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    Hello All! I put together some lists of TVTropes indexes (copied indexes into spreadsheets), and thought I'd share them with you. I'm using a random number generator(link) as a story prompt machine, or if I'm stuck. Its been fun so far, so maybe someone else can get use of them. Here's the main genre tropes index for the ones I didn't include. I know TVTropes has a 'random trope' button but there are just sooo many it can come up, I find it useful to have a more targeted search. Love Tropes (605) Speculative Fiction Tropes (1353) Fairy Tale Tropes (165) Super Hero Tropes (252)Horror Tropes (485) Action/Adventure Tropes (555) Drama Tropes (236) Alt History Tropes (110) Espionage Tropes (144) Feel free to make copies for yourself/share them with others if you feel this is useful! Edit - I put them in a index of indexes, found HERE
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    I've been into dinosaurs since I was age 4. My parents attribute it to Barney at the very beginning, although Jurassic Park certainly helped contribute to it (I saw the latter when I was between four or five years old). I spent six years of my childhood as an expat in Singapore, and I remember the tropical flora and the muggy equatorial climate very vividly. If you're wondering why so many of my stories have tropical settings, that's a big reason why. Also, the multicultural population of Singapore (as well as Hong Kong, where I spent my high school years) made me used to ethnic diversity. We studied ancient Egypt when I was in second grade, which is what sparked my interest in ancient history. Playing games like Age of Empires and Pharaoh a lot as a kid further kindled that interest. Hence why influences from ancient Egypt and other historical civilizations are also commonplace in my stories. Studying biological anthropology at uni has come in handy for world-building, especially when designing human ethnic groups and their cultures. During my grade school years, I had a few unpleasant confrontations with teachers and fellow students who wanted to impress their fundamentalist interpretation of Christianity onto me. I was already an atheist before then, but those experiences didn't exactly endear me to the Abrahamic religions. I'm not exactly a militant anti-religious type, but I'm generally not fond of worlds (e.g. C.S. Lewis's Narnia) that show a strong Judeo-Christian influence. I've left this for last since it deals with sensitive subject matter. But I'll never forget the day I first stumbled onto neo-Nazi and white supremacist websites while browsing the Internet in my early adolescence. It was a shocking experience to discover whole communities of people who not only embraced racist worldviews, but who went out of their way to justify their prejudices using pseudoscience and historical revisionism. Not only did that shape my personal politics, but it also led to my increased interest in African history and anthropology, since so many of these scumbags would insist that Africans were naturally incapable of civilization or cultural sophistication. As I said before, I was already into history even before this event happened, but it was probably what made me more focused on Africa.
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    Hi everyone! We are very excited to announce that we've (hopefully) finished finalizing all of the important information about the Community Writing Challenge, which means that we can finally give everyone who's interested in joining the needed information! First, you can find a more detailed blurb here, where you'll find the important links about the challenge. If you want to help us advertise about the challenge - which we would certainly appreciate! - you can link to this Google doc to make things easier. The most exciting thing about this year's challenge is that we have TWO sponsors! @JayLee and her friend have agreed to sponsor the challenge for a second year in a row, and have some fun prizes they're offering! In addition, WorldAnvil is also sponsoring the challenge! They are offering a 10% discount code to all participants, in addition to two three month memberships! You can find more information about the sponsorships here. You can find the FAQs for the challenge in this Google doc. We've created a Club, which you can find here, for anyone who wants to join in on the challenge. This is where all important announcements, all check-ins, discussions, etc will happen, so please make sure you join it! In addition, we also have this post, where you are welcome to ask any questions about the challenge that the FAQs do not currently cover. I think that's about it. We're really looking forward to this year's challenge! If you'd like to help us advertise, please see this post in the club!
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    Ooh, let's see... Writing goals (not necessarily all in this order): Edit/rewrite Storms of Magic Plot out and write sequel (depending on how things go with editing/rewrite, try to do this by March-June, just to have the full outline) Come up with outline for overall trilogy Do more world building Try to do some side stories involving Arris/Merek etc to get back into their heads again. Submit the first 1-3 chapters (after editing/rewriting them) to the library for feedback. Get more alpha reader feedback. Apparently I'm going to be printing out my NaNo novel (aka Court of Shadows: The Forgotten Throne) so that at the very least I can go through and edit and make notes, even if I don't plan on actually doing anything else with it right away. Standalone novel (possibly for Camp NaNo in April 2019) - The Raven Prince Start outlining in March Story of Ivar, prince of the Autumn fairy kingdom, and the events leading up to the attack on the kingdom and up to the point when Alana comes into the picture (most likely) Work on world building Maybe start exploring more with this character/what I've done for world building with him/his kingdom so far...i.e. the dragon guardians that the fairies are allies with. Story of prince who becomes a partial golum (possible short story) Rewrite/Continue Court of Shadows: The Forgotten Throne Goal: maybe by summertime Rewrite/continue Mageborn (old project) Try to submit something somewhere again at some point Write more stories focusing on fairies, because I'm really finding it to be fun, overall. Life goals: Find a full time job. I've been in retail way too long. I'm going to go crazy if I'm stuck in the same job in the same position for another year, and I deserve to know what it's like to actually work a full time job. I have two degrees, I should be able to use them towards something without having to go back to school for a third time to get my bachelor's degree. Start getting more serious about my photography. Take on more clients to do photo sessions with. Maybe find someone to mentor me about the business side of things. Lose weight.
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    I love fantasy because of pretty much the same reasons as many others in this thread, that your own imagination is the limit when it comes to the magic and worlds you can create. That's like mental freedom. I enjoy reading other genres, but when it comes to writing I need some of that fantasy magic to really get excited about a project. It's also open to so many different cross-overs, from horror to cozies, so there is something for everyone. I don't hate much about fantasy, but the more strict "genre tropes" can be really annoying when I'm trying to find books to read. I love the potential of Urban Fantasy, but I dislike the list of main ingredients most UF-books have. However, the repetitive tropes make me more eager to write my own take on that particular genre, which is fun. I don't read a whole lot of epic fantasy, but I recognize what some posters here mentioned about the annoying gender/class/race issues which the author try to excuse through "historical accuracy". Like goblins and that sentient sword are historically accurate, lol! But those social issues (and everything else) are all the author's choices, so they have to personally stand for their views. I don't blame the fantasy-genre itself. Instead, I think fantasy has the unique opportunity to place stories anywhere in history, while showing modern or ideal sensibilities through worldbuilding. It can definitely be done really well as a natural, unquestioned part of the story-world. But like with the UF-books, I have to remember that some writers/readers love the tropes I dislike. All I can do is write my own stories.
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    I love that fantasy can let me do ANYTHING in a world, have it be as crazy and out there as my imagination allows. I love being able to escape into worlds with magic, where the common person can rise up and change their destiny. I love the tropes, chosen ones and dragons and star crossed lovers. I love that fantasy allows us to examine our own world through a sideways lens and get a better look at ourselves. I dislike that fantasy can get stuck on tradition, specifically having the pseudo-medieval setting that is wildly inaccurate. We can do ANYTHING, why stick to castles and england-like settings? WHY do we also have to keep the gender roles of that time? Fantasy builds off the past, but so many people just can't seem to get away from Tolkien. Who I love, and I love a lot of pseudo-medieval stories. But variety people! Lets branch out! More women warriors! More strong female characters who don't need to be beaten in combat to fall in love! It is getting better for sure, but some of the gender stereotypes just WON'T DIE. It is an invented world, make it so that women can fight!
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    I've got several novels in the planning stages, so I already know what I'll be working on when I've finished my latest round of editing and completed two partially-written novels. I also want to explore a concept which is very much in the development stages and has only been mentioned in passing in some of my novels. It's the sort of concept which could spawn a whole new series, so it will give me plenty of material. For those who need new ideas, I'd reiterate what Livvy said about trying prompts and looking for images. There's also the "adopt-an-idea" forums. There used to be one on here and on the main Nano site. There's also one on the site that I admin and I'm sure you can find them elsewhere. Another suggestion is to take a side-character from a novel you've already written. Try writing their back-story or giving them an adventure of their own. Take the under-developed character and fill in the blanks. Re-write scenes from an existing novel from their POV.
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    I can add another accomplishment: I found a flash fiction competition three days ago, the deadline was yesterday (it was in German, otherwise I would have advertised it to you). So two days ago I sat down and worked on a flash fiction piece, and yesterday I submitted my very first story ever! I had to includ my pen name and a short author biography, and even though I've been thinking about this kind of stuff for ages (I actually decided on my pen name more than two years ago), this suddenly made it all more real. So I guess I can really call myself a writer now! 🙂
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    Wow, it looks like everyone’s had quite a few positive things this year!!! For me, I’d say my positive things are— I made a lot of notes and plans for Sapphire Dreaming, my first finished novel. I’m currently working on the second draft! I’ve also started Metanoia, a project near and dear to my heart. I got my first car in April or so!! It’s a cute little Kia Spectra. I’m calling it Whisper, ‘cause it’s very quiet. I can’t drive it yet but I’m super stoked about it anyway 😄 I found a really nice counseling/therapy center that’s helped out with my depression & anxiety a lot. My iron levels went up, so I’m no longer battling a vitamin deficiency!! Im still looking for a new pulmonologist but I have gotten some of my health issues sorted out, and I’m on a new medication that will hopefully help with that!! My sort-of stepdad left in January—he stuck around to help me out after mom died before disappearing while I was sleeping without any word. 🙄 But, the positive side of that is: I’ve come to live with my grandparents while I get my feet back under me, so I’ve gotten to see my extended family way more! I got a Nintendo Switch, after saving up for about a year. I love it dearly. ❤️ And I found a lovely writing buddy in @kherezae Despite a lot of negative stuff that happened this year ultimately there’s been a LOT of positive stuff too!! It was really nice to sit down and think about it, so I’m happy I saw this topic. (And that it was made!!!) Congratulations to everyone and I hope that next year brings just as much, if not more!
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    I took the difficult decision to quit a study that I couldn't finish because of health reasons. I am also working a lot on my mental health, currently only through daily tarot cards, but in the new year I'm back to going to my therapist. I found people to make a podcast with and we now have 14 episodes aired on all kinds of LARP topics. It's in Dutch otherwise I'd advertise it to you 😛. It's going really well and the community is more excited about it then I had guessed and hoped for. I started the webserial and I was able to do loads of research and background creation in 1,5 months time and then coming as far as 36k before I had to stop. I have started bullet journalling and it's really helping me keep track of multiple things, like savings and my health and stuff, but also daily tarot cards. And I'm now making one completely about tarot card meanings.
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    - 2 new novels published - 2 novels, a poetry and a short stories volume ready for publishing, to appear in 2019 - poetry published in 2 anthologies (3+4 poems) - short stories published in 3 anthologies and several literary magazines. - First prize won at a literary competition for short stories.
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    Taekwondo to yellow belt, boo yeah? I remember how to tie the belt, and a couple of the moves, but its all pretty blurring. I was like 10 soooo... I did synchronized swimming for a couple years but I can't see how that would be very useful, it is super specific Lived in a teeny tiny town for summer jobs, out in the wilderness. So some experience being more disconnected and isolated, getting to know your neighbors. That same tiny town was also an old gold rush town, so I learned a lot about pioneers and living rough and carving homes out of wilderness, which I think is useful for a fantasy setting. Oh! And last time I visited I went on a stagecoach ride, which was super educational. Got a video on my up on it, from the drivers perspective. Hotel front desk and exposure to how shitty tired people can be. Editing to add - Helped my mom through a manic episode caused by drug interactions, was very educational experience to see how a person's personality can just be flipped because the dosage of a pill was incorrect
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    Finally decided on a university major after 2 years of debating and questioning myself.
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    Worldsmyths Advent Calendar Writing Challenge I did a bit of research into Advent, and it turns out there are typically four main themes of Advent. There can be some variation, but I went with a common set of four: Love, Joy, Faith, and Hope. So I've split our Advent Calendar into four arcs with these themes, and I'll post them one arc at a time to give people with complicated holiday schedules a chance to work ahead if they need to. The goal here is to do something small and writing-related every day, in this case based on a brief Advent prompt. I'll be putting the Advent challenges on the calendar, and you can respond to them directly there -- or, if you write flash fic and want to add it to the Library, tag it according to the instructions on the calendar event! I'll keep track of people's entries here. Day 1: Love Flash Fic Heartsong by @LivvyMoore Keeping you awake. by @Kenaron Fleeting by @Mynoris Insomnia by @Manu In Dreams by @kherezae Day 2: Love Magic @Manu (commented) @Mynoris (commented) @kherezae (commented) Rekindled Lies by @LivvyMoore @Penguinball (commented) Day 3: Love Character Trespass by @kherezae @Penguinball (commented) @Manu (commented) Day 4: Love Tradition @Penguinball (commented) @kherezae (commented) @Mynoris (commented) Day 5: Love Plot @Penguinball (commented) @kherezae (commented) Day 6: Love Mythos @Penguinball (commented) Day 7: Joy (Writer's Choice) @Manu (commented) Day 8: Joy Flash Fic Day 9: Joy Magic @Penguinball (commented) Day 10: Joy Character Day 11: Joy Tradition @Penguinball (commented) Day 12: Joy Plot Day 13: Faith Mythos Day 14: Faith (Writer's Choice) Day 15: Faith Flash Fic Day 16: Faith Magic Day 17: Faith Character Day 18: Faith Tradition
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    In the hopes that Saturdays are a little freer for most people, Advent Saturdays will be for Flash Fic. Write a piece of flash fantasy fiction with a soft word limit of 500 words. (If you go a little over, that's fine, but the goal is to keep it short.) Your challenge response can be posted as a comment on this calendar event, or you may post it in the Library and tag it with "advent day 1" so that I can find it easily! The goal is to get it done December 1st, but late writing is better than no writing, so if you miss the deadline submit it anyway! This isn't a challenge we'll vote on, so there's no need for a hard deadline. Keep track of all the Advent challenges here! Your prompt is an AND/OR situation: "They say when you can't sleep at night, it's because someone is thinking about you." AND/OR
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    Happy New Year, Worldsmyths! I wish all of you a happy New Year, all the best for 2019, and I hope you will reach your goals and make your dreams come true! Speaking of which: What are your goals for 2019, writing-wise and in life?
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    When we moved onto the new forum, we condensed the writing prompt stuff into one forum, which you can find here. NaNo still has theirs, too. Pinterest is a whole treasure trove of writing prompts. Example: here's the Worldsmyths profile with lots and lots and lots and lots of boards that @Sheepy-Pie created and has been adding to, and here's one on my personal profile with lots and lots of prompts, too, some of which are probably in the Worldsmyths ones, too. Right now I'm focusing on my NaNo, trying to get it into shape and then I plan on continuing it (after I figure out the last half of it). Like others, I haven't actually written anything since NaNo. When I was originally planning to get back to my main project, I was planning on trying to do little side stories to get back into the characters' heads again, because it's been so long. When I do get back to that main project, I'll do that. Whenever I get stuck on an idea, I go through my idea journal, which I have tons of dialogue/writing prompts/plot ideas written in, and I make lists of the plots that stick out to me. I'll go on Reddit, the NaNo forums, anywhere else I can think of to try and get some inspiration. This is another one I like to go to. I've also made lists of the tropes that I like and want to use. I made a list of the projects that I know I want to work on in the future. i.e. I eventually want to go back to my Mageborn story, but that's probably a loooong ways from now.
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    That's a good question. I haven't written any actual prose since NaNo. I've written tonnes of notes, and have made progress in figuring out some rewrites for a novel WIP, but I haven't actually sat down and WRITTEN. Part of that is because I'm feeling pretty intimidated by the amount of work this novel needs, and I have a thought lurking in the back of my mind that I'm using note taking to avoid actually working on it, but that's like... a whole ball of trouble that I won't get into. So actual writing. I'm thinking of trying a writing prompt maybe, not working on existing things that have requirements and expectations. Just some writing exercises to get me 'back on the wagon' and to get things moving again, give myself a boost of confidence that this writing thing is still working for me. And once I get some prose down, I can look at my in-progress projects and pick something to work on. It might be better for my self esteem to work on some smaller projects and get something completed than getting discouraged trying to work on something big... Edit: I realized I just talked about myself this whole time, so I hope you can read between my ramblings and see the suggestion to work on writing prompts/free write/blather to get the creative juices flowing 😛
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    My next goal for my writing journey is to get better at editing and polishing. I've proven to myself in 2018 that I can complete first drafts of projects, it is time to move beyond that. Overall goals: Write more than I did last year. I re-tallied everything and wrote ~134k words last year, so 150k words would be a nice round goal (that includes notes and outlines as well as prose) Publish something and get paid for it More specific goals Write a novel outside of NaNoWriMo Edit all the short stories in my to do list Edit The Star Mirror and polish it up for beta reading Make nice thorough outline for untitled Heist story Write more short stories and polish them for submission Try writing fanfiction again
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    Writing goals: January Write, edit, submit a story about invisible illnesses Submit application to the Room 204 Writer Development Programme February Edit Ramblings... to submit General Finish writing half finished stories Edit pieces which aren't ready to submit Continue to submit to places Finish writing the first draft of my novel once I have gone back and mapped out the list of events so I can add back in some scenes (as I can't continue right now) Edit said novel Write more short stories Try to write more to my short story anthology on the Zodiac Be more active on Twitter Life goals: Basically do better Try and deal with the mess which is our front room and bedroom Try to not let some opinions get to me <- that one is a big one
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    I quite enjoy conventional fantasy tropes but with a little twist; eg I have an asthmatic knight who doesn’t like to ride horses but who slays a dragon using explosives.
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    Agree could be a simple thumbs-up sign, or a tick perhaps. As for the original topic, I still don't know how reputation is gained. Kherezae has +43 at the time of writing this. Mynoris has +16. Do we need to do a certain amount of posts to get +1 reputation? Or do we have to have people liking our posts? I remain an enigma without reputation. Perhaps I should endeavour to stay that way.
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    Exactly. Alright then, I will spearhead this activity 🙂 As I said it will depend on how my healing is going, I will keep you all appraised.
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    Good question bdcharles[/member]! I will try and think up an answer... kherezae[/member] The position of scientists in your project is interesting, I like the idea of their privilege being fragile. For mine... I'm still working this out. My current WIP has many gods with many priests, and those priests are highly integrated into society. Pretty much anyone can join any temple, so there are fewer barriers for joining that social class. I'm thinking there will still be a ruling class comprised of nobility and monarchs, which will vary from country to country. There will be a highly developed merchant class, as certain gods are constrained to physical locations, and their followers need to import goods to use their powers (forge god followers import metals from the mining god's city for example). These merchants also dominate sea travel, as the last war of the gods centuries ago torn the land apart, and some countries can no longer easily reach their neighbors through overland travel. Different priest classes will have higher social status depending on which city they are in. A mercenary priest of the god of blood will be treated like a beggar in the city belonging to the goddess of herbs, because the goddess of herbs has an alliance with the goddess of healing, who has a feud with the god of blood... But in his own city he will be treated with great respect. I'm thinking: Ruler of the Country Administrative/Noble class Merchant Princes Merchants Priests (vary up the scale) Regular people who aren't pledged to a god, working class I'm trying to make the whole god/priest thing highly integrated into society and its making social class very complicated.