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Jedi Knight Muse

2019 Word Count Challenge Goals

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This post is for those participants who participated throughout the entire six months and passed their goals for those individual months.

20,361/20,000 words in July
@Anthony Lockwood
10,51/10,000 words in April
5,140/5,000 words in May
242,435/10,000 words in March
16,733/15,000 words in March
21,847/20,000 words in April
23,126/15,000 words in May
16,042/15,000 words in June
34,334/30,000 words in March
50,613/50,000 words in April
36,075/35,000 words in May
37,261/30,000 words in June
53,472/45,000 words in July
66,504/60,000 words in August
@Jedi Knight Muse
21,453/7,000 words in August
25,265/25,000 words in March
25,117/25,000 words in May
28,430/25,000 words in June
25,189/25,000 words in July
15,855/15,000 words in March
78,965/15000 words in June
16,981/15,000 words in March
5,000/5,000 words in May
43,362/40,000 in April
10,000/5,000 words in March
12,152/10,000 words in June
9,979/5,000 words in March
16,994/15,000 words in March
11,727/10,000 words in March
122,232/65,000 words in April
27,500/25000 words in March
22,000/20,000 words in July
7,165/5,000 words in August
37,889/25,000 words in June
57,358/45,000 words in July
52,458/40,000 in August

I think/hope I did this right! The information for prizes from Paperweight Editorial ( @JayLee ) can be found here. You can see the spreadsheet for the challenge here. If you think you should be on the list, please send me a PM. This was based on those who reached their goals that they signed up for during the challenge. It's possible that I missed someone!


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