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This is always a fun thread to read about. Tell us about your cast of characters!

Alana Crell - human, early twenties. Alana lives in Sarithia, a region where magic has been banned. She, herself, has magic that she only barely understands. When she sets out to find the fairies to try and save her sick older brother, she discovers that she’s being pursued by a dark fairy who wishes to use her to fulfill a prophecy and conquer all of the fae kingdoms. She is loyal, friendly, and a bit stubborn.
Derric/Ivar - fairy, over 300 years old. As Derric, he is a member of the summer court, and is assigned to help teach Alana and help her hone her magic. In reality, he is much more, and not without his secrets.
Harrow - half fairy, half human. Harrow is probably in his 40s or 50’s in human years, and is a sort of mercenary/rogue ranger of sorts, mainly living in the forest off of the land. He keeps things close to the vest, and has secrets of his own. He’s protective of Alana, who he sort of takes under his wing.
Kassel - fairy. Kassel is a fairy scout, trying to live up to the expectations not only of her family but especially the court.
Caulen Crell - human. Alana’s older brother.

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The New Queen:

Berry (real name Rowan): She was traded to a goblin as an infant so doesn't know her real name.  She gets adopted by Meldryth (after he kills the goblin) and taken to the court of the High Fae (Kind of like Tolkien elves but with more colors) where she grows up studying dance and becoming an entertainer until a respected oracle prophesies her at the center of the Major Threat for the series.  She has rather low self esteem growing up among the beautiful Fae and feels completely inadequate to her fate.

Meldryth: A Darkling Fae who fled his people when his liason with a priestess was discovered and she was executed while pregnant with their child.  He is a little out of his mind with grief and exhaustion when he finds Berry and the goblin trader.  Knowing he cannot take care of a human infant on his own, he wanders until finding the High Fae court where he asks for work and protection.  He becomes a spy for the court and Berry is given the protection of the King and Queen placing her in a unique position as most human infants and children are kept hidden away from the public.

Mystral: A High Fae captain in the royal guard is assigned to travel with Berry to the Sanguinari Kingdom (living vampires rule), and he is much more comfortable facing a serious threat than dealing with Berry's insecurities, but he does his best to handle both.  He's also conflicted because Berry is about 20, and quite attractive (not that he's a picky one), but to his sense of age, she's still very much a juvenile (High Fae aren't considered adults until 100).  In his mind, he feels a bit like a pedo, even though he's not.

Aella: A powerful curse breaker and a Sanguinari noble, Aella takes Berry into her home when she and her group arrive in the capital Blackstone, and begins making plans to use her in a scheme to take the Scarlet Throne.  She is sensual, provocative, and unrepentantly wicked.

Davyyd (Pronounce Duh-VEED): Davyyd is the current king of the Sanguinari, though only people outside the empire call him that.  Originally a human from the middle East of the Mortal Realm, he took the title Shah when he claimed the throne from his predecessor.  He takes a keen personal interest in Berry who reminds him of his recently departed human lover (who refused to be changed and died of fever).''


Phew, I could go on with a few more fairly major players, and important minor characters, but I'm going to stop here.

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I'll play. The cast of character for "Dragons Rising." These are True Names appearing below, and Tie and Diji respectfully request nobody try to conjure or summon by them. You aren't ready for that. 🙂


Det. Sgt. Tieras Fae Durhanae - Summer Prince of Faerie, brother to the Queen, and police detective. Has spent almost twenty years among humans and on the force in Black City, Arizona. Tries to resist the impulses of his nature as an elven Fae, but doesn't always succeed at it. Prone to moments of pride and vainglory that usually backfire on him. Intensely dislikes anybody asking for favors, because he doesn't want them indebted by magical binds to him. Special Investigations' primary expert and knowledge source about the Shaded World and something of a celebrity in the post-revelation world.

Dijiraeli Outore Maa-Saa-siir - Tieras' best friend, incubus, demon, bound by the sorcerer Damien Van Wallaver. Diji's moral compass is questionable but generally leans to the good. One of the Fallen but as he says he didn't leave Heaven so much as trot out singing "Give My Regards to Broadway." Under his human name of Mark Israel, works for the FBI in Counter-Terrorism out of Phoenix. Among other powers as a high-ish level demon, can induce total amnesia on himself when he wants, with a break condition set up. 'Tieras is doing/did/has done something stupid' is a typical one. Prefers men and male summoners, and has a long-standing attraction to Tieras. Despite innuendo, jokes, and wisecracks, he'd never actually make a real move. On Tieras, anyway.

Damien Van Wallaver - One of the richest men in Black City, Damien grew up under another name, that he'd prefer not to share for magical reasons, in a bad part of  Detroit running with gangs. Discovered the occult, magic and sorcery after trying to steal some Shaded World texts from a wealthy man's home. Through books and tomes, Damien learned to summon and bind more and more powerful beings. His current power access as a sorcerer comes from his years-long and immensely powerful bind on Dijiraeli, and a more recent one on Tieras to prevent a cartel boss from getting the binding in. His mansion just outside of town is a crash pad for the group more than he might like, but he's not going to turn away a powerful Fae royal like Tie. In keeping with a sorcerer's power being linked to study and knowledge, has a truly massive library all over the house of texts both magical and historical regards the Shaded World.

Det. Sgt. Esau Reynolds - Tieras' fellow detective in Special Investigations. Intensely dislikes and distrusts Fae, due partly to knowledge of their inhuman ways, and mostly due to his own captivity enthralled by a Winter Court Countess in Faerie. His girlfriend then, now his wife, Sarah had to summon up all her inborn power as a witch, and borrow the powers of two other older witches and borrow Dijiraeli from Damien to have enough power to fight and defeat the Countess in a magical duel to free Reynolds.

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