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    It's a common stereotype that goes hand in hand with Eurocentric beauty standards. I've heard it endorsed by racist assholes way too many times in my life. But that may be a discussion for another thread.
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    I've noticed that in your writing! I like the way your male and female characters are multi-faceted and the women are often very strong, but not in that went-too-far sort of way that has become common where you're trying so hard to make a Strong Female Character (tm) that she's not allowed to be feminine, or alternatively she's still hyper-sexualized and her strength is surface level only.
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    Well, the one that springs immediately to mind is the subversion of the Death God/Goddess trope of being a dark, pale, spooky, grim/glum person. Instead she's a brash, emotional person with red hair, green eyes, and a full figure. I didn't do this because I thought the trope was bad. I liked the dark/grim/mysterious deities of Death. But I just wanted to see what a world would be like without one.
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    Both 'Tears and Roses' and 'Monster Redefined' are vampire stories. 'Tears and Roses' (which I'm not sure would be the final title) is about a girl who goes to the grave of her friend regularly. She's attacked by a vampire there, and rescued by a 'mysterious' stranger, who ends up being her friend, risen as a vampire. 'Monster Redefined' is about a slave owning vampire who ends up with two female slaves that know what he is, and it's about how he deals with them. The title stems from the fact that he, as the vampire, is not the most 'monstrous' character in the story, even though he's the only one openly called a monster.
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    I like titles, titles are my least favourite part of the naming process. Tears and Roses jumps out at me. Thinking some kind of tragic Sleeping Beauty or Snow White retelling (jf someone wants to try that as a prompt, go for it!) Monster Redefined could be a YA novel about a girl learning to be a monster of some kind while dealing with a typical teenage life, and finding her own true self.
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    Cool titles! And plenty of them! You've been a very busy butterfly indeed! Out of that list, those that spring off the page at me are: Beyond the Window Darkness of Light Monster Redefined Raised by Death Secrets in Ashes By way of exchange, these are mine: Already published: The Maker Mind Games Neurotic Mothers' Battleship The Virian Fellowship The Sunshine Acolyte Malachi's Law The Crystal and the Nethiyaan Carrying A Torch Still in progress are: The Window Man The Halloriyaan The Unborn Child Probyt's Progress Chimera Obscura And finally, those in the planning stages, not yet written: The Donovan Destiny The Forbidden Sorceress