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    Project: Fireguard(working title)/In Orbit Goals: Make an outline and start the rough draft of Fireguard, and finish the first draft of In Orbit. Summary: I only know the characters and setting for Fireguard, so there isn't really one. In Orbit is a superhero and coming of age story about Rinn, who gets drawn into a city-wide conspiracy with a new teen hero she definitely doesn't have a crush on.
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    Project: I have plans for up to four of them. They include the novels: "Dark Secrets", "Hunger", "Dark Revenge", "War and Death", "Angel on the Edge" or "The Good Die Here" Goals: I plan on doing 320,000+ words between May and the end of the year. That should give me enough to finish up to four of the above projects. Summary: I can't even summarize the stories as the only one I know is Dark Secrets because I'm already 65,000 words into it. I'm trying to work at a 40,000 word a month pace and upping that to a 50,000 to 60,000+ over the next few months. So many projects, so little time. This doesn't even include the probably short stories I'll write in between. Lots of writing to do!
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    Project - We Can Be Heroes Goals - finish rough draft by end of this year Summary - in Generic Fantasyland, a crew of misfits, NPCs and throwaway characters are hired by a mysterious employer. Their job: stop the Chosen One from fulfilling the Prophecy. (I'm also aiming to speed-draft an SF locked-room spaceship thriller by end of May/June.)