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Seson 8 Episode 1 discussion - SPOILERS

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-Daeny and Jon's kiss and the glare from the dragon
-Jon trying to hold on for dear life while riding said dragon, haha
-Jon and Arya's reunion. I've been waiting forever for that (I'm such a sucker for brother/sister relationships between characters, especially the Stark siblings) and it was totally worth it
-Sam broke my heart when he found out about his brother and father 😞
-Sansa and Daeny's glares at each other were epic
-Sansa calling out Tyrion on how dumb he is for believing Cersei
-Arya and Gendry! Please tell me I'm not the only one who got Princess Bride vibes from the "as you wish, my lady" comment
-Poor Jon has to process the fact that 1. he really is a king and 2. he made love and made out with his aunt. That's going to be fun.
-That ending with Jamie and Bran!
I think it was a pretty decent episode. I'm crossing all ten fingers and toes, though, that they're able to tie everything up within the next five episodes and give us a satisfying ending. It sucks that it's only six episodes, even if some of them are going to be longer than usual.

I'm not sure who I think will get the throne right now. I think it'll come down to Jon, Daeny and Gendry...I saw someone commenting about how Gendry could be the "black haired boy" first born boy that Cersei had before Joffrey and the other two kids were born, and that he remembered his "golden haired mother" singing to him...except he'd technically be coming from an usurper's line, so I'm not sure if that actually gives him any kind of claim to the throne, especially before Daeny and Jon.

I just want Cersei to die a slow and painful death. Preferably at Jamie or Tyrion's hand like the prophecy says, but we'll see. I'd love it if she was burnt to a crisp by a dragon, but that wouldn't necessarily be a slow and painful death.

I'm not sure if I think Daeny is going to end up pregnant through Jon or not. The witch told her she couldn't have any kids, but Jon specifically asked her in season seven if she had ever thought the witch could be wrong, soooo....there's probably a reason for that.

So yeah, those are my rambling thoughts about the episode.

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