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2019 Word Count Challenge Survey/Discussion

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Now that the word count challenge is over for 2019, we wanted to ask for some feedback from those of you who participated (and even those who didn't, if you feel like you can offer any input) so that we can use it to make potential changes next year. We'd greatly appreciate it if everyone who participated in the challenge throughout the last six months could take a few minutes to respond to some questions we have. You can do so by either copying and pasting and responding in this post, or you can do it in by responding to them in this Google docs form.

If you would like to respond in this post, please copy and paste the following into a reply and answer the questions!


1. If you participated, what is your general, overall feedback regarding the challenge?
2. We are considering shortening the challenge to three months for 2020. Would you still be interested in the challenge? If so, which three months would you prefer?

3. Do you have any suggestions for next year's challenge?
4. Was there anything confusing about the rules, or how the challenge was run?
5. Would you be open to having the challenge be self-moderated next year, with members putting their totals into the tracking sheet themselves?

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! Feel free to add any additional comments about the challenge that you may have so we can maybe have a discussion about it!

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