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A group for those of us who enjoy talking about and sharing our photography!

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  2. This past weekend, I went to Vermont to the Von Trapp Family Lodge, and also went hiking. I uploaded the photos to Dropbox if anyone wants to check them out! Edit: It would help if I gave the link! 😛 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bk5e55fvl82c3hc/AABJg_zVBcu3yKAst_7dd699a?dl=0
  3. I have to crop or modify photos to fit the size criteria - I'll work on that later.
  4. I have blogsite, as well as fb-site, under title Savulasi (doesn't actually mean anything, literally translated Smokeglass); at blogspot at facebook Those are quite photo-oriented, altough occasionally heavily photoshopped, and at fb-site I'm working to add some text to pictures (usually at Finnish). Some photos follow:
  5. Got a photography crystal ball for Christmas - basically, it's for reflection photography.
  6. Hahaha, yeah. Sometimes I swear they know when I’m about to snap a picture and either stop doing whatever cute thing they’re doing, or take off running. 😂
  7. Yep, I know that feeling well, haha. I got some nice photos of my cat this past spring but she wasn't happy with me for sticking the camera in her face and trying to make her pose. 😛
  8. Thank you!!! ❤️ I’m always taking pictures of my kitties haha. I need to get a good picture of my gray cat but she’s not always in a good spot for photos…
  9. These are great! I love the kitty ones! 😸
  10. Well, I have a few more to upload but my phone is being uncooperative.
  11. These are some of the photos I’m proudest of! They were all done with my phone camera 🙂
  12. I just moved my topic from the artist's corner to here 'cause I figured it would be easier to do that than to repost my photos. 😛
  13. This past Sunday I went to see one of my favorite singers (and now actor! He was on Broadway in the spring for the first time and then back on it in September!), David Cook (he won season 7 of American Idol) for the 10th time. I couldn't bring my fancy camera with me because the venue doesn't allow it so I had to bring my dad's little Sony camera. I was still able to get some decent photos though! You can check them out here.
  14. I went to the renaissance fair yesterday (by myself) and got some great photos! You can find the rest at my photography page on Facebook here.
  15. Those are amazing and belated congrats from me as well! :) *snuggles the owls*
  16. Sorry this is late, but congrats on your recent achievements, Jedi Knight Muse[/member]! :D
  17. I've been a little crazy this past week, which is one reason why I haven't been on the forum. Yesterday, I went to the fair in my dad's hometown. They have a photography exhibit - I submitted to it last year and won first and second place with my turtle and blacksmith's hammer pictures. This year, I won first, second, and third place! First place Second place Third place
  18. I went to the (only) zoo in my state (Connecticut) on Friday and got a bunch of photos. Rather than uploading them all onto Tinypic, I'll just link you to the album on my Facebook page for my photography, which is here. :D
  19. The second owl's eyes remaining bright yellow is a cool effect!