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  • Library

    A collection of our members' writing.
      1. Public

        This is the only category guests can read. You may post any sort of fantasy you're comfortable sharing with the public, regardless of length.
      2. Flash Plus

        A home for flash fiction and other short bits of fantasy writing; anything up to 3,000 words. Often a good place for challenge entries. The difference between this and short stories? If it feels more like a glimpse of something bigger than a complete story, it probably belongs here.
      3. Short Stories

        This category houses short fantasy stories that stand alone, usually between 1,000 and 10,000 words. The difference between this and longer flash fiction? If it feels like a complete, stand-alone story, it goes here.
      4. Chaptered Work

        Whether it's a novella or novel, complete or incomplete, excerpt, etc, if it's part of a longer fantasy work, you can share it here. Note that you can post excerpts in short stories or flash fiction, but if it's meant to be more a hook to interest someone in your longer work, it probably belongs here.
      5. Serials

        If you want to post multiple chapters of the same story, or share a serial work, you can request your own subcategory here so that all your chapters/installments will be gathered in the same place.