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    Oh that sounds great cause she might have that fall from grace moment of realisation and that can be fun 😄 And yes 😛 she bites, MMC had a little bruise on his ass for a few days to prove it. She uh... knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to do or say it. I mean she is also a shapeshifter and loves turning into a cat too, so that probably doesn't help 😛
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    Even though I want to know everything, the more I write down for worldbuilding the more I come to believe that 'less is more'. I really only need to know details for the things touched on in the story, everything else could potentially bog down the story. That being said, because I start writing in a constructed world I want to know a few basics, more for consistency so I don't write myself into a corner. I want to know the name and location of the major countries and maybe a few details about them that make them stand out from the others, like the gods they worship or unique cultural practices. I want to know how travel works in this world, which usually means knowing which country is allied with whom, and where the dangerous parts of the world are. The biggest part of worldbuilding for me, and the part I've struggled with the MOST in this world is the magic system. Does it make sense, is it complete enough, does it have realistic limitations. Does it fit in with the rest of the world? I've changed it many times since starting in 2015 (!!!) but I'm finally at a point where I'm comfortable and can work this magic into stories without risking gaping plotholes for myself to edit later. And that is really the crux of it. What do you need to know to avoid plotholes? Write that down first. Anything else you come across you can add to your worldbuilding files as you go, like flora and fauna they encounter, or that festival you just made up to give them a reason to dress fancy for a night 🙂
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    Thank you! I'm glad it helps. It's still a challenge for me, but I think it works for this project. I think I'll be alternating POV chaps between them when I reach the third installment, by then I don't think it will be necessary to devote whole books to one or the other.
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    Haha, thank you. Like I said, hardly any of them have anything for actual information in them yet, so don't be too awed by it. 😛 Hopefully I can fill more and more in soon. The dragons don't (currently, at least...not in the draft I have right now, but that could change since it's not actually finished) have any roles in the story itself, but they exist and they're at least somewhat important, I think. I'm still playing with them. I wrote 25k words for NaNo in 2018 before I ended up second guessing what I had outlined for the last half of it and gave up on NaNo. So I need to work on figuring out the last half, and...well, the next step would be for me to try to continue from where I left off and finish it. I printed the draft out and have been going through and editing and making notes. Buuut I have a main project that takes place in the same world but at the same time that I've been working on for a few years, and I really need to get back to focusing on that (it's been...several months since I really focused on it. The downside is that I'm in editing mode for that, too, and I think it's more of a mess than Court of Shadows is, and there's a lot of stuff that has to be rewritten which is...not something I'm looking forward to doing right now. Especially because I haven't been in those characters' heads in a long time now, so I'm kind of struggling with that), so theoretically my plan is to make edits/notes, probably let one or two people alpha read it (just so I get a general idea of whether I'm taking it in a good direction, if there's anything I'm overlooking, maybe some brainstorming for that last half of the book that I was second guessing), but otherwise focus on the main project I mentioned. Maybe. Theoretically. 😛 The other thing I'm planning on doing, most likely, is for the April session of camp I plan on writing what would be a standalone prequel to Court of Shadows. My NaNo novel info for Court of Shadows is here on the NaNo site, if you wanna read the badly written summary and the super rough excerpt from it. I'm the same way, I think. I haven't bothered with figuring out the kind of food they eat or things like that ahead of time - I like world building as I go, for the most part, though I also try to do at least some of it outside of the actual writing, as you can see by my massive list in Scrivener, lol. I think one of the reasons this works better for me is because otherwise I tend to overthink it if I try to do all of the world building ahead of time, and I potentially never write the story. This way it's more fun because sometimes I surprise myself with the world building I do as I write the story.
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    Glad I could help! 😄 As for my MCs... I tend to write a female most of the time, in my novel I have 2 male MCs and potentially a third if I keep my Antag in as a POV. For primary and secondary characters it's actually at 6 of male and female atm. My female MC can more than enough carry herself though, she kicks ass quite literally 😛 (and bites the other MCs from time to time >.> )
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    I love this! To pick the personality who can filter the world in a way you need, that is great advice. And it reminded me how a POV personality affects the feel of the whole story so much. It was also really interesting to hear how the switch influenced your view of other characters in such a refreshing way. Very cool. When I had two POV's in previous stories, I picked the more driven one to head the more action-filled chapters, and as for slower chapters I picked the one who had the more entertaining way of looking at life and normal stuff. I think that's why I'm struggling now, I got into that habit, so I can't choose. But you gave me a lot of good stuff to think about and I'll keep to my one POV-plan. Thank you so much for sharing, and for the great insights! The best of luck with your book series. :)