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Feedback / Beta Reading

If you're looking for feedback on your work or seeking a beta reader, this is the place for you. Be sure to follow the guidelines for requesting feedback or seeking a beta reader, or offering to be a beta reader. Newbies can reply to topics here, but not start their own; you must be promoted to full membership before you can request feedback or a beta reader. (This happens automatically at 15 items of content posted.) Members only.

Please click here to read the Guidelines before posting!

When using this forum, please be specific about what you're looking for when you choose your title and tag your post. Some things this forum is designed for:

  • Looking for a beta reader (tag prefix: seeking beta)
  • Offering yourself as a beta reader (tag prefix: beta reader)
  • Looking for a writing buddy (tag prefix: writing buddy)
  • Looking for feedback/critique on a specific piece (tag prefix: feedback)

What's the difference between these?

Seeking Beta

You're looking for someone to read an entire completed story and give you advice that will help you create a more polished draft. This might be a short story or a novel. The key here is that you're looking for someone to help you work through the revision process on a completed (if rough) draft. Note that even if you're seeking grammar help, you should first edit for grammar, spelling, etc to the best of your ability. Here's the form for posting.

Beta Reader

If you're looking to help someone through a story draft and want to advertise that you're available for beta reading, make a topic to do so. Be sure to specify what you're willing to beta. You do not have to take someone on just because they respond and their work fits what you said you're willing to beta, but if you do agree to take someone on, you need to follow through on that commitment. Here's the form for posting.

Writing Buddy

If you're looking for more of a mutual relationship in which you and another writer brainstorm with one another, help motivate each other, provide each other feedback, and/or simply read one another's work and squee, post a search for a writing buddy. Be sure to post what you're looking for in a writing buddy. You don't have to take up the first person to reply, even if they fit what you said you were looking for, but if you work out a mutual agreement with someone, be sure to honor it. Here's the form for posting.


If you're looking for feedback or critique on a shorter piece or an excerpt, this is a good route to go. Especially if you're hoping for feedback from multiple sources, or on more specific elements of your writing. If you don't have a finished draft, or you do have a (short) finished draft but aren't really looking for comprehensive help turning it into a polished revision, this is probably what you're looking for. Here's the form for posting.

How do I do that tag prefix thing?

Easy! First, underneath Tags, click "Choose..." so that you can add tags to the post. 


Then add your tags, and once you've added those click the drop down to add an item prefix. Select the appropriate one: