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IMPORANT: Worldsmyths 2019 Feedback Survey

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The Community


How often do you use the forum? Is there anything we can do to encourage you to visit more often? Is there anything we can do that might compel you into using the forum more often that we are not already doing?

I’m really keen to access this website more and it’s just a case for me building a habit and visiting more frequently to get engaged with the community


Do you use the forum, the Discord server, or both? If you currently use one but not the other, is there a specific reason?

I’ve not used it much but I plan to. I have only today accessed the Discord server, I guess because I didn’t really know or understand what goes on… probably shows my ignorance more than anything


Are there any specific rules or guidelines that you feel are unclear and need to be expanded on? If so, which ones?

Not that I know of at the moment…


Do you feel like the staff members are always around to answer questions and help if you have any issues?

I can’t really comment as I haven’t accessed enough


What overall feedback do you have for Worldsmyths?

I think this is a really powerful resource and probably a huge learning curve in terms of getting to know the site. I need to spend some time on it to reap the benefits.


The Forum


How do you like the new forum software? Is there anything that confuses you? Are there any sections of the forum that you would like to see be more active?

I don’t know what the old software was like so can’t comment.


Are there any discussion sections that you feel could be added to the forum?


Have you joined or created any clubs?



Are there any clubs that you would like to see and haven't yet been made?


Are there any parts of the forum that you don't visit, or that don't interest you? What part is your favorite?


The Library


Do you use the Library for submitting or reviewing? If not, what is keeping you from visiting? Is there anything about the library that is currently keeping you from using it (whether it's submitting or reviewing someone else's submission)?

I wasn’t aware of the library but it is definitely a benefit I would like to take advantage of

Have you had any trouble submitting to the library that has kept you from using it?


Is there anything that has kept you from reviewing any of the submitted works currently in the library?

I will take a look and have a look around.


Do you think there should be some kind of a guideline for the 1-5 star rating system of submissions? If so, do you have any suggestions?


Discord (Optional)


Do you currently use Discord to interact with your fellow members?

See above only just discovered this.

How easy do you find it to join the conversations? Is there anything we can do to improve engagement?


Are there any rules for the Discord that you feel are unclear and need to be elaborated on?


Writing Challenges


Some history - When the forum first opened, we had the challenges as bi-weekly, but received feedback that that wasn't enough time. They've been monthly ever since.

Also, in question two it asks about a "system" suggestion - by "system," we mean the way the challenges are done (i.e. with them being member created VS staff created like they currently are).


Are the monthly challenges beneficial to you?

I haven’t participated. I was going to but then life happened. Sometimes it’s about timing and what people are currently working on.

Is there another system that you think would work better for the writing challenges?


Activity with the challenges has been up and down, and lately we've only been getting one or two entries each challenge. Do you think we should get rid of the challenges?


Do you have any ideas for any new site-wide challenges we could do instead of the monthly challenges (and the word count challenge)?

You could introduce a ‘muse’ challenge, something just to get peoples creative juices going if they are stuck, could be a prompt or an image but encourages free writing and submitting not as a polished piece of work but maybe the beginning?

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