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    A thread for all those short and sweet story premises/ideas you may have discarded or don't have time to write. Your lump of clay may turn into gold for someone else, or can just kick-start their own imagination, so dump'em right here. :) I'll start with these five ideas: When people die they turn into mythological creatures (maybe depending on what they were like in life). A psychic medical examiner can see flashes a dead person’s every day-life when cutting them open. One day they realise they’re examining something very peculiar. The body looks human, but their every-day life doesn't look at all familiar to the M.E.. A character realises they’re in a very familiar and worn-out plot. Knowing how it will end they do everything to de-rail it. A job coach accepts a higher paying job in a different town, but the clients are not what she’s used to. Neither are the job openings in town. Or the town itself. When a strange fossil is dug up on the border between two warring countries they both start to worship it, but they come up with two very different myths. A poor scholar realises that both myths have elements of truth, and if combined the ancient creature will rise to rule. But that might not be the best idea ever. (Sorry if any of them is familiar to a book/movie already out there. I seem to be bad at keeping up with the current stuff these days.)
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    Yeah, they're probably something that would have been imported from the tropics. Maybe some rich assholes in fantasy-world Europe thought that having pet dragons in their backyard would make them more macho or something, and then the beasts got loose. In fact, there is some evidence from medieval bestiaries that dragons were thought to have originated in tropical regions like India or Ethiopia.
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    Funnily enough I was literally just thinking about something like this. I have a tropical snake who requires much more heating support in the winter. Some snakes survive winter just fine, but she'd die within hours if she got too cold. I'm sure she'd appreciate having a self-heating mechanism. 🙂 Makes me think dragons would have to be a transplant species, if you will. There are snakes indigenous to cooler climates, of course, but if they need heating support to survive during the winter, they probably didn't come from that climate.