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    Gotta agree with Game of Thrones and Tolkein opinions here. I read and liked the Hobbit, but LotR is just so dense I can't get into it. I tried reading the Song of Ice and Fire a little while ago but I didn't get past the first chapter. My biggest opinion are that people who include racism, sexism, homophobia or any similar ideas in their fantasy work for "historical accuracy" are either bigots or cowards. It's fantasy, there's nothing historically accurate about it. If it's part of the plot, whatever I'll suffer through it, but don't have people being horrible to your only female, gay, PoC characters because you can't imagine a world where those biases aren't there.
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    I don't think magic systems need to be thoroughly explained and detailed in order to be good. (Along the lines of the Brandon Sanderson thing, hard magic vs soft magic.) Related: I also sometimes think less detail is better with worldbuilding and magic. Or rather, just enough. Don't tell me spoilers and don't show me how the magician does the thing with the dove and the hat. An additional unpopular opinion: I don't think magic is necessary for a work to count as fantasy. (I think Gormenghast qualifies for the fantasy genre.) But that's just me lol. Like others, I couldn't get into Game of Thrones and haven't "properly" read Tolkien yet cover-to-cover.
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    I can understand this sentiment. I still like Tolkein, but his writing is old fashioned, it isnt super palatable to the modern reader. Breaks a lot of the current rules of writing in terms of pacing, plotting, etc. But still of value to read, see where we came from. It's like going to a museum:) I read the first 3 books. The first I read fairly fast but I slowed down after that and began to read begrudgingly. I summarize my thoughts on the books as 'he is clearly in love with his world, and wants to show every nitty gritty detail of it, regardless of how relevant the details are to the actual story.'
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    Previous month's total: N/AWords to add: 500 wordsNew total: 500 words (I hope I'm filling this out correctly. This is my first time doing this challenge.}
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    I tried reading Game of Thrones and couldn't get deep into it. The writing wasn't necessarily bad, but it did feel unfocused in the way that it seemed to jump between PoV characters without a clear overarching storyline. So I have never been fond of the franchise as a whole.
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    I'm late to the welcoming party, but welcome, @Sam Oooh, @Penguinball, your recruitment powers worked! XD :P Anyway, @Sam, let us know if you have any questions! I think you've already made your way into the Discord server. We currently have a writing challenge going on - two, in fact. One is our monthly challenge, and another is a word count challenge. The writing challenge (which was extend to the end of May - something new we're trying, even if I didn't update the post (yet) to indicate that) is here, and you can find info for the word count challenge here. The next sign ups for June will be posted on May 25th.