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This is usually one of my favorite threads to see in the fantasy section of the NaNo forums (when someone makes it), so I thought this would be fun.


Basically, you're writing a short letter to your characters- tell them how you're feeling about something they've done that you weren't expecting (i.e. suddenly developing a crush on a character they're not supposed to have a crush on yet or at all).

Dear Merek,

Arris had his turn for being the focus character in the first book, and now it's your turn! No, you cannot hide behind your books instead. There are THINGS in store for you!


...mind telling me more about what those THINGS are beyond what little I already know?


Looking forward to torturing you getting more into your head!


Your author


P.S. wanna tell me more about your magic? Pretty please?


Dear Arris,

Even though Merek is going to be more of a central character in the sequel, that doesn't get you off the hook. You'll still be a viewpoint character, just like the first book! It'd be nice if you'd tell me more about yourself...your childhood, your parents...more about your magic...whether you're a prince by birth, because I'm really tempted to do that even though I don't have a solid reason for it at the moment...things like that.


You can start talking aaaany time now!



Your author

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Dear Sofia and Tina,


I want to know how you fell in love. How it feels having a childhood friend (or annoying neighbour) suddenly turning into a suitor, suddenly looking differently at you. And don't worry, your marriages will be happy... at least as long as the story lasts.


Dear Marcantonio,


Please tell me how you have discovered that you have fallen in love with your childhood friend/ school mate. And also I need to know what happens further in the Italian republics, after you join the Carbonari. I need to know your children who will return to the place their parents were born.


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lmao ThoughtlessEpiphany[/member] your characters sound as bad as mine :D


Dear characters,


Time to replay, so be on your best behaviour. Quit getting so randy all the time and try and stay alive a bit longer. I do actually like a bunch of you. Even Jascha.


Your author (who will give you a swift kick if needs be)

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Dear Kuon,


You are a fucking half-dragon with literal death breath. You have a colorful past, a strong will, and an undying love for the most mischievous thing on two legs. So please, explain to me why every time it's your time to shine you have all the excitement of two-day-old stale toast.


Step up, dude, or you really won't like what happens next.



The Frustrated Author-thing



Dearest Scatter,


Sweetheart, you're amazing. I have rarely, if ever, had a character as strange as you land in my lap. And yet you have so little in the way of appearances or importance that I might as well slice you out of the story completely.


Don't make me pair you with Looh. No one will like the results of that.



The Lady Trying to Coax You Out of Your Hole

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