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Favorite NaNoWriMo Writing Resources

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What are your absolute favorite go-to writing resources when you're writing for NaNoWriMo? This includes, but is not limited to, forums (such as the official ones for NaNo), Reddits, inspirational podasts to listen to, motivational websites, etc. Feel free to include ones that you've heard of but don't personally use!

I haven't used it during or even outside of NaNo, really, but Written Kitten is a good one!

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I use 4theWords, they've got a huge event during NaNo that keeps things writing. Its an RPG style writing game, gamifies the process with monster battles, equipment, and a dressable avatar. It is a paid service, $4/month, but if you win NaNo you get a couple code for 50% off that brings the price to $2/month. My referral code is ETFCY69776 if you decide to sign up. They do also have a free month long trial, so you can sign up Nov 1st and use it.

Otherwise here and Discord is a source of encouragement, and my local NaNo group. I don't really search for inspirational podcasts or anything during the month, I personally find them a bit distracting.

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1) 4TheWords is my go-to writing resource that is pretty much solely responsible for me winning NaNo last year. @Penguinball has provided a great explanation of it already.

2) If at the end of the day I have X words left to write to make my expected word count and need to get those words out quickly, I use Fighter's Block. Which, like 4TW, is a website where you slay monsters with writing, except it's free and much, much, much simpler. But it lets you set your own goal, and then you have to actually writer quickly, because if you stall, your health bar is going to disappear and the monster is going to win.

3) Discord, NaNoWriMo forums and 4TW forums for company and motivation. 

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