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  1. You can embed a google document straight into a post or resource/library submission here at Worldsmyths! It's often not super ideal with our darker site theme, but it can work, such as in the instance of our Mega Resource Dump. On our software side, it's actually really simple. You just need to paste a link -- however, you need the correct link. To get the link, you have to use Google Docs' "Publish to Web" feature, like so: When you click "Publish to the web..." you should get this menu: Make sure it stays on Link (which is the default) and then press the blue Publish button. It'll ask if you're sure; click OK and you'll get a link, such as the one below: Just paste that link into a post or submission and it should automatically turn into a google doc embed. Also, if you ever want to take the document off the web again, it's simple. Click the little "> Published content & settings" bit and it will give you the option to "Stop publishing."
  2. Hi everyone, and welcome to the new forum! We're very excited to have you here! We know that the site is different now and it might take some time to get used to, but we're happy to help along the way! We're excited to have a library for submitting work (one in which you can copy/paste with formatting from Word!) and a section for submitting writing resources, and we hope you'll help us fill them with fun submissions. We're also looking for your feedback on what you like, so we've made a post here for you to give us your feedback in. Any feedback you can think of would be super helpful and greatly appreciated! Also, we'll be posting something soon about potential member donations for getting extra features members may be interested in, or for helping with the cost to run the site, so be on the look out for that!
  3. Now that we have the new forum open and ready for you to use, we invite you to give us feedback! Please use this post to tell us what things you like, what things you don't, what things could use guides to help members understand how they work, etc. Any feedback you can think of would be super helpful!
  4. To submit to the Library, follow these steps: Go to the +Create drop down menu on the right hand side of the forum and select story in library. Alternatively, you may go to the Library itself or the category in the library you want to submit to, and near the top you should find a link that allows you to add a story. A pop up will appear telling you to choose a category. Choose from one of the following: Public (This is the only category guests can read. You may post any sort of fantasy you're comfortable sharing with the public, regardless of length.) Flash Plus (A home for flash fiction and other short bits of fantasy writing; anything up to 3,000 words. Often a good place for challenge entries. The difference between this and short stories? If it feels more like a glimpse of something bigger than a complete story, it probably belongs here.) Short Stories (This category houses short fantasy stories that stand alone, usually between 1,000 and 10,000 words. The difference between this and longer flash fiction? If it feels like a complete, stand-alone story, it goes here.) Chaptered Work (Whether it's a novella or novel, complete or incomplete, excerpt, etc, if it's part of a longer fantasy work, you can share it here. Note that you can post excerpts in short stories or flash fiction, but if it's meant to be more a hook to interest someone in your longer work, it probably belongs here.) Click continue. It will bring you to the form where you can fill in the information about your story as well as copy and paste a chapter (for example). If you paste from Word, the editor should keep your formatting. You may need to select all and choose the paint brush icon (font color) and then hit Automatic to make sure the text will be visible. Sometimes formatting is maintained pasting from Google Docs, and sometimes it isn't. Sorry! Selecting a genre or genres is required; you may select multiple by pressing Control as you click. Please contact us if you think a genre should be added to the list. Most of the fields are optional (Author's Note, Feedback Request, Content Warnings) and can be left blank if you don't need them. Please make sure to use the tags when you submit your story(ies)/chapter(s)! When you scroll down to the bottom of the form, you will see the text area for copying and pasting and formatting your submission. You will also see that you can choose to be notified of replies (i.e. reviews), and you can upload a cover photo to use for your submission. A cover photo is highly recommended. Please try to use a free stock photo or another photo you have permission from the artist to use. If you want to divide your work into pages (useful for division into chapters or parts), go to the part of the text where you would like to insert the first division and click the page icon on the right side of the second row of editor icons. Be sure to insert pages in order from top to bottom or you could confuse the editor. Alternatively, if you would like your own dedicated category to post a work chapter by chapter, please request it from the staff. (This is useful for getting individual reviews by chapter.) Click save when you are done. Please note: if you are copy and pasting your submission from Google docs, the default text color for Google docs is black, and the default text color for the forum is grey, so you will have to make sure to change the text color of your submission to grey before submitting to the library so that the text is readable.
  5. Staff


    What is Worldsmyths? Worldsmyths is an online community for writers of original fantasy of all kinds. We discuss writing, share our work, help each other brainstorm, and provide each other feedback wherever members are comfortable with it. Are there any requirements to being a member? All members must be at least 13 years old, and enjoy fantasy stories. Members must show respect for one another and for the site staff. Are all forums public? Are there any members only forums? No, all forums are not public. We have specific sections of the forum that are dedicated to sharing information about stories members are working on that they may not want in public view (details about plot, world building, etc). Members can also create clubs for things like small, private critique groups, book clubs, etc. What do I do if someone is harassing me or I see inappropriate behavior on the site? Immediately contact a staff member via private message and the staff members will take care of it. You can find the staff list under Browse > Staff (or by clicking here). Is this a role playing site? No. While we may add a section on the forum in the future for those who may want to participate in role playing, the main focus of the site is on things such as short story/novel writing and not on role playing. Are we allowed to necropost? What is necroposting? Necroposting is responding to a post that has been inactive for a long period of time and may be considered "dead." Yes, you're allowed to necropost - we have nothing against people reviving old threads, and we encourage it! If you shouldn't post in a topic, it should be locked, so if you are able to post a reply then it should be okay to do so. But don't feel obligated to do so! If a thread hasn't been active in a while, you can always create a new one of the same topic. What fantasy genres do you allow? What genres do you not allow? We allow speculative fiction with a focus on fantasy. Our definition of speculative fiction is fiction with fantastical elements. The genres we do NOT allow as submissions to our library our: Fan fiction General fiction Erotica/Pornography Nonfiction We reserve the right to add onto both of these lists as necessary. Who do I contact if I think someone is plagiarizing my writing? Contact a staff member, and they will take it from there with investigating the plagiarism. For the sake of avoiding drama, please do not take it upon yourself to accuse the person of said plagiarism. Disclaimer/Copyright We, the staff and members of Worldsmyths, do not lay any claim on any of the writing or ideas posted here on Worldsmyths that do not belong to us individually. Any who try to claim or plagiarize the writing of others on this site will be warned and possibly banned if the situation warrants it. We do not hold any first rights to any writing that is posted on this site. Those wanting to traditionally publish should not submit their writing. Mission Statement *To provide a community where fantasy writers of varying ages and experiences in the writing world over the age of thirteen can come together and discuss their writing. *To help other members grow as writers. *To provide helpful, constructive feedback to those who seek it. * To have fun! Credits Site Designers/Administrators- Ally ( @Jedi Knight Muse) and Jess ( @kherezae ) Moderators-@Sheepy-Pie, @Penguinball Logo/graphics- @Jedi Knight Muse, @Sheepy-Pie, @JayLee
  6. The site was founded in spring 2016, when I decided to make a forum specifically geared towards fantasy writers. I knew that keeping it restricted to the fantasy genre would make it harder to draw people in, but I was okay with that, since there aren't many forums specifically geared towards fantasy these days. I had made many forums for writers in the past, all of which never panned out for various reasons (usually due to members becoming inactive). When I decided that I wanted to make what ended up being Worldsmyths, I wanted it to be different. I wanted it to have more features, and I wanted it to really be successful and grow. I had realized that, due to being the admin of some Star Wars role plays for roughly five years, my novel writing had been suffering, and I was spending less time working on it and more time being a role play admin. I wanted to change that. I missed having a writing community I could truly call home! So I decided that I was basically done role playing, and I wanted to focus on this new site. @kherezae, a long time online friend of mine, offered to basically help co-admin it until she had to go on leave for the Air Force. It took about two months for the site to be ready, and in the meantime we gathered potential members and staff members, including @Sheepy-Pieand @Silver . We worked on buying hosting, creating and setting up the forum, and setting up our library site, which was originally hosted on a software called eFiction. The site was officially open to the public on June 1st, 2016. Unfortunately, the original library software from eFiction had not been kept up-to-date by its creator, and we had a lot of members struggling to use it. We needed to look for something better, and more stable, without breaking the bank. @Sheepy-Pie's real life partner does web design as a hobby, and offered to help us out by creating, from the ground up, a library site, which we've named the Librarium. We ended up getting rid of the library that was on eFiction, and have been using the forum for story submissions, until the Librarium is ready. In November 2018, we decided to upgrade our forum software from SMF to IPS! Worldsmyths has been open for two years, since June 1st, 2016! Despite the ups and downs in activity, we are extremely proud of how far it's come over the last two years, and hope that it continues to grow into a more established community, full of writers and friends! Written by Ally/ @Jedi Knight Muse
  7. Staff


    In an effort to make our community a safe and welcoming place for all members, please take care to abide by these simple rules. At the bottom you'll find our procedures for handling rule violations. General You must be at least 13 years of age to join Worldsmyths. You may use a penname or internet handle to preserve your privacy or just because you want to; it's your choice. You may not post or share anything on Worldsmyths that violates local, state, national, or international law or regulations. Site Rating: PG-13 Because members may be as young as 13, our overall site rating is PG-13. That said, there are certain areas of the site that do allow for a higher rating. On the main site, to include the forums, Library, Resources, and any other areas not explicitly labeled as having a higher rating, these are our content expectations: Keep swearing to a minimum; strong swearing should only be used in your writing in a fitting context to your characters' voice. Sexual content (if any) should fade to black before any explicit mention of sexual organs, actions, etc. Implication is fine. Violence is acceptable but should not be described in intense, gory detail. Respect & Conflict Resolution Treat everyone (members, staff, guests) with respect; don't swear at anyone or insult anyone. Worldsmyths is a safe space for all people who respect and value others. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexuality, mental illness, and whether neural typical or atypical, you are welcome here. As such, discrimination based on any of these characteristics is unacceptable. Where opinions differ, discuss your differences calmly and politely or agree to disagree. Please be aware that in a text-based environment, sometimes tone does not translate well. Give someone the benefit of the doubt if they say something that could be interpreted as rude; ask for clarification, or express that it seemed rude to you and why. If a disagreement escalates, don't encourage it. Contact a staff member. Even if you take steps to de-escalate, let someone on staff know so they can monitor the situation. Posting & Submissions On the forum, in the Library, when submitting Resources, and pretty much anywhere else outside of perhaps Discord, please try to use correct grammar and spelling. Proofread your posts; errors are to be expected, but please try to catch what you can and avoid submitting content riddled with mistakes. Keep aesthetics and ease of reading in mind; avoid tiny or huge fonts, overly stylized fonts, obnoxious colors, etc. We have a tagging system that you're encouraged to use! We don't have predefined tags, but if you start typing something, suggestions will pop up if there are pre-existing tags. Please try to use pre-existing tags if there are any that fit. Please try to choose a few key topics/elements (say up to 5 or so in most cases) to tag. If your post or submission could address topics that might be triggering for someone, be sure to give a warning at the beginning. It can also be good to put that particular content under a spoiler tag. "Triggering" does not mean "upsetting" or "making uncomfortable." People may have experienced things in their lives that cause them to have anxiety/panic attacks when confronted unexpectedly with certain content. This is what we're trying to avoid. If someone asks you to tag something with a trigger/content warning, do it. You may not understand why the content causes them anxiety, but it hurts you less to give a warning than it hurts them to be triggered by it. Give a content warning if your content mentions or implies: rape, sexual molestation or harassment, substance abuse, etc. (This is not a complete list. Please alert the staff if you would like to have something added to this list.) Uploading Images You may upload cover images and other images to your posts. Make sure they aren't too large or it could cause an upload error. The site automatically resizes anything larger than 1200x1200px to fit within those dimensions. Use images you have permission to use, such as free stock photos. Here are a couple of sites where you can find such photos: Pexels Unsplash: These are typically very large and you may have to resize them so that the uploader can handle them. Submitting to the Library Maintain the PG-13 and below content rating that applies to the main site. Abide by the above posting and submissions rules. Post in the Public category only if you don't mind guests reading your work. We expect it to be light on submissions, but it might be nice to have some stories for guests to read as they browse the site, especially potential new members. Tagging can be very helpful here in helping readers find stories they're interested in, so please keep that in mind when choosing tags. If you're posting a chaptered work, you may use pagination for chapters (the button to the right of the font size drop down) if you like. But if you prefer, you may ask the staff to make you a special subcategory for your novel so that you can post chapters individually and receive reviews per chapter. Submitting to Resources Use this guide to help determine what sorts of resources to submit. Abide by the Posting & Submissions rules; be especially careful about proofreading your work, as the goal is to submit a polished resource for other writers to reference. Please don't submit a resource that is essentially just like something already posted to our Resources. If you want to tackle a similar topic with a unique spin, though, it can be good sometimes. Tagging here is a bit more important than other areas, as searching the tags can help determine whether an idea you have for a submission already exists. These submissions are moderated, so when you submit something it will not show up right away; instead the staff will review it and either accept it or give you a reason it can't be accepted. Comments, Reviews, Etc. You can react to, rate, comment on, and review Library and Resource submissions. Reactions: All reactions give positive reputation except the Confused one, so choose a reaction that suits how the submission made you feel... but reserve the Confused reaction for submissions that didn't make sense to you. Comments: These are for quick comments and thoughts on a submission, such as "I liked it!" or "Good job!" Ratings: If you leave a review, you may also rate the submission out of 5 stars. Rate it honestly, but be considerate of the author and give a rationale behind your rating. Reviews: Reviews are intended for more thorough feedback. You may only leave one review per story/entry, so if an author is posting a chaptered story through use of pagination, be thoughtful in deciding if/when to use the Review function over comments. Check over your review for errors, and be sure to be honest but considerate of the author, and if the author had any feedback requests, check whether you fulfilled them.
  8. The writing resources at Worldsmyths are member-contributed and we're always looking for more stuff! There are a number of different categories to submit resources to, of course, and within those categories there are different types of resources that we commonly accept. (We're always open to out-of-the-box suggestions too, so if you want to do something you don't see here, let us know and we'll see what we can do!) Guides: This is possibly the most daunting type of resource, but we love when members who have particular writing strengths (like dialogue, or characterization, or developing political systems, etc) develop helpful guides for other writers to reference during their writing process. Resource Lists: If you've got a lot of go-to writing resources for a particular element of writing, we'd love you to share them! Maybe it's as broad as worldbuilding checklists, or as specific as map-making tools or plotting strategies... if you've got some similarly-themed writing resources assembled, feel free to compile them with a quick description of each and submit them for other fantasy writers to use! Reviews: We're not talking book reviews, exactly - more like reviews of existing writing resources. Maybe you've used Scrivener and have some idea how to lay out the features and the pros and cons. Maybe it's a different type of resource! If you want to take the time to review it, we'd love to see it. Note that Resource Lists and Reviews can be combined! It doesn't have to be an in-depth review per item on your list, either. Have fun with it! Reflection: We're also interested in blog-style reflections on an aspect of writing, as long as there's a central theme or goal in mind for the reflection that might help other writers in their writing journey! Reference: Do you know a fair amount about a niche topic that might interest fantasy writers, such as weapons, horses, politics, geography, etc? Put together a reference! Brownie points if you include reference links. We welcome all members to submit resources to our community! However, they are moderated. Once you submit a resource, the staff will read over for things like typos, accuracy, etc. Any questions? Comment below, PM the staff, or otherwise get in contact with us!
  9. Staff

    NaNoWriMo Ends

    Get those wordcounts in! Whether you were participating with the traditional wordcount goal or a custom one, whether you rebelled or worked on a new novel, and whether you made your goal or not... we want to celebrate with you! Writing is writing, after all.
  10. Staff

    Mega Resource Dump

    The spreadsheet below is organized by modality (Character, Plot, Worldbuilding, Narrative, etc), then spec, then definer; basically from broad to more specific. If you'd like to visit the actual Google Sheets link, you can filter/sort it differently, and you can comment. Please feel free to comment on the link itself or below if you find any broken links, have any suggestions, or want to add a resource. These resources have been compiled by the staff and members of Worldsmyths, with special thanks to Jedi Knight Muse, Sheepy, and kherezae.
  11. “Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” ― Dr. Seuss Wordsmyths is a non-role playing community of fantasy writers and readers who enjoy looking through the wrong end of a telescope, filled with writers of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We discuss everything from writer's block to cliches, to magic systems and technology as well as other things such as helpful resources and more. Our library is members only and serves as a great way to read the writing that's been posted and give chapter-by-chapter reviews. We also have writing challenges every month and a trove of writing prompts. We offer a community full of other writers who are looking to share, discuss and grow with their fellow authors. The great thing about Wordsmyths is that while we focus on the fantasy genre, it is still possible for those who do not read/write fantasy to participate in the discussions, since most writing related discussions can be applied to any genre, regardless of it being fantasy or not. Turn your telescope on to Worldsmyths and join us today! Features: *Writing discussion and resources *Writing prompts and challenges *Beta reading *Games *Members only library with opportunity for feedback *Friendly staff and members and much more! Member Testimonials || Twitter || Facebook || Pinterest
  12. The admins and moderators here at Worldsmyths encourage all kinds of discourse here on the site. We want our members to feel free to express their opinions. We also understand that this may lead to argumentative discussions, which are perfectly acceptable. However, these sorts of discussions can get out of hand very quickly, so we want to share a few things to keep in mind while engaging in debates with fellow members. In order to keep things civil, keep the following actions in mind: 1. Reread what you wish to respond to - make sure you are replying to what is being said and how it's being said. Do not take it out of context, out of order, or add any inflections as you see fit. A lot can get lost over the internet, and the way you're reading it may not be the way it was intended, nor may it have been intended towards/about you. The best way to avoid conflict is to read carefully. 2. Respond directly to the issue you have with the statement, and state why you take issue with it. "I didn't like what you said" isn't enough of an argument - you need to back it up with why you didn't like it. "I didn't like what you said because it demeans writers of X background for reasons 1 and 2." Saying that a person is wrong for their opinion is not a valid argument. 3. If it starts with "no offense" it probably is offensive. If it starts or ends with "you clearly don't understand xyz" is probably offensive. 4. If the member responds to your argument, take what they say as they say it. They may say you misunderstood what they meant, or that they weren't being literal - if this is the case, the argument doesn't need to go further. If a moderator notices you are not listening to the member’s response, and are engaging in an argument that is unnecessary because you are not reading the responses thoroughly, you will receive a warning. 5. Keep in mind that everyone has a different experience. You may believe something is wrong but that doesn't mean everyone else does. If something someone said was construed as offensive towards you, the member may apologize for offending you, and may state they didn't mean to, in which case we ask to please be amiable and accept the apology. 6. Members are allowed to express dislike of popular works – yes, that means they may say “I dislike (Writer/Book/Movie).” The way we talk about established writers and unestablished writers greatly vary. While someone may say “I HATE Twilight,” it is inappropriate to say “I HATE member’s work.” Most, if not all, of the members here are relatively unestablished in the writing community on a grand scale, and we’re here to encourage each other’s development. (Of course, on the off chance that Stephanie Meyers were to join Worldsmyths, we would kindly remind everyone that she is a member and should be treated as such. Talk about a foot in mouth scenario, am I right?) If you cannot understand the difference between an author who is a household name in some circles of readers, and an author who has one self-published work under their belt, feel free to message a staff member so we can explain the fact that who has their books shelved at Barnes and Nobles likely has a team of support behind them. They are allowed to feel this way - this is what happens when a work enters into the realm of popular culture - reactions and opinions of these works tend to escalate. You may ask why they feel this way, but keep in mind that some people may not wish to share personal reasons (A person may have lost someone to a suicide, and so it’s hard for them to read Sylvia Plath). A person disliking something you like does not make them wrong, or bad. You may engage in conversation to find out why, if it truly bothers you, but ultimately we are all allowed to have our own opinions, and we are not wrong for having them. Some of us know published author's personally. For instance, Briari knows Wesley Chu, who is an up-and-coming sci-fi writer. She's friends with him on Facebook, chats with him occasionally, and went to his first-ever book-release party. Two and half years later, and his book Time Salvager is being adapted into a movie directed by Michael Bay. Someone might say "I really hate The Lives of Tao, I'll never read the Time Salvager." This does not give Briari the right to say the member is wrong and shouldn't say things like that - she can ask them why, and give reasons that she feels redeems the work, but ultimately, the member is entitled to have that opinion. 7. Respect yourself by respecting others – no matter the scale of the writer’s prominence, whether it be we are talking about a member here or a NYT Bestseller, any opinions should be aimed at the work of the individual, and not on their character or other personal traits. Bashing an author’s appearance, background, intellect, beliefs, etc will absolutely not be tolerated. 8. For the sake of debate, address all argumentative points in one post. Do not post multiple times in a row, even if you’re responding to multiple people. We suggest tagging the member you’re responded to, and listing your points, and then doing this again several lines down with a new member if you’re talking to multiple people. 9. It isn't about you. One person's opinions and beliefs are not about you, and do not effect you. Just because one member hates Harry Potter doesn't mean they hate you, and it doesn't infringe on your ability to love Harry Potter. They may think the writing is bad, and that the plot has huge holes in it - and that's okay. Just because Harry Potter is one of the highest grossing book series doesn't mean it's right for everyone, and it doesn't mean everyone has to honor it as an amazing piece of children's literature. 10. Keep things in context. Some times we spazz. As people get friendlier with one another, the conversations tend to be more informal, especially in places like the Lounge, where you will see frequent use of ragecaps, over-exaggerations, and intense internet-stereotype reactions such as -flips table-. As such, some of the things said in these, are merely members being silly with one another, and if that is the case, try not to argue. If something is really grinding your gears, we welcome you bringing it up and asking for clarification or elaboration, but at the end of it, if a member was just being silly, don't take them so seriously. 11. Move on. We suggest that, after an argument has taken place, everyone involved takes a moment to bond. This may seem silly, but something as simple as addressing that we disagree but we're still members in the same community is important for keeping bonds around here. Changing the subject to something less serious (such as an argument on pizza toppings, or sharing your dread at the pile of laundry you now must fold) can help settle down residual emotions, and makes it easier for members to re-approach each other on other topics. Please note, this is a general guideline for how to engage in arguments related to opinions and statements in the forums. If you need help forming a review that has criticism in it, please feel free to message the staff for advice on how to phrase reviews. The staff reserves the right to lock or remove threads that are becoming offensive towards fellow members. Written by briari hallow[/member]
  13. We are officially OPEN to the public! Don't forget to read the rules and FAQs, and also make sure to register an account at the the library if you haven't yet, using the same username as your forum name. Also, we've posted the first writing challenge, which can be found here! When you submit your entries, please do so at the library, as there's a category specifically for challenge submissions. If you feel like chatting, stop by the cbox and say hello! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a staff member!
  14. If you'd like to affiliate with us, all we ask is for either of our buttons to be posted up on your site in an easy to find spot (static, preferably). <a href='https://postimages.org/' target='_blank'><img src='https://s25.postimg.cc/8t6go4odb/Worldsmythes-gif-button.gif' border='0' alt='Worldsmythes-gif-button'/></a> If you would like to affiliate with Worldsmyths, there are a few rules: 1. Do not register on the forum specifically to ask to affiliate or ask about advertising your site. 2. Our button must be on your forum's index page and must be static (non-scroll). 3. Please start a new post here in the advertising section with the following information filled out: Site Name: Site Link: Affiliate button: (url, or just paste it)
  15. Well, it has taken a good deal of work, but we're finally ready to open Worldsmyths' doors! Our official grand opening will be Thursday, June 2, but as of right now all of the people who have been helping field our ideas and questions on our Facebook page are welcome to join, explore, and point out any kinks that we may have missed along the way. Please register at both the forum and the library with the same username. Stories posted in the library are only visible to members, so feel free to go ahead and start posting them! We went a bit of a unique route with our story classifications, so if you need any help, check out the Submission Guidelines. If you run into any errors or if you have any requests or suggestions, please let us know here or by using the contact form! That said, welcome to the community! We hope you'll find inspiration and motivation here. Go forth, explore, be productive!