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Favorite Lines and Quotes

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Share your favorite lines and quotes that you've written during NaNo! Please only share 3-5 paragraphs at a time.

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My favorite exchange so far would have to be this:


The rangers came by every few days to check what people had put back in their storerooms for winter and give advice.  No one ever seemed to have enough of anything to satisfy the rangers.  It got to where anytime I saw Ranger Tremaine’s shadow ghosting up our path I groaned.

“You never have anything good to say,” I told him, but only when Mama was away dealing with blisters and a sprained foot.  “I don’t see how anyone’s gonna satisfy you.”

“Then you’ll just have to keep trying.”  He smiled that grin that made me want to throw something solid at his face.  “Better to push yourself now than to scramble for scraps when winter buries everything.”

Then he’d leave, ambling along and whistling like a sparrow.  I re-counted our storeroom and blew out a breath.  I knew he was right, but that didn’t mean I liked him or his smarmy personality any better.

“An ass is an ass for always,” I muttered and went to collect more wood.


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