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June Writing Challenge

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June Writing Challenge

Prompt: Masquerade or 'Pick a Sentence' prompts

We have two prompts to choose from this month.

The first is to include a scene featuring a ball, masquerade, or dance. This can be anything from a simple village party to a grand event hosted by an Empress.

The second prompt is 'Pick a Sentence'. Below are three sentences, start a story with one! Change the sentence as needed to fit your style/POV, but keep to the general spirit of it.

-The echoes of screaming birds resonated throughout the valley.

-The moon shone down onto the mist-laden castle, endowing an ethereal illumination upon its face, as reverberations of a crowded in ghostly array about the battlements.

-“The Elves! The Elves are attacking!”


Deadline: Saturday, June 30th by 11:59 PM GMT-5

Word count: 5,000 words max

Submissions: To submit to the challenge, please submit to the library, under the "flash plus" category. Please make sure to use the tag "monthly writing challenge" where it asks for a tag in the form.

You're welcome to write and submit something brand new for the challenge or use something old/from your current WIP as long as it fits the challenge prompt.

If you have any questions, please send @Jedi Knight Muse or @Penguinball a PM.

Please reply to this post with the link to your library submission.

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