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    In the hopes that Saturdays are a little freer for most people, Advent Saturdays will be for Flash Fic. Write a piece of flash fantasy fiction with a soft word limit of 500 words. (If you go a little over, that's fine, but the goal is to keep it short.) Your challenge response can be posted as a comment on this calendar event, or you may post it in the Library and tag it with "advent day 1" so that I can find it easily! The goal is to get it done December 1st, but late writing is better than no writing, so if you miss the deadline submit it anyway! This isn't a challenge we'll vote on, so there's no need for a hard deadline. Keep track of all the Advent challenges here! Your prompt is an AND/OR situation: "They say when you can't sleep at night, it's because someone is thinking about you." AND/OR
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    There’s a free map making software called Inkarnate. It has a really nice interface once you get used to it. Here’s a couple of examples of things I’ve made for it. With a free account, you can save up to 10 maps to the account, but you can make and save to your computer as many as you’d like.
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    Exactly. Alright then, I will spearhead this activity 🙂 As I said it will depend on how my healing is going, I will keep you all appraised.
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    The Tree and the Work is coming of age modern fantasy (or what's that term, magic realism?) where the protagonist, now in their late teens, must decide to put away childish belief in the magic tree that was their escape from a stressful childhood. They must join 'the real world' and get a boring office job at the company their mother works out of, and put away dreams of travel and settle for the soul crushing monotony of cubicle slavery. But along the way to their first day of work they find an acorn, shed by their childhood tree, and picking it up sets of a a whole series of adventures in motion, leading to them finding a balance between dreams and reality. My New Book Title Is: So Much Fun with the Alternate Universe
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    Okay continuing with my never ending gods, I've got Irhal, God of Laughter. He's what I classify as a 'wild god', one that doesn't have a dedicated following or temple, and that doesn't care for mortals the same way as the more grounded gods do. He still listens to prayers though, and may choose to respond at random. His realm of influence is laughter and joy. You can pray to him when you are sad or upset and he will fill you with joy and lift your mood. But he is a capricious god, and it is not unknown for him to trick a mortal, fill them with too MUCH joy. Such victims wander the street laughing until they sob, clutching bruised ribs and tears streak down a face twisted into a rictus of a smile. It may take hours or even days for Irhal's influence to fade. Sometimes he is kind and will fill your heart with a gentle, warm glow. This can be troublesome though too, it becomes difficult to find joy without the gods influence, and you might become addicted to praying to him. This amuses him, and he takes no steps to avoid trapping you.
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    Sometimes I think I'm actually the least observant person on the planet!
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    It is wonderful to meet you all! I'm a 27-year-old transwoman. I write short fiction, poetry, novel attempts, and theatre/parlor LARPs (the latter of which has been my most successful work so far). I am in the long-term process of developing a cross-medium literary fantasy dragon setting with absolutely no humans and elegant, thoughtful, decidedly unhumanlike and unsteedlike dragons. Currently, what exists of this is limited to a seven-player LARP that has run successfully several times and about 8,000 words or so of a novel that I will be making my main project going into this forum for some support and to immerse myself deeper into the fantasy writing community. I'm also a musician (I say as if this weren't my main thing, which it is), under the names Zovi and E. Mezuxie, among others. the E. Mezuxie work might be of interest because it is abstract ambient electronic (a good sort of music for writing while listening) and because it has prose attached. You can find the album I released last year with its prose in the description here. If you would rather check out my crazy experimental industrial music, here is a link for that: https://soundcloud.com/zovi And of course, I'm excited to see what the other writers here are doing as well! I'm hoping particularly to find more writers of literary fantasy and perhaps also cosmic horror in fantasy settings.
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    I've played around with Inkarnate before! I don't really "get it" (I haven't been able to come up with anything even close to yours 😮 plus I've never been very good at geographic stuff, so I'm just not good at it, period ) but one of the things that's made me really not want to play around with it too much is that they claim copyright (maybe not "copyright" - I don't remember the exact wording they use) over whatever you make with it unless you buy the license. So just be aware of that, 'cause it means that you can't publish the maps you make with it without having the license or whatever. But it's definitely fun to play around with just to get an idea!
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    Yep, I know that feeling well, haha. I got some nice photos of my cat this past spring but she wasn't happy with me for sticking the camera in her face and trying to make her pose. 😛
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    Me! Me! Me! Love that idea. As I said elsewhere, I have looked into the writing excuses podcast sometime a year ago, but stopped somewhere in season 2 (for whatever reason, I can't remember, probably RL). Especially for December with the holidays, I'd suggest a really short word count - I'd go for 500 words for December. In general, I'd suggest 1000 words or maybe 1500 as the limit, to make sure we all manage to give feedback to each other and still have enough time for our own WIP's. Since I find wordcount hard to grasp, I like thinking in pages. One page of writing is ~250-300 words for me, a little less if there's a lot of dialogue. 1500 words would be ~5 pages by that calculation, x5 because of the number of members - everyone would give feedback on ~25 pages of writing each month then. What do you think about that - doable, or too much? On that note: Do you plan that everyone gets feedback from all 5 other members of the group? Or would there be some sort of pairing, i.e. member1 gives feedback to member2, member2 gives feedback to member3, ... , member6 gives feedback to member1? If the latter is the case, the wordcount limit could be higher, but personally I prefer getting input from several members and a shorter wordcount.
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    We need a club making club. 😛
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    All those sound great to me! I would joined a book club depending on the book, and a Writing Excuses group sounds great to me. I listened to a lot of the podcasts but didn't actually do the homework. They say to start at Season 10, they go from developing new ideas to different aspects of writing, super useful. I also like superhero fiction. I'm not up on comic books (there is just SO MUCH universe out there), so most of my exposure is movies and pop culture, but I like the powers and the tropes!
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    This sounds cool. I like the idea of dragons who aren't overly anthropomorphic. Are they more like wild animals in your world? EDIT: NM, I read the other replies and see your dragons are more supernatural or otherworldly, My bad.
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    Welcome, Zovi! It's so cool that you make music as well as writing and LARP - so many creative realms to play in! I'm looking forward to hearing your music. You're also clearly very passionate about your work and about dragons. I love seeing that. I hope we're able to help you reach your writing goals!
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    Hi, @Zovi, and welcome to the forum! For some reason the way you described your setting immediately made me think of the old Spyro the dragon Playstation games that I looooved playing, mainly because of the dragon caves and such that you described. XD If you have any questions, please let us know! We look forward to getting to know you!
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    The Time Of Day For Forever is a time loop story where someone is caught inside a single day that they have to live over and over again. The trick is that they can't be free from this time loop until they make choices that will set the right people on the right path to create a cascade effect that will end up with someone actually time travelling further back in time to stop the person from being caught in the loop in the first place. (Don't ask me how this works; time travel confuses the heck out of me!) My New Book Title is: The Killer of the Blue Crossing
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    Another fan of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles! Two books in and I adore it ❤️ Definitely adding Seraphina to my reading list!!! The lack of humans is really interesting! To be honest, I’ve concerned doing something similar with my series—cutting out humans and making the races entirely different types of elves. (My other favorite fantasy race…) Also, I understand what you mean about dragon riding! For me, it’s only okay if they are a) an animal race with no conscious thought, or b) there’s a bond of respect/partnership between them and their rider, as in the case of the Inheritance Cycle and—if I remember right—Pern.
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    "She's seafaring," the captain promised before he brought the siblings on board. This in response to the skeptical expression Samael wore as his stare swept the ship from bow to stern. But beggars couldn't be choosers, and they could afford none of the other ships at anchor. Samael's uncertainty was soft and tremulous, but his fear for Tabitha was bright and sharp and his determination was as unyielding as granite. Now she feels his frustration and terror, amplified through the squeeze of his hand around hers, and nausea as the ship swells and rolls beneath them. But Samael's presence is swallowed by the feel of the ship buckling in the grip of the storm that rages. She is the ship, every straining board, the rigging whipping against the deck and the mast, even the crew — most of them hunkered down against the wind, but a few still fighting for control against the indifferent destructive force of the storm. Trying to hold it all together is a hundred times harder than trying to remain curled tightly around herself against the prying, pulling hands of the wardens who strapped her down for her treatments before Samael freed her. She could never do it. They were too strong. And the storm is beyond the strength of mere men. But she must, she must — alone, the ship would have been torn apart already, all thirty-three souls on board lost to the sea. Together they are stronger. Maybe they can accomplish together what Tabitha was too weak to do alone. She holds on. The wind howls and the water chops and crashes, stealing away the voices of the crew — drowning out Samael's broken murmuring of "Bitty, Bitty… Tabitha… It's okay" as his fingers tense in her hair — but Tabitha hears it all as if it is spoken in her own voice. Eventually the storm eases, and Tabitha leaks back into her body to find herself diminished. She fights for breath against a chest that is suddenly heavy. Her muscles are liquid, her skin at once cold and hot, and chills set her to shaking that aches in her bones. She slits her eyes toward Samael and tries his name, but her throat squeezes it into a moan. "Bitty," Samael murmurs, his dark eyes flicking over her face. "Where did you go?" She doesn't need to answer. She senses his understanding — a soft feeling under the pang of despair. I was the ship, she wants to say. We were strong. But that strength has gone. His fingers thread through her hair. "I wanted to keep you safe. I thought I could — I thought this was the way." Her eyes slip closed, but she fights for a smile. She manages a bare whisper. "S'okay." She may yet survive this; she's not sure. But if not, better to die free, having felt the strength to withstand a storm, than in captivity.
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    So Much Fun with the Alternate Universe is a coming of age story in which the protagonist, after a lifetime of living an ordinary life and wishing for extraordinary adventure, discovers a portal to an Alternate Universe. There, they come face to face with their alternate self, who wishes for an ordinary life. Together, they hatch a plan to trade places, which starts both of them on a journey to learn how to find fulfillment within themselves. My New Book Title is: The Time Of Day For Forever.
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    I understand what you mean. I gravitate toward smaller communities because you can feel lost in the shuffle in big ones. It's interesting as "staff" of a website because it means I don't really want it to get too big. And I think we all know what it feels like to get to a thread late and feel like everything has been said already. But I think people in general like hearing confirmation of their thoughts and feelings, and people reflecting off of them and sharing how they identify and differ. You might not engage every person who has posted on a thread before you, but that doesn't mean it's not worth posting your thoughts!
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    I like the first two options (December writing challenge and advent calendar).
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    I think I fixed the permissions thing, so you should be able to see everything that you're supposed to now. And yeah, the only thing in the library right now is that short story ('cause I haven't posted anything into it yet other than for screenshot purposes), so that's fine. I just don't know how to fix the code thing 'cause I had the same issue.
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    This is one reason that it's good to have reaction emoji things. People can see that their posts are read and appreciated by others, even those who are shy or feel that everything has been said. 🙂 Online I'm not really shy at all, but I can be easily intimidated in person. I just hope that you'll feel comfortable enough to post when you really want to. And if it's a short post, I don't think anyone here will be upset.
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    When I was in high school, back before the Pirates of the Caribbean films made pirates a mainstream kind of cool, I went through a big pirate phase and wrote a novel about a female captain in a semi-futuristic setting who had a chaos-sewing crew of miscreants from every corner of the world. They liked wrecking stuff, had a connection to a sperm whale that was at least a magical guide and at most an ancient sea god, and they answered, as a dozen other ships did, to one pirate "king" who lived in the Canary Islands. I don't even think I have a copy of my original draft anymore, but I'd be really into rewriting it one day.
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    I was literally just thinking about this last night with regards to Star Wars, particularly the end of Revenge of the Sith. I guess I'll put a spoiler tag...? So apparently that's how I'd rewrite Star Wars.