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    Under 50k I think is classified as a novella. You can google the numbers, they are fairly standard. My guess is that you'll have a really hard time finding a home for it unless you already have had publishing success. At a shorter length, you would have a better chance of publishing in a magazine or anthology. As a novel, you'll want it to be longer. Some genres are fine with 60k-75k, but 80k seems to be the mark you want to hit for most of them, with epic fantasy trending more toward 100k. If you want to describe your plot, we can offer suggestions on where to expand on it.
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    I'll have a book launching on Saturday, at the National Museum of Literature! It's the short stories collection issued as a prize for winning the first place in the literary contest last autumn. I don't like the cover because it doesn't represent my character. But the choice of the cover belongs to the publisher. It's a marketing choice, they say, unrelated to the characters per se, but more with the spirit of the book... The fourth cover comment is done by a famous hispanist, translator from Spanish and Portuguese and writer. She translated Paulo Coelho in Romanian, i.a. Also, since February till May, one Sunday each month I am at a book fair. 🙂 Getting slowly known.