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Question of a Day #56: Character and World Changes By the End of Your Story

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When the story is over, what will have changed the most about the world around the characters? What will have changed most about the characters themselves? (If you don't know the ending, use the furthest point you know about.)

This is something I have to actually think about a bit. I'm not sure how the world will really have changed by the end of it. For characters:

Ivar - Ivar will have gone through physical and emotional changes. Due to the spell that was put on him, he no longer looks the same way as he did before the spell was put on him.


This is so that no one will recognize him as being who he really is, mainly, but also so that it's easier for him to infiltrate one of the fairy courts and spy on them. He also goes from being forced to shift into a raven every night (or pretty much every night) to not having to do it any more because of the spell being broken. He then goes through a status change, because he goes from thinking that he's basically nothing but Aysel's spy and a traitor to realizing that he's the true heir to the throne of one of the four fairy courts, so he becomes the next king.

Harrow - I have to think about Harrow a bit, because I haven't really thought too much about him. He goes from being stoic and keeping everything close to the vest to being more open and slowly learning to trust people. He's forced to figure out where he belongs in the world.

Alana - Alana...is the toughest of them. Alana I still have to figure out. She definitely grows as far as her magic is concerned, but I'm not sure what extent it'll be to at the moment.

Kassel.- okay, I lied. I don't really know anything about Kassel, and I know SOME things about Alana, so Kassel is really the toughest to figure out.

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Since i'm a heavy planner, i already have some idea about this for my current WIP (which is still in the planning phase)

Valerie (MC) - Valerie undergoes several major changes. In the beginning she is very obsessed with being recognized by the society as a scientist. Her primary goal is to increase her standing in that community. At the end she willingly becomes an enemy of the church (in a society where religion is a big thing and the church is quite powerful) in order to save the world.
Another major development is her faith. In the beginning her faith is broken by a past traumatic event. Rediscovering her faith and accepting the religion is her major internal arc.

Farus (Antagonist) - Farus is an agent of the church sent to deal with "disruptive entities". In the beginning he is a willing follower, believing in discipline and order. He has a clear moral compass and sees himself as the good guy.
His world view gets shaken and turned upside down during the story, so in the end he doesn't know what is right or wrong anymore. Which shows itself in the end, when he lets Valerie and the other main characters go, instead of stopping them.

The other characters aren't detailed enough to already have arcs.

World - Religion and the church are a big thing in my world. Both are used to justify a two-class system (Noble vs common). The noble class controlls the military power, the church controlls the rare magic users. At the end of the story a truth is revealed which undermines this system. The whole religion and the segregation of the two classes is built upon lies, which get exposed. Magic (might) become more widespread instead of being tightly controlled by the church.

I think especially the world changes open the possibility of a sequel, although that is not on my mind right now. Planning and writing that story in the first place is a task big enough already.

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My characters with commitment problems fall in love and by the end of the novel get married and will adopt two children


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I like the idea of Farus' world getting shaken after he's been so sure he's one of the good guys. I haven't seen that done that often in fiction (if at all!) It's a nice twist on the antihero becoming the good guy and what excites me most about it is that it's realistic.

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In Caerellí Chronicles, Kieran goes from mostly hating himself, feeling out of place, and acting very devil may care, to having a significant amount of self-esteem, a whole bunch of friends and family, and actually planning and looking forward to the future. As for the world, the tear in the Veil lets more magic into Earth, and in Annwn the nobles and king become a lot less self centred, and the humans and Annuvians bridge the rift that had formed between their communities. The changes to the world aren't major, really.


The whole society being undermined sounds like a very dramatic and fun change to have though.

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