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    Yup! I wrote a writing challenge submission here on Worldsmyths back during the summer of the first year (so 2016), and in that, there was a totally different main character and my characters Arris and Merek were secondary. I wrote another writing challenge submission and this time I wrote it with Merek and Arris as the main characters, because I was drawn way more to them. I ended up liking it so much that I expanded on their story and that's how I got Storms of Magic.
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    I've switched, though I only got 6 chapters in before I ditched the project. The character I thought was going to be the MC kept coming off as having a wet dishrag of a personality, while her 'backup' MC was full of spunk and was really easy and exciting to write. I'm planning on getting to know her better, and going back to write more later, once I've got this thing plotted. Because that was another issue with it, I was trying to pants so the character voices were totally lost.
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    This had never happened to me. In my published novels, they were in first person, and... the main character was the narrator. So, it was a good choice. In the short stories/ novella/ the two novels I am still working at, the point of view is third omniscient, so... the narrator tells the whole story, highlighting the needed characters.
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    Lol, I was totally channeling Indiana Jones when I wrote that part, so thank you for that! XD Thank you! 😄 It looks like I'm probably going to be focusing on it instead of my main project, because it seems to be speaking to me more than my main project is, and I don't want to force myself to work on the main project if it's just going to feel more like a chore, so...I'm fairly certain that's what I'm doing. XD
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    O, that sounds like a great twist. I definitely feel the being influenced-part, I think my first witch story was based too much on Eva Ibbotson's Which Witch? But hey, that's how we learn. :) I reckon the M/M romance in that plot has some brilliant potential though. I really hope you get to the point where you can't resist it any longer. I'd love to read that.
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    My biggest subversion I can think of atm is that my Mentor trope character is the young one, and the one she is mentoring is actually centuries old 😛 I like subverting tropes but I dont think I specifically choose to so often, it just happens.
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    I like the sound of that, witches in general are just fantastic and fun to play with, there are so many tropes for them, both with them being good and bad. Rereading old notebooks, I found a short story subverting the 'prince rescuing a princess from a dragon trope', where two princes go to rescue the same princess, who is actually quite happy where she is, and the princes end up teaming up to figure things out. In hindsight this story is REALLY influences by the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Wrede, and it actually quite derivative, but to be fair, I did write it when I was like 16 so... Its still a fun idea to play with. If I ever rewrote it I would probably make it a M/M romance but that's pretty low on the backburner as far as ideas go.
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    I think I know what you mean by this, since its my overall multi-year goal as well. I'm calling it my 'writing journey'. 2015-2017 was mostly NaNoWriMo and note-taking, but that proved to myself I could develop ideas. 2018 I wrote short stories outside of NaNo and proved to myself I can write a semi coherent first draft. 2019 is the next step, polishing and editing stories and improving my handle on the writing craft. 2020 will probably be focused on speeding up the writing process, but we'll see what happens by this time next year.
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    Happy New Year! Very inspirational goals everyone - I hope you experience a lot of joy and success in your endeavours to meet those goals! 2019 Writing Goals Become a writer This may sound like a strange goal - I mean what exactly qualifies one as a writer? I'm going to start with the idea that a writer is someone who writes and it's an integral part of who they are. However, this goal is linked to a book my partner recently read on habits (called Atomic Habits for anyone who's interested) and one of the key messages was that if we want to change a habit or set a goal (e.g. write more, get a certain job, lose weight, quit smoking, etc.), it helps to think of that thing as a part of who you are (e.g. become a writer, become a person who does that particular job, become a healthier person, become a non-smoker). That's probably not the best way of explaining it, but basically we respond better if we think about it as a part of us (for example, apparently we're more likely to succeed if we think about it as becoming a healthier person versus I want to lose 20 kg). Obviously you still need to have sub-goals to help with the practical aspect of meeting your overall goal (e.g. identifying small changes in habits that will help you reach that bigger goal). I've yet to identify my sub-goals for my goal of becoming a writer. I'm hesitant about setting a particular frequency for writing sessions, but I think that's the best way. Maybe something like write once a week (any day, whatever length of time) and then maybe increase that. I think a key part of this goal is also to start submitting things, but before I can do that, I think it would be super important to start participating in the review of other work. I'm guilty of not really reading other work posted here so this year I want to play more of an active role and starting commenting on other people's work. I think it'll help me with my writing as well, plus I'm hoping it'll generate some goodwill so that if I ever post anything it might get a comment or two or I might even find a writing buddy. 2019 Life Goals Specific gym goals in terms of weights and reps and stuff (won't bore anyone with those) Set up a schedule for re-acquainting myself with some (or all?) of the languages I studied in school/university Do well in my new job (which starts on Monday - eeee)
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    That sounds really interesting, I love it! I also really like characters who feel they caused deaths. Guilt; it's the most delicious thing ever in a story. Like butter. Good luck with your story! So, to the question: My main characters usually don't kill, and I always feel super-awkward if they have to. I do have a close secondary character killer, an army assassin who murdered two fellow soldiers to save my two MCs from being hanged for slandering the new prince. He has a hard time quitting his old ways, and his suggestions to serious problems are usually a swift knife to the throat. But he's a swell guy though. Loves animals and just wanna settle down in a cosy cottage in a nice village. He got what he wanted in the end. I'm nice like that.
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    Twisting tropes makes me chuckle a lot, so I do it consciously. It's a fun game of what-ifs. What if the princesses ditched the castle (and the arranged marriages) and went out to turn their passions into professions? What if the mentor really is a charlatan who knows absolutely nothing, and are just playing the long con? What if the big strong man has arthritis, hiding that fact, and if anyone dares challenge him he has to find other ways to solve the conflict? What if the time traveller made an enemy at the Time Travelling Council and is sent to the most boring places in history? There are just so many tropes to play around with, on so many different levels, in big ways, small ways... The subversion can be a great source of conflict in the story, so I really like them. I do enjoy the traditional tropes too and making them special in other ways. I have a "subverting fantasy tropes"-list of ideas/prompts that I add to now and then. Just reading it kickstart ideas for me when I'm feeling less creative, so it's useful. My current WIP deals with witches who are not all that dark or free-spirited, more like a group of harsh school-teachers. Their coven is like the old 1940's WI (women's institute)- kind of organisation (they play bingo, want their tea served on time, make jam, play golf) but with less interest in helping the less fortunate. Their magic is mostly used for financial gain and protecting assets.
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    My MC's haven't killed anyone yet. Though they definitely will once they hit book 3. They certainly feel as if they've caused certain deaths. In book one there is a monster attack that Taz sensed was coming, but being only 10yrs old she didn't realize what she was feeling and she was so afraid she forced the magic she shares with Fred to hide them both rather than fight back as Fred wants to once the attack is underway. They end up burying a lot of people after that and it weighs on both of them. They...technically kill their main enemy at the end of book 2, but not really? They bury him alive and he gets stuck between this world and the next. He definitely deserves it so I'm gonna enjoy writing that part. 🙃
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    @Burnstein Check out a book called Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. It sounds right up your alley 🙂 and it's one of my favourite books! Now, where do I even start with this?! Seriously?! My MCs often kill people for all sorts of reasons, food, survival, by accident, because they are the goddess of Death 😛 It's a huge theme which hangs around me, I can kill any character off, I'm not afraid to, I'm as murderous as my own characters 😮 In my novel Sarett must kill demons or be killed herself essentially, the demons kill humans for food. It's rarely a human vs human thing with me, although one short story MC sort of killed another by leaving their consciousness in a void. She had killed other men before that though, all for her own gain as she was building an army. Only one character kills more senseless and that's my antag of my novel, he's a grade A twat. He does have reasons though, I dont have any characters who kill for no reason. And of course all my characters feel different ways about taking another life, the demons see it more as normal and gathering food - so more way of lifey. One MC accidentally caused a death (which isnt so true, it was more her fault than his) and it's stuck with him forever, so much that he is very careful and gets panicky at people close to him dying. He keeps all of this under this cool layer of jokey fun to hide it from everyone.
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    Happy New Year everyone!! 😄 2019 Writing Goals Finish Metanoia and Sapphire Dreaming's drafts, and start editing before the end of the year. May do one of the NaNo Camps to do this... Finish a short story or two. (And keep them under 15k.) Maybe make a short story compilation? Enter a writing contest! Come up with a semi-realistic writing schedule. I know I can't write every day, but I'd like to start writing somewhat regularly. 2019 Life Goals Actually finish my Goodreads reading challenge. (The last couple of years, my goal has been 52 books, but I usually get around 30. Still decent! But I can do better 😉) Finish all the unread books sitting in my room. Figure out what's causing my fatigue and start to manage it properly. Ace my spring classes, without constantly submitting everything at the last minute. Get my license. (I absolutely hate being behind the wheel, but also I hate being almost 21 and not having my license!!) Get back into playing Dungeons and Dragons. (I don't really see this happening because the internet is so bad around here, but it's something I'd like to do, so I'm adding it anyway!) I think that covers everything?
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    Happy New Year, Worldsmythians! My goals for 2019 would be to: - Finish editing "Coins and Curses" and submitting it, hopefully within a month or two. I'm trying to edit two chapters a day. - Revise my plot a bit and write missing chapters for "Being Green", my WIP witch story. Edit and submit, hopefully before the fall. - Looking for a plot for my Dystopian Fantasy and write that. - Stop worrying so much about everything. Writing goals are the only resolutions I make honestly these days, because I tend to keep them. Any others... Well, I usually break them, and I don't need that kind of negativity in my life, lol! It was fun to read about everyone else's resolutions, and I hope you all get there this year. :)
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    My next goal for my writing journey is to get better at editing and polishing. I've proven to myself in 2018 that I can complete first drafts of projects, it is time to move beyond that. Overall goals: Write more than I did last year. I re-tallied everything and wrote ~134k words last year, so 150k words would be a nice round goal (that includes notes and outlines as well as prose) Publish something and get paid for it More specific goals Write a novel outside of NaNoWriMo Edit all the short stories in my to do list Edit The Star Mirror and polish it up for beta reading Make nice thorough outline for untitled Heist story Write more short stories and polish them for submission Try writing fanfiction again
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    Writing goals: January Write, edit, submit a story about invisible illnesses Submit application to the Room 204 Writer Development Programme February Edit Ramblings... to submit General Finish writing half finished stories Edit pieces which aren't ready to submit Continue to submit to places Finish writing the first draft of my novel once I have gone back and mapped out the list of events so I can add back in some scenes (as I can't continue right now) Edit said novel Write more short stories Try to write more to my short story anthology on the Zodiac Be more active on Twitter Life goals: Basically do better Try and deal with the mess which is our front room and bedroom Try to not let some opinions get to me <- that one is a big one
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    2019 is going to be the year I focus more on the business of my writing and get it going to start making income. Writing goals: Finish 'Heart of the Darkness' draft, put through edits and rewrites, then self publish. Start next book in the series Outline stand alone projects (Mermaid Radio, Hellside Diner, and Butterfly Bones) Blog on my author website consistently. Find a few social media platforms I can consistently use to connect with an audience. Nail down a consistent schedule for everything above. Life goals: Walk my dogs on the weekends when it's nice. Start building a savings. Read more. Work on some art decorations for the walls.
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    Ooh, let's see... Writing goals (not necessarily all in this order): Edit/rewrite Storms of Magic Plot out and write sequel (depending on how things go with editing/rewrite, try to do this by March-June, just to have the full outline) Come up with outline for overall trilogy Do more world building Try to do some side stories involving Arris/Merek etc to get back into their heads again. Submit the first 1-3 chapters (after editing/rewriting them) to the library for feedback. Get more alpha reader feedback. Apparently I'm going to be printing out my NaNo novel (aka Court of Shadows: The Forgotten Throne) so that at the very least I can go through and edit and make notes, even if I don't plan on actually doing anything else with it right away. Standalone novel (possibly for Camp NaNo in April 2019) - The Raven Prince Start outlining in March Story of Ivar, prince of the Autumn fairy kingdom, and the events leading up to the attack on the kingdom and up to the point when Alana comes into the picture (most likely) Work on world building Maybe start exploring more with this character/what I've done for world building with him/his kingdom so far...i.e. the dragon guardians that the fairies are allies with. Story of prince who becomes a partial golum (possible short story) Rewrite/Continue Court of Shadows: The Forgotten Throne Goal: maybe by summertime Rewrite/continue Mageborn (old project) Try to submit something somewhere again at some point Write more stories focusing on fairies, because I'm really finding it to be fun, overall. Life goals: Find a full time job. I've been in retail way too long. I'm going to go crazy if I'm stuck in the same job in the same position for another year, and I deserve to know what it's like to actually work a full time job. I have two degrees, I should be able to use them towards something without having to go back to school for a third time to get my bachelor's degree. Start getting more serious about my photography. Take on more clients to do photo sessions with. Maybe find someone to mentor me about the business side of things. Lose weight.
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    I am not sure why, but I very much enjoy when a MC character kills people... lol. It just feels more real to me. Killing for no reason gets annoying, but whatever the motivation to do it, as long as they have a strong motivation to kill in some way, I usually love it!