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Self-Challenge - Writers Games 2019

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@Sheepy-Pie and I are participating in this contest where you have to write a short story based on a prompt in 72 hours, and have it be publish-ready. I'm late in posting this, so the 72 hours are already ticking by, but I thought it could still be fun to post, in case anyone else wants to play along (participation in the contest itself is already closed).

The prompt is below. If you are on Discord you've seen the... discussion around this prompt, as the judges are being VERY specific about what they mean, and have clarified/shot down ideas on their Facebook discussion post. The bullet points are things I've added from their additional restrictions.

2019 Portion 1

I see you looking at me. I'm something you need right now, but something no one can touch. You'll have to find another way because I’m UNTOUCHABLE.

1,000-5,000 words

Core Concepts: cohesion, plot


What things are untouchable?

  • Can be anything, so long as it can’t be touched, and the person needs it.
  • Can be living or inanimate
  • CANNOT be an idea or a concept, must be 'physically real'
  • Must remain untouchable through the story
  • Can’t be touched by anyone at all, or handled through tools
  • The object (or person) can’t touch back
  • The untouchable thing needs to be vital or essential to the MC, not just something they want or desire
  • Can’t be a person that is capable of touching things
  • Fairies somehow count?
  • Heartbroken 1
  • Nice! 1

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