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    I think the rules look pretty good as is. I particularly like the difference of emphasis on review vs critique. I love getting reviews pretty much always and forever, but critiques can be a little tougher to handle, and are a lot more work to create. On the matter of capping requests, I think people should limit themselves to creating one request thread per week, but with in that thread request feed back on as much work as they like (bearing in mind, they might overwhelm prospective reviewers and end up with nothing). I think most people will be fairly reasonable on the matter given this flexibility, and it will avoid the problem of more prolific writers "spamming" up the forum and bumping their potentially more time constrained peers into the black hole that is the history of the internet.
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    So, what do you guys think? What's the easiest way to handle this? Should we give those who wish to give more detailed feedback the option of doing so in a Google doc rather than in a public matter? Yes, absolutely. Reading a piece of writing and being able to add comments at the same time makes it much easier to give detailed feedback. With the current library system, line edits or feedback like "I like this sentence/how you worded this" is very hard to give, since we'd need to quote it first, which will make us jump to the review text field, and then scroll back and search for the part where we stopped reading in order to read on. In fact, it has stopped me from reviewing stories before. Should he be able to request feedback on all ten submissions at once, and make ten different posts requesting feedback? Or should we have a cap of, say, five submissions that he's allowed to ask for feedback for at once? I think that it's common sense not to spam the forum like that. It also depends on what kind of story someone is looking for feedback for - say member A posted 5 chapters or stories with 5k each, while member B is looking for feedback for 10 flash fiction pieces with 500 words each - member B is actually posting far less content than member A, but wouldn't be allowed to ask for feedback for all of them if there was a cap. I'd not put up any rules for that at the moment, they can still be added if it turns out to be necessary. Do you have any feedback for the rules for requesting feedback that you can think of and should be added? In the form it says "feedback" where it should say "critique" instead according to the definition you made at the beginning of the rules post. There's nothing I can think of that should be added at the moment.