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I'd like to see more of these, but I'm not sure where to get ideas from.  So I'm curious how many other people like this sort of thing and would be interested in them.  Also, what sort of writing games have you played in the past?  Which did you enjoy?  Which did you not enjoy?

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I'd like that!

I usually don't enjoy the writing games that focus on playing with our characters (what would your character do, stuff like that) - I'm a plot-driven writer, this kind of games simply is not for me. Others will enjoy those, though, so don't hesitate to start one of these 🙂

Of the games I enjoyed a lot, the predictive text title game comes to my mind (we could play that one using title generators instead of predictive text on phones), and the 2 truths, 1 lie game we played in the past.

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From the 4theWords forum with little editing, so these aren't my games or wording.



Word Association:

I think everyone probably knows this game. x) But in case you don't: you post the first word that pops into your mind from the word the previous person has posted.

A: rough
B: sandpaper
😄 wood

Let us start with the word






First Impressions - A Name Game

A few years ago there was a NaNoWriMo thread where writers could leave a character's name and the next person along would respond with their first impressions of that character based solely on that name. The responder would then leave a new name for others to respond to, and so on... It was a one of my favoruite threads so I brought it back to the NaNo forums last year and now I'm brining it here.

There are two steps to this game:

1) Write a response to the post above yours by talking about your first impression of the name they posted. 

Some things you might want to talk about are: how old you think the character is, what they look like, what their job might be, what their interests and goals are, what kind of personality they have, where they come from, or what genre story they belong to... These are just suggestions though. What exactly you talk about is up to you.

2) Leave a name for someone else to respond to at the end of your post.

You can also include the character's pronouns (we don't want to misgender anyone!) if you wish, but if you're curious about what assumptions people might make without the pronouns you're welcome to skip this step.




Edit the Sentence Above You by One Word

It's kind of like the telephone game. Let's see what kind of results we get. smile

'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.'
'The quick brown fox flies over the lazy dog.'





Truth or Dare - Writing Edition

One thing I've always enjoyed during NaNoWriMo is Truth or Dare, because it can keep me interested in my writing/break me out of a block. The rules of Truth or Dare are pretty simple. In your post, you can ask for either a truth, or a dare. The next person to post will give you your truth/dare, and ask for their own. Try to keep it writing-related!

So, essentially, the game might go something like this:

OP: I pick "truth."
Poster 2: How would the main character of your current project fare in a zombie apocalypse? Also, I pick dare.
[OP can answer at any time]
Poster 3: I dare you to use the phrase "but that's something only a pirate would do" in something you're writing. Dare!
Poster 4: I dare you to battle a Lorsa! Truth.

And so on.

So! Starting off... I pick truth!




We used to play this game in forums (and, weirdly, NOTEBOOKS) in high school. It's structured like this:

^ make a statement (only nice things) about the person who posted before you.
< reply to their prediction and/or make a statement about yourself.
v Make a prediction about the person who will post after you.


^ What a handsome forum I'm posting on!
< Wow, you correctly predicted that I would start a new game!
v The person below me also uses a lot of exclamation points!





Round Robin

Continue this story with a single sentence.

She was trapped in a room with no windows and the door was locked.






This is my favorite game from the NaNoWriMo forums, and there doesn't seem to be one like this here. So I thought I'd make a topic and see if anyone's interested. smile

WWYCD stands for What Would Your Character Do, and the rules are simple. Someone leaves a question describing a situation, like "What would your character do if their estranged parent suddenly came to visit / if someone gave them a cute puppy as a present / if the world was ending", etc.
The next person answers that question in a paragraph or so and leaves a question for the next poster to answer. And so on, so forth.

So, the first question is... WWYCD if they got a text from an unknown number (or a paper note from an unknown sender) containing a single word: BEWARE?



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I think I would like to possibly start a Round Robin story, but I won't do so if only one other person is interested.  So I'm curious to know how many people might want to play a game like this specifically, and what sort of rules you think should be in place to lower frustration/confusion.

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