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    Hi there! I'd like to share two resources which help me when I have run into a wall with my writing. The first is an online writing motivator: http://writtenkitten.net/ Every 100 (or other set) words, the site will give you a new adorable kitten picture (or another type of picture, if you specify). With the Million Word Challenge coming up, I think this will be a useful way to get me going to add more words to my story. The second is a more specific tool for finding words: http://chir.ag/projects/tip-of-my-tongue/ This tool helps when there's a particular word blocking you from moving forward. It gives multiple ways to look up words in their sort-of-thesaurus, so if you have a specific term that's just on the tip of your tongue, you can use this to look for it. Hopefully these can be helpful to y'all as well 🙂