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Who would play your MC, antagonist etc in a movie?

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Already did this for my NaNo novel's characters...


Let me start the thread with my own characters. I will focus on voice actors as I kinda see my dream adaptation as being animated.

Itaweret, an Egyptian priestess who is my protagonist

As far as voice actresses are concerned, I would pick either Cree Summer, Dawnn Lewis, or Anika Noni Rose. Basically I'm looking for someone who could do a youthful female African accent.

Bek, Itaweret's younger brother

My ideal pick for a voice actor would be Phil LaMarr, who voiced Basuli in Disney's The Legend of Tarzan TV series.

Mahu, Itaweret's father and governor of her hometown Dedenu

Khary Paton, who voices Rafiki in The Lion Guard, would work well for him as a voice actor. Either that or John Kani (who will voice Rafiki in the upcoming The Lion King remake).

Dedyet, Itaweret's mother

Her voice could be that of Whoopi Goldberg or Alfre Woodard (I was going to suggest Madge Sinclair, who did Sarabi in The Lion King, but then I learned she passed away).

Scylax, warrior king of Mycenae, who is my main antagonist

As far as specialized voice actors are concerned, Clancy Brown is my top pick since he's voiced Lex Luthor in various animated series based on the DC universe. Though I suppose Antonio Banderas (Shrek 2's Puss in Boots) would also be a good pick since he's of Mediterranean European heritage like the character.

Philos, a young Greek shepherd who's planned to aid Itaweret's quest

Hmm, tough one...I guess Gael García Bernal (Hector in Coco) might work for him? Basically someone who could do a youthful male Southern European accent is needed.


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