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    There's literally nothing on the forum that you have to pay for in order to access it. There are features that are optional that can be paid for via donations, but those are separate from any of the other features that we currently have. We would never add a feature and be like "oops, you can't use this unless you subscribe!" or something. If we add any features that have to be paid for by donation, it'll be because people were awesome enough to put the money towards it so that everyone can enjoy and use it and not only certain people who choose to donate.
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    I think there's a question of the day hiding in that sentence somewhere. 😛
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    Gotta subvert the tropes 😛 like I have a couple which dont go through the "do they dont they, will they wont they" stage so much, and I jump straight into them being FWB. There isn't much sexual tension, it's more romantic tension. I think I have a few more tropes I try to subvert too
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    It's not so bad because her aunt will be the one acting as her guardian and she's level headed. She'll take Caidi somewhere where people don't know who she really is so she won't have that pressure 🙂
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    Philos, a rural shepherd who is one of my supporting characters, has a father named Erastos who used to be the king of Mycenae. However, Erastos got dethroned in a coup organized by his younger brother Scylax (the villain of the novel) and ended up retreating into the countryside, where he married a local woman and had Philos. What my protagonist Itaweret has to do is pressure Philos to reclaim his father's throne from Scylax.
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    So my faeries work a bit like ants, they work as a group and they dont really go outside their norm. They can't go out of their forest either, and thanks to my antag years ago, their numbers have dwindled. And so Adesi wants to right things by creating a child who can live away from the forest, who has faerie magic and human/demon type magic, and from there she can either cause chaos or help the faeries. She could help them get out of the forest and wreck the demons as revenge for destroying their numbers. However her creating this chimera child causes so many issues for the demons and humans which have had a relative peaceful time, it hasnt been as bad as it has in the past, and most demons want to keep it that way. They just want a space to live and food to eat (it just happens that some of that is human...) Sevastyan, my antag, says fuck off to all that. He wants to be the strongest so he can have some weird control. This chimera child could be stronger than him if genetics turns out well. Adesi picks a demon with fire magic so the child will have faerie abilities, plus demon strength, and fire magic. She could be the cause of a war, easily. A bit of a prophecy child, but I'm flipping the trope. She will be born, but she's not as special as everyone is scared of. At least not right now. I don't know what her future holds.
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    1. 😮 Adesi is actually a faerie who is hiding among the humans in search of the right person to have a baby with so she can make a strong chimera child 😮 (she gets suckered into human culture and likes it too) When people find out there is a lot of 😮 but I semi skipped the finding out during nano so I dont know for sure what is going on 2. 😮 Jascha "accidentally killed a princess" ... or that's his version. What really happened was the princess he was being a bodyguard for let go of him when he was rushing her and her sisters out, and so she didn't end up going through the portal. And so by the time he got back she had been attacked and killed. And so now he blames himself even though really it's not his fault. When Sarett finds out, she is shocked (especially as he has kept it secret for many many years) and she knows he tried his best so doesn't blame him. And from there she'll try and help him heal from it.
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    Fun anecdote about me being confused due to member titles: For a couple of days I assumed "Mistress of Death" was a new member who recently joined. I got suspicious when she said she had the second highest amount of content on the site in the reputation thread 😝
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    DISASTER. Mailyra has some skeletons in her closet, she killed a priest by mistake years ago and various people have been using that to manipulate her ever since. Currently she is being blackmailed to help the heist team she is on fail, and when the heist team finds out she is betraying them (willingly or not), it will cause them to fail at a critical juncture and lead to everyone getting captured. In the end though she decides to betray her blackmailers and deal with the consequences of the accidental murder in order to save the heist team.
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    Here are my answers for Court of Shadows: "Derric"/Ivar - Here's the funny thing about "Derric"'s secret: even he isn't fully aware of it, not until the last half of the story when he starts to slowly piece things together and realize that his memories have been messed with. So at first he's basically bombarded with a bunch of memories that come whirling back to him and he's like all RAWR ANGRY REVENGE (except not really). So then when Alana finds out, she feels kind of betrayed (even more so than she already has because at this point she's already aware that he's been spying for the dark fairy queen), but she kind of slowly accepts it because she knows it wasn't really his fault, and everything starts to dad up. When Harrow finds out, he actually puts the missing pieces together pretty quickly, because he has a magical attachment to the royal family (aka Ivar) due to being a former bodyguard for them, and he's like "OMG THE PRINCE IS ALIIIIIVE!" 😛 And here are my answers for Storms of Magic: Arris loves Queen Cressida. It's a secret that he keeps deep down, 'cause he knows it's never going to happen due to her 1. being engaged (it's a forced engagement, though, basically) 2. being queen and his not (knowingly) being of noble blood. But his best friend, Merek, knows Arris well because, well, they're best friends. He is probably going to end up smacking Arris on the head for being a dummy when it comes to this. I haven't figured out if anything else is going to happen regarding this (i.e. the guy she's being forced into marrying finding out), though.
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    I'm feeling the same way, every time I create an article I can think of three more I could create to link to it and its like >_< So much work. But it will be useful in the end. Maybe I can avoid writing myself into a continuity error by figuring out who is who and what is where before writing.
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    I made it so that you have to make 15 posts on the forum, just to see if that was actually the right setting, so that would be why- you have to make like 14 more posts before you'll be able to see it. XD
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    Wah good work! I totally missed that, thanks!
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    Okay, so it sounds like I found the right setting. XD It was set to 500 (posts) by default, but I lowered it to like...15. XD
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    ...okay, so I went in and I found what I THINK might have been the correct setting? Go ahead and go to edit your profile and see if you can do it now.
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    Carrigan's eyes light up immediately. The chair he's been swinging on wobbles dangerously beneath him as he rights it, its thin legs cracking as they violently reconnect with the flagstone floor below. He gives no sign of noticing his narrowly avoided fall, instead choosing to sweep a swath of unruly ginger hair back out of his face. "There's something beautiful about it, is there not?" He leans forward in his chair until his elbows are resting loosely on his knees. "When you're out on the water, you're truly at the mercy of the ocean. You can feel the absolute raw power beneath you, and you know that at any moment, the wind could turn and you could be swept off course completely-" Carrigan stops for a moment, his eyes focused on a distant point across the room. He gives his head a quick shake, clambering to his feet with a light chuckle. "I'm not selling it particularly well, am I? I suppose what I'm trying to say is that there's a simplicity to being at sea that I miss dearly. When you're out on the waves, there's nothing to do but trust in your skills and give the water the respect it deserves. There's something quite freeing in that, no?" He waves his hand in dismissal. "Bleh- excuse my ramblings, where were we? Ah, of course. What is your strongest childhood memory?"
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    ~ Hammerstyle rolls forward on the seat of his chair, crackling the wicker like autumn flames on a cold night. A deep rumble emits from deep within him, as though he is part man, part ghastly mechanical contrivance, just starting up and readying to set about some awful purpose. A specter of a dying smile plays about his jawline before vanishing entirely. "I don't," he says in a low tremor, "talk about my family." There's a pause. Then, abruptly, he sits back and his countenance changes, his searching eyes blue and friendly. Such is the switch that one could believe the previous comment never happened. "My friends are my family," he says breezily. "And as you saw last night, they are many and - " But once more his voice drops back to its trouser-flapping register " - they are very, very much-loved." His hands link together, forming up into ranks of cavalry. "Now," he says. One broad finger points. "What would be your dream vacation?" ~
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    "Oh that's easy," Jascha said casually taking a step off the roof, plummeting downwards. As he fell, he asked. "How do you know if you are in love?"
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    Yep, the Member Title is there now. It definitely wasn't before. A lot of trouble to go to for a line of text which tells people nothing of importance. But that's typical of me. Can I get another confused face?
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    Hmmm ... I seem to have gained a positive reputation, despite my resolution to remain neutral. Thanks for the positivity. I saw the grey heart symbol before but I thought since it was grey, it might be one of those unavailable features that you have to upgrade to a paid version to access. Therefore I never explored it.
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    I think a confused face would be everyone's default reaction to me! 🙃 So I guess I'm destined to maintain my neutral reputation! And where do I find these confused faces? Or other reactions?