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IMPORTANT: We Are Mobile Friendly!

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Guess what, everyone!


Because I finally updated the forum software, I was finally able to install Tapatalk, which is a phone app that will allow everyone to browse the forum from their phones more easily! The forum not being mobile friendly has been a struggle and frustration from day one because we've lost potential members due to it not being mobile friendly, so we're really hoping this will help shift things around!


Here are the directions you need to be able to find the forum on Taptalk (I have an iPhone, so these are the directions based on what it does for my phone/what was given in the e-mail I was sent after it was installed into the forum).


If you don't already have the Tapatalk app installed on your phone, you will need to go to http://tapatalk.com/m. It will ask you to install the app.


Once you do so, you can either go to http://forum.worldsmyths.com or you can go to https://www.tapatalk.com/forum/2106963 and you will immediately be brought to the mobile friendly version of the forum in the app. You will need to log in with whatever your forum username/password is.


If you have any trouble getting it to work, please reply to this post. I can't do much as far as Tapatalk goes, but I can certainly try.

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