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Jedi Knight Muse

Who's Who in Discord?

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So, I have a confession to make: I am terrible at keeping track of who's who on the forum VS in the Discord (unless the username in the Discord and the forum are the same), and I know there are a few newer people who've gone into the Discord server but don't have the same username in there as they do on the forum. So I thought it would be useful for everyone if we had a list of everyone who's joined the server and what their username is on both the forum and in the server.


Left side of the list: username on the forum

Right side of the list: their username/display name on Discord


Jedi Knight Muse[/member] > Jedi Knight Muse (Ally)

Sheepy-Pie[/member] > Sheepy-Pie

Penguinball[/member] > Penguinball

Manu[/member] > Manu

Tyrannohotep[/member] > Tyrannohotep

SecretRock[/member] > Rock

CorianderLeaves[/member] > CorianderLeaves

Jupiter Jabez[/member] > Jupiter Jabez

mathgnome[/member] > ChatoicMathgnome

electric[/member] > electric

Elena[/member] > Elena

Jessitiz[/member] > Jessitiz

kherezae[/member] > Kherezae

Silver[/member] > Silver

Xyem[/member] > xyem


If your name is NOT on this list and you have been in the Discord server/have been chatting in it, please respond and let me know what your name is in there so that I can add you to this list.


Also, if you haven't been using the Discord server at all but are interested in joining in on the chatter, you can  find directions on how to join it here.

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