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Here you'll find all the clubs we have, let me know if I have missed anything. Feel free to join any you like and please check out any in club rules 🙂


All I wanna do, is turn my doc into, a pile of feedback

A group for intense and often quick turn around feedback. For the more experienced writers/authors.


Arts, crafts, and food ahoy

A group for artists and those wanting to talk about art. A place to share your work including: painting, sculpture, digital work, recipes, baking. Not your photography as that is found in the Shutterbugs group. Happy for discussions about other artists photography.




A writing workshop for exploring podcasts and video lectures by experts in the field, doing related writing exercises, and critiquing each other's work on a monthly basis.

See here for more details and for when they are recruiting, as it is a limited group:


Restricted Section

For our more mature content. You need to be 18+ to join.



A group for those of us who enjoy talking about and sharing our photography!


Westeros - a Game of Thrones fandom group

A group for fans of Game of Thrones


Worldsmyths Book Club

The Worldsmyths book club

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New clubs have been added 🙂 please  check them out!

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