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    Today's question centers around Crowning Moments of Awesome (Warning, TVTropes Link). Also known as a Stand Up and Cheer moment, this is when your character does something really awesome. Maybe they've overcome a dark moment and rallied against the enemy, or maybe they've just done something super cool. This is a moment where the reader wants to jump off the couch and shout with excitement. The Task: Tell us about a CMoA from one of your own works, or alternatively, pick one from a favourite piece of media. What makes the moment Awesome? What advice would you give to someone who wants to include some of these moments in their own work?
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    Lilith: Liliths heart is torn in two between Zane and Caleb. So if she was rebuilt I think she would be split in two. Shes basically two people already in one body. She is a different person when with Calab and Zane. Caleb: He despises humans and thier weakness so if he were rebuilt his demon side would be more prominent. Teeth longer, claws, wings that sort of thing. Zane: Zane is the opposite to Caleb although a vampire he cherishes his human side and would be more human and his vampyric side would not be seen.
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    I love these moments and I always try to put them in. In my current story it's when my MC uses some really effective knot-magic and pulls in a 400-year old ghost ship into present day, complete with an awesome treasure. Oh, the Force was in you all along, Luke! 😄 It solves so many things in the story, and it's the big beginning to several smaller moments of awesome. But that's the crowning moment for her both externally (the village & her house is saved, she really is a witch) and internally as she gains insight to the loss of her mother. Tips: The laying of proper groundwork for greatest satisfaction. Like, something they've tried and failed at, something that caused them misery and worry, something that they are so close to failing at again (with high stakes behind it) at a really crucial moment, and then the pieces just click into place. If it just comes out of nowhere, it's not as effective. Ideally for me, it should be something the reader has been waiting for/wished for to happen in some way. The moment doesn't have to be at the climax of the story either, it can definitely come before that, like when the character changes and decide to take charge as it leads up to the climax, or they find that piece of the puzzle that will solve their tricky problem and they can move forward, or someone previously inactive finally acts (like trained human weapon River Tam, who's been afraid of hurting her friends when triggered into violence, finally uses her kick-ass skills to help the team in Serenity). One of those movies where I really got stand-up-and-cheer chills are the court-room scenes in "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest"(Millennium Trilogy-movie), when the conspiracy and malpractise against Lisbeth Salander (that we've seen all through the trilogy) is revealed for everyone and the right people are finally arrested/punished. AWESOME!
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    Hmm. I'm not sure whether or not I have one at the moment. XD I suppose unless it's something really obvious, it's harder to look at your own writing and decide what qualifies as this kind of moment. I would say...maybe with Ivar, either when he realizes who he really is and decides to gather allies to reclaim his throne or when he "bonds" with the dragon guardian that was assigned to his court. In terms of media, I know that you hated this book @Penguinball but there's a moment in Graceling where I remember being like HELL YES! I don't remember a lot about that specific scene but I just remember really loving that moment and really standing behind her when she did that.