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    Mynoris: Project - Necromancer (working title, not intended for final use) Goals - Write another 50k, or finish, by the end of the year. (I have no clue how long it will be, or how much content, so saying to finish by the end of the year would be foolhardy of me.) Summary - Addric goes with an adventuring party into a forgotten castle. When things don't turn out, he's abandoned to his fate. This fate is listening to a female necromancer tell her story, which starts out in her childhood, goes through her experiences training to be a concubine, and her life as a concubine, where things go sour and put her on the path to becoming an infamous necromancer, known as the 'Terror of Avendrow'. (It's a frame story.)
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    Facing death is facing death and that happens frequently enough to many of my characters. What's worse? The loss of the soul, perhaps — though strictly speaking my stories do not allow for a 'soul' as many understand the word, ones physical essence might be trapped eternally in another world, which comes to much the same thing. My Donzalo character faces that threat at least once, and it is implied that is the final fate of the sorcerer who tried to inflict it on him (to be explored in the sequel, of course). And then there is poor Saj who faces a fate worse than death when he is threatened with marriage.
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    Project - The Perilous Hunt Goals - Finish the first rough draft of the book by January 4 2020. Summary - Inspired by the tv show "Supernatural". A father's wife and the mother of the their two daughters is killed by a werewolf. So the father and two daughters hunt the werewolf across the country.
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    Project: Tales from the Witch House (a future web serial novel) Goals: Finish and revise the first three arcs so I have a proper backlog and start publishing it online before November. Summary: In the middle of a city that never truly sleeps yet always seems to slumber, there is a big old house. The House isn't safe to live in; all but one of its original residents have left. Others, however, have trickled in. Witches and demons and werecats and other refugees of the occult underground, ones who are hunted or running or lost. Here they gather as squatters, reasonably safe under the protection of an old woman who's known simply as The Witch. Some of them view this place as a temporary pit stop, somewhere to take a breather and accumulate their strength. Some are trying to build a new home for themselves within these grey, moldy walls. None of them have chosen to come to the house. Instead, the house and its mysterious benefactor chose them. To what end? That remains to be seen. If it's even important, that is. I mean, who cares about the deep metaphysical questions when Tim's fur has clogged the drain in the only working bathroom again, in the kitchen the fumes from Delilah's cleansing candles substitute for air, and Leo forgot to get the groceries for the fifth time this week?
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    Project - Uh, untitled novel Goal - Finish the first draft by the end of the summer Summary - Chiara lives in a world where each person has a magical gift related to an aspect of their identity. Her gift is to speak to ghosts so she's found herself working in the morgue where her affinity for the dead is meant to be useful, but she's not sure she's making the most of that gift. Her first criminal case involves the murders of two shapeshifters who had made themselves look like the leading candidate in the mayoral election.
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    Project - Darkness Within (Heavensfall Book 1) Goal - finish the first draft by the end of the year. Summary - Sorien's brother has been taken. He plans to get him back and destroy anyone that gets in his way. The demon God has declared war on the world and Sorien might be the only one that can stop him but going against a god means putting his brother in danger. So the choice is his brother, or the rest of the world...
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    Project - untitled POS is what I affectionally call it Goal #1: write up all the scenes of the 50k I wrote for nano so I can work out how to fix the mess Summary - oooof. Um. Humans, demons, faeries, people trying to attain their wants while I laugh and deny them. Sarett wishes for love, Luna wishes for family, Dmitri wishes for his children's protection, Sevastyan wishes to continue being the strongest. And somewhere a faerie is stirring, her eyes settling on just the right person to give her a chimera child... Bonus points; Kali and Dmitri are in my sig banner
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    He said he thinks they should be sent to college as soon as they hit puberty, though. They hit it as young as nine or ten years old and as old as thirteen or fourteen (I haven't googled the exact age range, but I'm guessing based on the fact that I do know that kids sometimes get it really early), so he still would be talking about early teens rather than late teens. What would "late teens" mean in this case, though? "Late teens" is more like 17-19 years old, and there are already high school kids who are 17-18 years old who, like I said, are able to take college classes for credit before they graduate. I thought of another thing to add to my list: you can't get a credit card at the age you're talking about, and you probably can't get an ATM card until you're at least 15-17 years old, though I suppose it depends on the bank. I want to say I was probably around 18 when I got mine. I was definitely in my early twenties when I got my first credit card, though. Let's see...when I was in school, our grades were: Kindergarten-3rd grade was elementary 4th and 5th grade was in our middle school 6th-8th grade was junior high 9th-12th grade was high school They've made a lot of changes since I was in school, though, and they built a new elementary school and the elementary school that I went to is like...middle school? I don't even know, because even I get confused. My stepbrothers are in 8th and 10th grade (although the older of my stepbrothers should actually be in 11th grade. He was kept back because his grade level was lower than what it should have been due to his father making him go to a Catholic school when he was younger). I can guarantee you that the youngest of my stepbrothers would NOT be ready for college at his current age. He's only just sloooowly starting to become more mature and take school a little more seriously. The first half of this school year, he was getting in trouble a lot and his grades were suffering because he was spending 98% of his time playing video games. Now he still spends 98% of his time playing video games but he's keeping his grades up and not getting into trouble like he was in the beginning of the year. He made the honor roll, and he's going to the same tech school my other stepbrother is next year. Tech school will be good for him because it's a mix of the typical classroom environment where you sit and listen to a teacher and take notes and hands on work, and he does better with hands on work. If anything, I think school should be more like that. Less forcing students to sit in a classroom taking notes and listening to a teacher give a lecture and more hands on activities (without relying 100% on group projects for "hands on" stuff, especially at the college level when not everyone has the same schedule). It would be good for those students like my stepbrother who get too fidgety and bored by sitting in a classroom having to take notes all the time. And I mean, there are classes at his school where it is more hands on, but not to the same extent as it is at the tech school he'll be at next year. Basically you rotate through and do a few weeks of classroom stuff and then do workshops for another few weeks.
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    I um... Okay, so there are several reasons I am absolutely against this logic. The age group you're talking about (between ages nine and...what, fourteen?) are not mature by a long shot. As @Penguinball said, their brains are still developing, ESPECIALLY at that age. They're dealing with hormones. Educationally, they really haven't learned a whole heck of a lot. They are minors. They cannot legally: Drive Smoke Drink alcohol Join the army (I know that eighteen year olds in the U.S. can do this, and there's a big debate about the fact that eighteen year olds can serve in the army, whether by volunteering or by being drafted, but they cannot smoke, drink alcohol or gamble, but that's tiptoeing into politics and I am going to firmly push against this becoming a political discussion) Make medical decisions for themselves Gamble Probably some other things that I am not thinking of at the moment There are probably a lot of school systems where the kids have to walk to school, because they don't have school buses and they don't want the students taking city buses. How do you think these students would get to college if they cannot yet drive and are not anywhere close to getting their licenses? Their parents likely have to work. Some of these kids may actually be in daycare still. College is for higher education. Professors do not expect to be babysitting their students (granted, they end up doing that even when their students are in the 18-early twenties range because of the way their students behave, but that's more on the individual student and less on the students as a whole). They expect their students to be able to come to class (on time), listen to the lectures, do their work, and get their grades. They do not want to basically still be teaching the basics that should be taught in elementary/middle/high school. Unless you are a student prodigy (which is rare) who also has the maturity to handle the amount of coursework a college student has to deal with...you have no business taking college classes. (Exception: there are some programs in high schools where high schools can take college classes for credit as part of their high school requirements. I am fine with this, because at this point they're probably 16-18 years old and they're still developing their brains but not to the same extent as anyone in the 9-14 year age range. I was in a class where we had a student who was in high school and taking classes for college credit. He was very mature for his age and got his shit done.) Some college students are taking six classes a day while also juggling their homework, jobs, and any sports they play. There's no way a child in the age range you're talking about would be able to handle that kind of workload. Kids that age need to be allowed to just be kids. It's bad enough when they're staying up until 8-10 PM trying to get their homework done and then having to be up early to be able to catch the bus and spend 6-8 hours in school. So...yeah. I definitely disagree.
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    Kids are hitting puberty at age 11 these days, that is far too young to move out. And teenagers brains are still developing, they need a lot of guidance. It would be healthier to remain at home, but with increased boundaries and responsibilities.
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    Welcome! Join this club is you are writing a novel in 2019 and want some company! Introduce yourself below and tell us about your projects and what you want to accomplish. Penguinball: Project - Beneath the Steam Sea (new novel) Goals - Write the first draft of BTSS by the end of 2019 Summary - Charic is a thief with a big family name to live up to, and so far, he is having trouble creating his own legend. His chance at fame comes when he is recruited by a group of smugglers who need a thief to break into the warehouse of the mighty God of the Forge, to steal his enchanted weapons. Pirates, steam ships, scheming, backstabbing gods and their followers, and more!
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    Project - We Can Be Heroes Goals - finish rough draft by end of this year Summary - in Generic Fantasyland, a crew of misfits, NPCs and throwaway characters are hired by a mysterious employer. Their job: stop the Chosen One from fulfilling the Prophecy. (I'm also aiming to speed-draft an SF locked-room spaceship thriller by end of May/June.)
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    I... have too many characters For the one that the last scene I've written focuses on it's being exiled from his homeland and forgotten by his entire race (or, rather, completely erased from its history). As far as his entire race is concerned, the character has never existed at all, has had no impact on any of their lives, none of his deeds have ever come to pass. If he were to meet a relative or a childhood friend, they wouldn't recognize him simply because they have never been his relative/friend. None of his previous life matters, because none of it has ever happened, and he can't undo it, because the key to the only known way to undo this lies within his homeland, which he can't access, because only beings born in that land can enter it. And since after this exile/erasure he's actually never been born there (or born, period), there's no way for him to get back. Also, since he's never been born, his entire existence is a paradox, so even though in the world he's currently in he gets to break a lot of rules, he's also slowly blinking out of existence, bit by bit, and he knows exactly when he's going to disappear completely.
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    Project - Lilith Goals - Finish the first draft by the end of 2019 Summary - Lilith is torn between two vampires who both have a claim to rule the vampire kingdom. Zane wants to stop killing humans and live and work together. Caleb wants to farm humans and believes they are a lower class than vampire-kind. Meanwhile the angels start a war between humans and vampires to claim control of the earth. Can Caleb and Zane settle their differences to stop the angels and humans from destroying them while also competing for Liliths heart
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    Project: Dreams of a Breathless Dragon Goals: Get at LEAST a decent chunk / majority of it done by the end of the year, if not all of it. But that seems unlikely. Summary (rough): Edylzi, a Tower Dragon in the Greater Region where dragons lived, was an outcast and hermit of a dragon was able to experience something other dragons only had heard about in myth and legend: Edylzi dreamed. Feeling more alive in dreams than in waking, Edylzi condemned themselves to a life of somnolent solitude. However, after an unusual night with their only friend, Edylzi discovered something that could change their lives, and the lives of all the dragons in the Greater Region, forever. But could Edylzi's wandering mind keep up with the cascade of events that were sure to follow? This novel is in the same universe as the short story I submitted back in December or January or whenever that was ("Pymyre, Weaver of Dragon Souls"), though that story was standalone and has nothing to do with DoaBD, which is the "main event" in a way that occurs after the events of that story.
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    Project: Heart of the Darkness (Witches of Texas #2) Goal: Finish the stupid thing by the end of July. Summary: The wagon train has reached the abandoned settlement of Sparrow Down and must hurry to not only make it livable but to plant, grow, and harvest a crop to help them survive their first winter. Taz and her sister are pulled in different directions: their witching services are required all over for healings, animal tending, charm settings and mendings, and there's no time to think much less explore the new connection and power they obtained from the lightning storm. As the season grows cold strangers become neighbors and Samhain, the last harvest, looms. But there is something else lurking in Sparrow Down. A presence, a secret, and it has found a powerful ally in Eckbert Hummel, a boy with no empathy, conscience, or hesitation about unraveling a life to see what lies under the skin.
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    Unwritten yet, but I have a scene planned where my heist group is in the Forge God's city, which is at the bottom of a burned out ocean, under a shield that protects the city from the steam. There has just been several revelations and betrayals, and the team is scattered, some have ran, some have been canceled. The MC, Charic, has been captured and thrown into a jail cell, and the Forge God will be coming to pass judgement on him at any moment. The Forge God will mostly likely kill him, he is filled with emotional pain and self doubt, and has had all of his thiefy tools confiscated, and no way to get out of the cell. Its the planned lowest part of the novel before things start looking up again (the person who betrayed them has second thoughts, and double crosses someone else, and goes back for her team mates instead of escaping for safety).
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    For the one I am writing now, she is taken hostage by the local mafia. He is a sailor, he had been through a shipwreck and through being saved by a smugglers crew...
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    Being erased from existence along with the story-world itself.
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    I'm a little stuck like Rohierim on this one. If my characters aren't facing down death, I feel like I'm doing something wrong on some level. Let's see... The New Queen Berry gets infected with a curse that very quickly begins killing her with a high fever and draining her life essence, so that was a pretty nasty close call. Her other big close call in this book is facing down Shah Davvyd in the final chapter when he's so smitten he's decided to turn her into one of the Sanguinari (living vampires sort of). She ends up half blooded, so infected, but manages to avoid being fully turned thanks to the timely intervention by a throne stealing plotter and her guards/friends. Soul Eater In a totally different setting, my main character in this one actually dies, but because like a handful of others in the world Death refuses to claim her soul (or her soul refuses to be claimed) and she ends up losing all memories of her life when she reanimates. Her biggest moment of danger is when she faces another of her kind who is attempting to devour what remains of her soul. I haven't written that part yet, so I'm not sure if she "survives" the encounter or if that book will end with a MC dying in combat.
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    The destruction of her entire universe. Not sure if it can get more dangerous than that. The only way she survived was because of the sheer number of people that died all at once.
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    I think they're already doing that, at least in my town's school system. 😐 I think they got rid of...I think it was home economics that they got rid of or something. It might still exist, but probably not to the same extent it did when I was in school (god that makes me sound old). And I'm pretty sure they've pretty much gotten rid of the drama group at my high school, which makes me sad because being part of that group helped me come out of my shell in a lot of ways. I don't think it's necessarily because of STEM that they've cut those things, though, it's more like...lack of funding/teachers who are willing to be in charge. 😞 The teacher who directed the group when I was there retired several years ago and I don't think anyone really took his place. One of the great things about him was that he treated students like adults without crossing the line while doing so.
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    That's such a beautiful way to put it. ❣️And I really love your concept of wild witches—that's definitely a story I'd love to read some day. As for music, I personally try to choose instrumental tracks these days for actual writing/planning, because I'm too easily inspired by songs with lyrics, but not in the way I want to be inspired. :D I mean that often, when I'm listening to a song with lyrics, a few lines suddenly kind of stand out to me and give me a whole new plot bunny for a whole new story, which stands in the way of focusing on whatever I'm currently working on. Sometimes, I find ways to fit those plot bunnies into existing WIPs as side plots—it's proving to be surprisingly easy to do with my current main WIP, because of its format and 'urban fantasy kitchen sink' nature—but that doesn't always work out.
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    Bands of witches ( just that is so freaking cool!), looking like a mix of pirates, fur trappers and Celtic Warriors, that is just the most amazing mix I've ever heard of! I just got really excited reading your comment, because the witches in my Middle Grade WIP have a pirate heritage even though they've settled in a small bay community now. But that community has deep roots in the old pirate traditions, so yeah, I definitely watch Pirates of the Caribbean for that, lol! Pirates and witches have so much in common, like the love of freedom and independence, and like you said about POTC; a particular way of life that's disappearing. Being despised, feared and hunted, that goes for both of them too. The mythologies are so much fun in those movies, very magical and fantasy-esque, I just love them. And of course, a lot of cool sea/pirate slang to work with. :) Music is fantastic, and the epic music you talk about is definitely like a call to write, because it's filling the head with new worlds magically. I listen a lot to the album Rogue's Gallery now (old sea shanties recorded by modern artists) and there are definitely lyrical phrases, like you talk about, that are super-inspiring. There's one song about a sailor complaining about a bad fiddler who's ruining the day and just won't stop playing, lol! It's a funny song, but inbetween the whining about this fiddler, there are some beautiful poetic lines: Summer deep, embowered in flowers silent music, in the hours in the east a feather moon... and that fiddler out of tune! It makes me wanna write some sea shanties for my old witches. 😄 Also, I loved to hear about the Supernatural-connection in your work. Big fan here, and it's an amazing source of inspiration. The different character relationships are so much fun, and also the legends and myths used in that, it really kickstarts the imagination big time. :)
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    Inquiry-based learning is definitely becoming more of a Thing in education, and that's good. More and more jobs are complex, information-based, and involve a ton of problem-solving, and in the modern world we deal with more information than we have ever had to sift through in the past. Additionally, I know more and more teachers are experimenting with stuff like brain breaks, nature play, the outdoor classroom etc etc. Not always feasible depending on how your school is designed and the downward influence of neo-liberal capitalism on education systems as a whole (particularly the pressure of international league tables)… But definitely a breath of fresh air for education spent too long inside and with worksheets, as opposed to applied knowledge. Creative thinking will also probably be a bigger thing. I hope they don't forget the arts and humanities, and critical and creative thinking, in their push for STEM. (Though the way STEM has been made fun lately is so exciting!)
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    While I'd agree that the focus of school and especially the way schools prepare kids for the art of living needs to change in order to better reflect the realities of the world right now..... basically everything else @Jedi Knight Muse and @TricksterShi said. There was in the past an attitude that teenagers (or even children) were basically mini-adults, and treated as such. The 'invention' of childhood is at least partially responsible for the stopping of practices such as child labor (children working as chimney sweeps, in factories and cotton mills). So, that's a thing. There's also the importance of early childhood education and the first few years of life and the way caregivers bond and interact with their children, but that's a whole other tangent. As we learn more about ourselves and our development, we've discovered that this is not the case. The frontal lobe reaches full maturity in the late 20s, https://www.nature.com/articles/nn1099_861 The frontal lobe governs things like foresight, impulsivity, planning and motivation, which are important for making the Big Life Decisions characteristic of adulthood. (Like, say, financial saving, house buying, marriage, working in a professional environment while refraining from yelling at your coworkers…) Meaning that yes, a lot of people will continue to make dumbass decisions well into adulthood! Additionally, your idea of graduating straight to college is flawed in that the time-management and independence of learning required for college/uni (doing your own assignments and readings, showing up to classes, critical thinking skills etc etc) are not automatic. High school can be thought of as a scaffold for the skills needed for college/uni. (Whether it fulfils that in practice is another story, but hey.) My point is that learners don't go from the highly supportive and structured environment of primary school, straight to the unstructured and relatively independent (and stressful!) environment of college/university.
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    Would it be cheating to ask for motivation? With enough motivation I could improve in all other areas.
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    Sign me up for some of that DESCRIPTION magic. While I don't think I'm terrible at writing individual descriptions, exactly, I'm very inconsistent. I can't seem to pepper my descriptions rather evenly throughout a story. It's all, lop-sided and muddled. I often start out with a fair amount of description, but after a few pages, they become almost non existent for a while, and then I'll suddenly describe something out of the blue again. And I've never been good at using the full five senses. Also, if there's some spill over, I need help with show vs tell; it seems to be a real weak spot of mine, but lately I've taken to writing frame stories to capitalize on that.
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    Music is definitely one of my biggest go-to media's to get my head in the right place. I create playlists for all of my projects to listen to while I'm writing or planning. I latch on to lyrical phrases and certain melodies so I tend to have those pieces on repeat to reach whatever the piece is inspiring. Epic music without lyrics are also awesome because I can see scenes set to them and get a clearer sense of the emotional foundations for different characters or situations. I like to take a drive out to a nearby park with a lake and just sit while the music plays and watch nature, too. Nature always has a grounding effect on me, and pairing it with the music sets my mind to puzzling out what it needs to and getting to the heart of whatever I need to find. I also tend to watch movies or TV shows that fall with the tone I want to achieve for my project. Even though my characters aren't pirates I've been watching and rewatching the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. They have a great mix of character development, storytelling, and mythology. Plus, they've inspired this image in my head of wild witches in the western wilderness decked out like a cross between pirates, fur trappers, and tattooed Celtic warriors who rove around in their own little outlaw gangs or tribes. The whole POTC story is about living on the edge of a shrinking wilderness and way of life, which speaks to me and my story on a lot of levels. I don't usually pursue text to set a tone the way I do music. I use it more to unwind, to study, or for research. At the moment, though, I am searching out Supernatural fan fiction as a tone setter. The canon relationship between the Winchesters was what inspired Fred and Taz in the beginning, so going back to my roots, so to speak, has helped me with perspective and realignment with the heart of my story.
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    Yeah, I definitely have to disagree, too. I work within a school system with teenagers, so I can vouch that, as a whole in the society these kids currently live in, they are not equipped to be considered adults, making adult decisions, or dealing with many adult situations. Granted, life is often contrary and there are students who are forced by circumstance to become more adult than the majority of their peers, but on average that's just not the case. One of the biggest problems I see with your scenario is that the public schools we have do not prepare these kids at that young age for real adulthood, especially pre-high school. They are kept cloistered in same-age environments, may or may not have the resources to interact with people of other age groups to get actual socialization skills, and their schooling is often too focused on the academic areas with not enough opportunities, time, or funding to learn the practical skills adulthood requires. They don't have enough time to even get to know who they are before people ask them to make the big decision of what they wanna do with the rest of their lives. Most of the kids I work with aren't even half mentally prepared for what happens the Monday after their last week of school. And, as others have mentioned, their brains and hormones have not had enough time to properly develop. Our species does not mature at the high rate of others in the animal kingdom. Teenagers need structure, guidance, and parental care. They also need parental protection. Putting young, impressionable minds into a college-like setting would be a disaster for them. They don't have enough world experience to navigate the college scene, not to mention situations where they would be at a distinct disadvantage with people who are older, manipulative, and predatory. It's hard enough at 18. It would be unconscionable to put anyone younger in that position. Now, I fully believe that teenagers and children should be treated with respect, consideration, and common courtesy. But they need the boundaries parents put on them. They need to have rules, limited freedoms, and small responsibilities to build up to what comes later. Otherwise they have no foundation to steady them, no frame of reference once they leave the nest and they flounder. Besides, I have seen what happens to students who decide to drop out, run away, and live like adults before they even grasp what being an adult means. I recognize all their names and faces when they come on the nightly news. They're either being arrested for illegal activities, have died or killed someone because they don't fully comprehend potential consequences before they act, or they get taken advantage of. It's really goddamn heartbreaking.
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    I finally, finally am revisiting an SF project I started in January. Last time I tried pantsing which didn't work. This time I'm aiming to draft as quickly as possible. The first page I just started listing what I knew about the story already, and ended up with a rough "conflict-villain and motivation-mc and motivation" setup. Then jotted down quick dot points of everything I think happens, a rough brainstorming/chronology. To make sure everything that happens flows and is logical. Next page I made things more ordered (a "past" timeline of events and a "present" time line of events, due to the weird time stuff in this story), then weaved them together. Now I'm building a more detailed "skeleton outline" which has snippets of dialogue. My goal is to finish the skeleton outline tonight and start writing tomorrow, as fast as I can. In the past I've spent ages deliberating over plot structures, but pantsing doesn't work either. It's like I need to catch that thread of excitement ASAP and run with it, because if I don't finish a draft now, I never will. Here's hoping it works. Consider it an experiment.
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    What is the most dangerous situation your main character(s) has/have been in?
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    I wrote words! New total: 11.282
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    I wrote words! words to add: 11,236 words,
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    I want to stay but ... what's that? Hold my beer. Words to add: 1,074 New total: 19,471
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    I didn't mean "us" as in "all writers", I meant the others in this thread who called on the description genie. I can only speak for myself here, but I do see most things clearly when writing a scene, but the immense work it takes to make those descriptions really interesting and entertaining for others to read... Well, that can be really intimidating. Even though I work hard on descriptions late in the editing process, trying to making them crisp and precise and entertaining, I often struggle to be 100% pleased with them. You're lucky you can write all your descriptions in the first draft in a way that pleases you. I'm jealous. :)
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    aww that makes me sad. for home ec the sewing stuff we learned wasn't particularly relevant (I wish we'd learned how to hem a pair of pants, for example, instead of make pencil cases?), BUT, I cannot believe they'd cut a class where kids learn how to cook! basic fundamental life skill 101, especially with the focus these days on health! what??? knowing how to use a knife safely is a thing, and home ec skills are something parents aren't teaching any more. your teacher sounds awesome, like someone who really respected his students. it's such a shame.
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    Yeah, what is about description that makes us fight it? Maybe because if it's done badly it really drags down a story, and we feel the pressure of that. Keeping my fingers crossed for that genie to appear before I get into editing. :) Oh, very true, all we need is proper motivation. We can definitely get better at most everything in writing, with enough practise, but it's so much more fun to just write and lean on the stuff we're already good at... I'm definitely guilty of that, lol! Ditto! 😄
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    Got a long way to go but in crunch time, I thrive [words to add] 529 irony May 29th is my Birthday! although I pledged lightly for this month so I might get there! with my 5k?!
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    A little reveal from a future that hasn't happened and the first rule of race club. New words: 1,026; new total: 17,046
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    Well, as I said, it's rather vague. One story is probably loosely analogous to the 'old south' in America and deals with slavery issues. I have another one that's probably roughly in the same era, or perhaps even a little later, but no particularly technology is mentioned, though I think that the printing press, or similar tech, must have been developed because at one point I mention someone casually buying books. There are no castles at all in these stories, or dragons, or elves. There are, however, vampires. No quests, magic items, spells, or adventuring parties. So I guess they're supernatural/low fantasy, because the focus isn't horror.
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    Things are going according to plans 20 years in the making. New words: 1,049; new total: 16,020
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    These are all fair points everyone raised here. I wished I had considered them before making this thread.
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    Thank you! 😊 Taz certainly likes to think sideways and in roundabouts so she tests out the whole picture. I probably should have submitted this piece for the challenge, but I had 'Hold the Rope' done first so I put that one in. The conversation was really good, and even without the characters having names they were distinctive and easy to follow. I love how you were able to convey so much about your characters in just that snippet. This made me laugh out loud, especially the last paragraph! I love the wry humor and the description.
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    Oh, yes, I'm exactly the same, and get very influenced by media, so I hesitate to read and watch something too different from my story. :) Music is awesome, I usually use it to heighten my mood by playing something fast and fun (dixiejazz works really well for me), especially if I need to write something really light-hearted. For some reason I default to a more serious mood, and have to fight my way into the funny stuff I want to write, so I often have to read some Pratchett or Wodehouse to find that light mood before I start writing. And also, like you, for their technique. I find it's really useful during editing to look up certain things, like snappy description.
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    I don't think you should write in any other setting than the one you love, so I'm so glad to hear that. :) The epic medieval genre has so many fans, and it's the most popular fantasy-genre, so even though some people want different settings, they seem to be a minority (just a very visible one, because controversy is exciting, lol!). And I don't want to change the traditional epic fantasy either, I just stay away from it, like any other genre that doesn't really give me what I want in a book. That the medieval epic fantasy involves so many people and they get into everything surrounding it, like role-playing and making costumes, is great. Aesthetically I do like it. The stories just don't give me the same kind of surprises and entertainment that other fantasy genres do. So if a dragon turns up in a Steampunk story, I'm all for dragons. 😄
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    I definitely use music a lot to get into the necessary mood or headspace. As for books, I don't deliberately pick texts to get me into a certain mood (although that sounds like an idea I should try), but whatever I'm writing at the moment does influence my choice of books to read, and vice versa. When I'm choosing the next book to read, I often unconsciously gravitate toward the ones that have something in common with one of my current projects: genre, theme, certain plot points, etc. Also, I often notice that whatever I'm reading has some sort of effect on my writing. Sometimes it's very conscious: as I read, I tend to analyze what sort of techniques the author's using to achieve certain effects and all that, and sometimes I find those techniques and interesting and want to try and adapt them to my own writing. But often, it's more subtle: like if I'm reading a novel that focuses on characters' emotional experience and inner life over plot, I'm more likely to write quiet, introspective scenes. If I'm reading something with a lot of high-stakes action, I'm more likely to work on something that also has lots of action in it, etc.
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    I've been playing around with the inner story myths Fred and Taz have going and came up with this piece, told in Taz's voice. I have no idea if it will even fit into the overall framework of book two, but it was a fun piece to craft and may end up in a collection of short stories if I don't find a home for it in one of the books. Word count is 545.
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    Thanks to this thread for getting me writing again! I'm fond of this bit because I hope it sets the scene: It was wet and miserable outside the Dark Fortress. The building rose above the tiled roofs of the city, taller than all the rest, like a finger raised in insult towards the heavens. It was an evil thing, carved of black granite and covered in spikes and leering gargoyles. It had earned multiple design awards for architecture, which only made the locals hate it more. Two guards sat outside, one tall and skinny, and one short and stout. (Royal decree stated that there must be two guards at all times, for occupational health and safety reasons.) The tall and skinny one was called Beanpole Ron. He had pants that were too short, revealing pale ankles, and his ears stuck out like a goblin’s. Beady little eyes peered from the slit of his helmet. The other one was new. He got called ‘Fat Percy’ (despite his protests) because he was almost as wide as he was tall. A portion of it was muscle underneath the padding. He had dark skin, a round head, and a dim-witted sort of face. There was a third guard, scarred and snaggle-toothed, who often lounged inside. Officially, his role was to boss the other two around. Unofficially, he made a lot of trips to the pub. He was called Sharky, and he fancied himself a great deal smarter than the other two. After all, that was why he was inside.
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    I think the rules look pretty good as is. I particularly like the difference of emphasis on review vs critique. I love getting reviews pretty much always and forever, but critiques can be a little tougher to handle, and are a lot more work to create. On the matter of capping requests, I think people should limit themselves to creating one request thread per week, but with in that thread request feed back on as much work as they like (bearing in mind, they might overwhelm prospective reviewers and end up with nothing). I think most people will be fairly reasonable on the matter given this flexibility, and it will avoid the problem of more prolific writers "spamming" up the forum and bumping their potentially more time constrained peers into the black hole that is the history of the internet.