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2019 Word Count Challenge FINAL RESULTS

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Thank you to everyone that participated in our challenge this year! The following numbers are based on the TOTALS everyone reached throughout each month, including those who only checked in once or twice throughout the six months.
I will be making a separate post for the participants who reached their individual goals each month, since that's what the prizes from Paperweight Editorial ( @JayLee ) are based on (I believe). If you signed up to participate in a month during the challenge but did not check in with any word counts, you were not included on this list.

@airrica: 102,596 words
@Anthony Lockwood: 23,644 words
@C_M_Clark: 3,611 words
@CrabbyMaiden: 242,435 words
@dahj_the_bison: 15,000 words
@DaVinci: 199,861 words
@dragonhavn: 16,928 words
@EdelBeeRocker: 11,815 words
@Elena: 93,996 words
@EliBrightwood: 17,100 words
@Emskie-Wings: 278,259 words
@fenn: 15,603 words
@Fluffypoodel: 13,456 words
@jdvollans: 50,221 words
@Jedi Knight Muse: 74,599 words
@lorneytunes: 126,159 words
@Mynoris: 115,078 words
@Penguinball: 35,369 words
@Pinchofmagic: 96,372 words
@RKM: 9,767 words
@roadmagician: 12,901 words
@Rohierim: 51,729 words
@Sheepy-Pie: 24,581 words
@Storycollector: 13,890 words
@taintedhero: 1,055 words
@Tangwystle: 170,294 words
@tllbrinkley: 27,500 words
@TricksterShi: 105,421 words
@Tigtogiba34: 31,777 words
@TwistedRiver: 300 words
@Storycollector: 25,617 words
@Sam: 147,705 words
@M.N. Lanthier: 15,983 words
@ZillieR00: 15,008 words
Together we wrote 223,904 words in August!

Togethe, we wrote 3,798,319 words total from March 1st to August 31st
On average, we wrote 20,643
words per day from March 1st to August 31st

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