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    Sometimes I think I'm actually the least observant person on the planet!
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    Agree could be a simple thumbs-up sign, or a tick perhaps. As for the original topic, I still don't know how reputation is gained. Kherezae has +43 at the time of writing this. Mynoris has +16. Do we need to do a certain amount of posts to get +1 reputation? Or do we have to have people liking our posts? I remain an enigma without reputation. Perhaps I should endeavour to stay that way.
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    ~ Echo thought. How did she know? Did she know? Was she qualified to answer this question? Images swam up behind her eyes, of Ixawod and others, and to her dismay she found herself well-enough disposed towards them, but nothing that would prompt the words in love. She thought of Kenny the Swarhelian and her stomach did a curious movement, a little flip that she didn't have a word for. "I should imagine it's a bit like being hungry," she said at length, picking a runaway strand on her town dress, "but for people instead of food." On the wall behind her was scrawled another question. She wasn't going to answer it. Someone else would have to bear that honour. It read: what is the most embarrassing thing you have done? ~
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    Hm, I don't have the option in my profile, but I'm supposed to. I put in a support ticket with IPS. I'm guessing it might be that it's an error with accounts imported from SMF, since our Staff account can post status updates from its profile, but that's a very small sample size so I'm not sure :p We'll see!
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    I think its in your own profile, I saw someone else update theirs in the activity stream
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    People say magic destroys your ability to love. Not for everyone, maybe, but certainly for most. It's common enough a belief that magic has become exceedingly rare and stigmatized, and it is true enough that all known sorcerers today are at best... questionably moral. The truth is that magic simultaneously strengthens and weakens the bonds between the practitioner and other people. They become more aware of others, gain a sense of others' thoughts and feelings, but it's hard to filter. They get all the good and bad from everyone, and it takes a very rare person to filter through it all and come out with a healthy and positive outlook on humanity. It gets hard to be around people, because their every thought and feeling about you seems magnified, and you feel invaded. People most typically become hermit types, and cynical. Sometimes they get it in their head that they can do what's best for humanity by wiping out the worst of the worst. But in general, mages go... if not bad, then at least wrong. And yes, it makes love difficult for them, and sometimes impossible.
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    It's not really an idea, but the description makes me think of Once Upon a Time, how it's often repeated that true love is the most powerful kind of magic, and is much coveted by the characters.
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    This is a map I made for an alternate-history novel I’ve been working on over the past month, which has ancient Egyptians colonizing the coast of Greece around 1900 BC, during the Bronze Age. The story itself takes place in 1600 BC, after the Canaanite Hyksos seize control of northern Egypt and therefore cut it off from its colony in Greece. Thus isolated, the colonists face the threat of brutal subjugation at the hands of the burgeoning Greek power of Mycenae… Originally the Egyptian colony was going to be named Dedenu (after a Greek city named Dodona), but I decided to change it to Per-Pehu since I wanted the name to use actual vocabulary from the ancient Egyptian language. The name Per-Pehu should translate to “House of the North”.
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    I think a confused face would be everyone's default reaction to me! 🙃 So I guess I'm destined to maintain my neutral reputation! And where do I find these confused faces? Or other reactions?