader feedback, and I've printed out what I have of it with the feedback and have gone through and made notes. I'm still waiting for more alpha reader feedback, so I guess my next thing will be seeing what I can do to come up with some kind of an outline for the next draft...figuring out which chapters I'm keeping, which ones I'm cutting, which ones need to be added onto, adding in new scenes/chapters...I'll most likely be trying to edit up the first few chapters, at least, and getting them up in the library. Eventually I'll start figuring out what I'm going to do for NaNo in November. Usually I start by the end of August/early September. It's largely going to depend on where I am with Court of Shadows...but I might consider writing the prequel to Court of Shadows for NaNo. We'll see, though.
  13. I actually finished my novel almost a week ago. I've been doing a few short stories to keep me writing and I'm not sure when in July I'll switch to my next novel. Trying to plan on writing and editing at the same time so I'm in the middle of making a plan to balance the two so it will be either short stories or my new novel in July. Possibly both. Plus I have all the publishing pieces to put together for the new novel in July as well. It will be a busy month. Roh
  14. Hope it's okay to make this topic. :) I noticed the club's activity has sort of declined a bit, and I got curious: how is everyone doing with the projects they've started/continued in June? Are you planning to continue the same projects for July Camp (if you're planning to participate in it), or are you taking a break? I'm personally taking a break to focus on a just-for-fun project on July as a palate cleanser. But I've made some very good progress on what has been my main project all June. The goal to start publishing it as a web serial before November actually looks possible now. The first arc pretty much only needs a final round of edits for me to feel brave enough to start showing it to more than beta readers. But I still want to accumulate a sizeable backlog of chapters before I start posting it, just in case.
  15. Mine is third person limited but switches between the two main characters. One sees the other as a brother and the other sees his friend as something more, so some mixed emotions will be there. And both have secrets from each other so their thoughts tend to have different patterns.
  16. I'm leaning towards mixing POVs for this project. The majority of it will continue in the vein of book one with Taz's first person past tense POV, but I think I need to have a couple other perspectives mixed in, so those I'm going to do as third person past tense and see how they work out. First person has always been more natural for me, but there are limitations that really hamper the story if I stick with it completely. I'm looking forward to writing the third person chapters, it might be a welcome break from the usual story and I can delve into different parts of my world with them since they have wider experience compared to Taz. Especially when it comes to the War with Mexico, because I have backstory on that and no way to insert most of it from Taz's perspective. I guess that pretty much answers the bonus question. I think bringing in the extra POV's will broaden the story and allow different perspectives and histories to come too light. It's a bit hard to accomplish that solely through the eyes of a ten year-old, no matter how observant she is.
  17. I agree, sometimes it's unnecessary and a bit forced. But it's part of his online persona now, so it's the price we pay, I suppose. 😄 But he's way less vulgar in the writing books, I noticed that when I got The Kick-Ass Writer (which really is a kick in the ass for new-ish writers, and I recommend it).
  18. I go through phases where I really like his blog and where I find it tedious to wade through his swearing. I like his absurd humour but sometimes the amount of vulgarity is distracting. Not that I am anti profanity, he just uses A LOT.
  19. Omg, yes! It's a strange brain phenomenon, where we know (we so know!) things will be fixed in editing, but still it's nerve-racking to start a big project. In an attempt to get us there I summon the immortal words of NSFW-Chuck Wendig: (hidden for a bad word) May the mighty naughty pen-monkey kick our ass into gear. Good luck! :)
  20. *double take on post* Wait a second, I don't remember posting this.,.. Oh wait I didn't. We are just in the same mind set. I just finished as much of my outline as I care to do and now I have no more excuses or barriers keeping me from starting this story and I'm like 😐 Oh No. I need a distraction, quick someone have an emergency so I don't have to start writing!
  21. My novel idea came from my May project about a bunch of witches opening a summer camp, and I realised that if I write a stand-alone prequel to that, this could be a middle grade series... which made me really nervous since I have never thought about series before. I've plotted way more beforehand than I usually do, because Middle Grade came with some very different challenges. The story needed a very strong thread going through, like solid from start to finish, which made the plotting trickier than usual since I'm mostly a carefree plantser-type. It has taken up a lot of my time for the last couple of weeks and everything else has just fallen by the wayside. One of these days I really should vaccuum the house... Apart from the plot I've notes on the world-building and I wrote a legend for the history (I'll see if I get it done for the WS-challenge), and right now I'm actually ready to write my middle. If I can stop procrastinating. This is the scary part, to go from pre-writing to actual writing, where all the hopes and dreams of writing the story I picture in my head crashes and burns.
  22. I'm doing close third for my main character Beata throughout the book (because she's very much at the center of everything and it just came about naturally), with the exception of the prologue. That's more omniscient as the developer arrive to the pirate-witch village with the intent of just demolishing the houses and put up vacation rentals, but he doesn't know that moving witches is ripe with trouble. I don't know if the prologue will stay, but right now I like it. I tried to play with the bonus question, but I can't see right now how anyone else in the book could tell this story, not even the cousin who has some things on the line here, so... Yeah, changing POV's would lose a lot of drama, comedy and mystery. Maybe I will include some more POV from my developer since he's one of the villains, and I have never included a villain's POV before. That could be an exciting experiment. :)
  23. Project: The Pirate Witches of Deadwater (Middle Grade Fantasy Novel) Goal: Rough outline done by May (which is about now), first draft of 30k-40k hopefully done by the end of June, then editing until complete. I hope that's sometime before NaNo this fall. Summary: After a string of foster-homes 12-year old Beata discovers she has inherited a house together with a distant cousin in the pirate-witch village of Deadwater. The village is in decline because the witches are old and childless, and a developer try to seize the opportunity and turn Deadwater into a hot summer-vacation spot with hotels and casinos. Beata's house has a ghost (like houses do) and hopes it's her dead mother trying to communicate, but finds it's her cousin's mother; a witch trapped on a ghost ship in another dimension because the magic anchors to bring her back were stolen. Beata finds it's really difficult to rebel in a pirate-witch village, take orders from a bossy apparition and hardest of all: find a summer-job that doesn't involve collecting leeches. How hard could it be when the only other kid in the village managed to get a sweet gig as a bread-delivery man and won't stop bragging about it? She also has to help her cousin pass the magic entrance exam for the prestigious village council called The Crew, which will give them a lot of advantages and might be their only way to avoid having to sell their house. The end: By the use of very old knot-magic Beata manages to pull the ghost ship back into the real world, with both the lost witch and an incredible pirate treasure onboard. Beata earns the empty chair in The Crew and saves the house, while the treasure saves the village.
  24. I've been doing frame stories lately, so they generally have a third person POV limited, but since a person within the story is telling a story, there's a lot of first person writing going on, even if it's couched in "quotation" marks. So it feels like I'm switching a lot, but really I'm not. Or, maybe, I am. That's just frame stories for you, I guess. Typically I don't change POV otherwise, though I did write a story that had a small blurb by the MC in first person at the beginning of each chapter, written in italics, before going on to a 3rd person narrative. My current project is a frame story, as mentioned, but so far the 'story' within the frame is only first person, since I switched entirely. I want to see how I feel about this model as opposed to the one I used in A Time Before.
  25. Project: The New Trilogy, Book 1 The New Queen. Book 2 The New Priestess. Book 3 The New . . .not sure yet. Goals: Finish first draft of Book 1 and publish by the end of October. Start Book 2 for NaNoWriMo this year. Summary: I created an original world that blends folk lore from around the world, though what's presented in the book is predominantly anglo-saxon, celtic, and Germanic inspired with a little sprinkling from the middle east and eastern Europe. In this mythical other world the daughter of a witch is traded to a goblin by her mother for a rare magical ingredient that will help save the lives of her coven and many other innocents (thought has crossed my mind of writing this up as a separate novel that is sort of a prequel to the trilogy, like The Hobbit to LoTR). Shortly after acquiring the child the Goblin is killed by a slightly delirious Fae fleeing his exiled people who were forced into the eastern mountains and deep underground long ago. He adopts the human infant who grows up among the court until she's about twenty. At that point a seer informs the queen that a gathering darkness threatens every life in the realm ( I still haven't settled on a name for the Fae country -_-') and the human Berry is key to preserving the land, though how is unclear. It's important she travel South before it's too late and do so with the Prince (who has just turned 100 and is officially an adult though he's still pretty immature in a lot of ways) and her adoptive father. Unfortunately, Berry's father was just sent North as a spy and can't be conveniently reached because he's spying on allies and if he's caught spying it could push the two countries into another war since the new king in the North doesn't like the Fae as much as his predecessor. phew. That's about it without going into spoilers.
  26. My current project The New Queen is 3rd person omniscient and skips around a good bit between the MC, her allies, and her enemies. I like this because it gives me a lot of freedom to build anticipation of impending threats and dangers as well as explore and share my world. Most of my work though is limited to 1st person, but I like to throw in dreams and visions (sometimes just my MC straight up going, "I wasn't there, but this is what I was told happened," or, "This is how I imagine things went.") to shift to a 3rd person omniscient briefly. I feel like this PoV is super immersive for me as a writer and a reader. Sometimes the sheer number of I's and my's can border on the obscene, but that's a matter for tackling when I eventually get around to editing.