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The Caerwen Chronicles, blurb workshop

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So, following the advice of those very helpful websites @Penguinball linked us to in the challenge thread, I have written a blurb for my eternal long time project, The Caerwen Chronicles. 


When seventeen-year-old Kieran Lee is sent to the empty, middle-of-nowhere town of Caerwen for the summer, all he wants to do is, well, find something to do. When a woman none of the locals know emerges from the woods dishevelled, exhausted, and talking about an otherworld full of magic, Kieran jumps at the chance for some adventure.

With the help from a magician in training, an amateur monster hunter, and the heir to a millennium old pact, Kieran jumps headfirst into a world of myth and magic that he discovers is right where he belongs. He and his new friends become embroiled in it before they discover a war brewing between ancient enemies, one of whom is coming for their heads.

Unable to ask the adults in their lives for help, the kids realise that they’re the only ones both willing and able to put a stop to the bloodshed before it happens. However, trying to stop the impending war, they uncover a bigger threat they have no idea how to deal with.

Any and all feedback welcome! 

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I'm not sure if your intention is to have the guy actually be a "magician," but if not, perhaps you should choose a different word.

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